The Australian government can say that it is a trick for immigration. In the past period of time, getting a PR is quite exhausting, the score requirements keep rising, waiting for a quota and waiting for the flowers are all thanked, the government is still shrinking the quota, it is really exhausted...

Anyway, this year, the general trend of immigration is constantly shrinking, shrinking, then shrinking, how complicated it is.

The five years of going to the mountains and the countryside are basically determined.This is at least a "curve to save the country", so where a certain number of immigration quotas can be provided is more important.

The Federal Government and the Northern Territory Government will, before the expiration of the first Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) on December 12,A new 5-year migration agreement for designated areas was signed this week.

DAMA II expands the scope of occupations identified as technical shortages and provides permanent residence for DAMA visa holders.To attract more skilled immigrants to the Northern Territory.

Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs Minister David Coleman said the government is committed to supporting the demand for skilled workers in rural Australia because Australian workers cannot fill these jobs.

Coleman said: "The Northern Territory has personally witnessed the benefits of using designated area immigration agreements to deal with unique labor shortages."

他 说:"I am very pleased that we can continue to work with the Northern Territory government to reach the DAMA agreement and help the region grow and develop."

That is,This agreement will bring more occupational scope of skilled immigrants,This should be good news for immigrants who are ready to go to the countryside.

However, the official has not disclosed the specific details of how to apply and how to operate, but the editor believes that if you want a skilled immigration, you must rely on routine operations!

Selena Uibo, Director of Labor Training of the Northern Territory, said that the first DAMA has helped some rural enterprises to fill positions that local workers cannot fill, such as childcare, tourism and hospitality.DAMA II expands the career field to ensure that the agreement keeps pace with the times.

Uibo said: "The first task of the Northern Territory Labor Government is to create local employment opportunities. Training and upgrading technology is one of the top tasks of the Northern Territory, but additional workers are needed to supplement the workforce."

Uibo said,The new agreement will complement the recently released population strategy of the Northern Territory Labor Government, which is a comprehensive plan to increase the population.

She said: "When we attract more people to the Northern Territory, everyone will benefit. More people means more jobs, a stronger economy and more GST income, which means better schools. , Better hospitals and more police."

In fact, no matter how the Australian government engages in immigration operations, the current general trend of immigration is getting more and more difficult. Finally, what the Australian government wants,Is someone who has truly contributed to Australian society,After all, this is about the interests of the entire country in Australia!

Friends, Australian skilled migration really has to start early, and if you don’t start, there will be no chance!