Just now, the Sydney Fire Department issued an emergency notice!

The Opal Tower in the Olympic Park is blocked!

All residents of the 30-story apartment building are forcibly evacuated!

All of a sudden, the Australian media was overwhelmed with urgent notices!

A 30-story apartment in Sydney may be collapsing

All residents are evacuated!

The train line has stopped!
Australia Ave blocked!

Please do not get close to the building!


7news first reported: The reason why the residents of the building were forced to evacuate,It is because of the cracks in this building!


The 117-meter-high building!

Cracks inside!

May collapse at any time!

Firefighters said there were cracks in the high-rise apartment building. Currently, residents have been evacuated from Opal Tower. Professional rescue trucks with building motion sensors are also in place.

Subsequently, the Australian media also reported this major emergency! Hope that the people of Sydney can now bypass the area!

Sydney Morning Herald: A crack was found in a 30-storey building in Sydney Olympic Park, and all residents were evacuated! The building might collapse!

7 news sydney:Hundreds of people were forced to evacuate from a high-risk building in Sydney Olympic Park!

nine news sydney:Firefighters and police are inspecting the structure of the building, and the number of evacuees has risen to 140.


News.com:The 30-story building in Sydney was evacuated urgently, and a crack was heard!

According to Australian media reports,This morning, residents of this 30-story Opal Tower in Sydney Olympic Park reported to the police:


In the morning, the inside of the wall kept hearing the sound of breaking


Obviously something is broken!

Very scary!

It feels like the inside of the wall is broken!

After the firefighters visited the building, they found:

There are cracks in the apartment building!

This is a 117-meter high-rise building with a huge load bearing! The discovery of cracks in such a large building is really frightening!

A little omission

It may be out of control!

Once it collapses, the consequences are disastrous!

This has become very urgent!

Sydney police and emergency personnel evacuated all residents in the building as quickly as possible!The police and fire emergency personnel checked floor by floor to ensure that everyone in this apartment was evacuated!

Less than half an hour

Nearly 200 residents in the apartment building were evacuated!

Ten minutes later,More fire trucks came to blockade the scene and brought professional monitoring equipment.


Experts began to closely monitor the slightest changes in the building!


The surrounding roads and trains are all blocked! No one or vehicle can enter this dangerous area!

Fire, police and construction experts held an emergency meeting on the spot!

Emergency services are monitoring the apartment building to check the structural integrity of the building.

Sydney Fire also retweeted that all monitoring equipment has been installed.

Many of the evacuated households are Chinese, and many people are preparing to celebrate the coming Christmas Eve. None of them knew what happened.

This Christmas Eve is for them

Destined to live in fear!

These residents never thought that the new house they just moved in this year would have such a big safety hazard!

Opal Tower in Sydney West

It is definitely one of the few high-end apartment buildings!

Opal Tower isA high-end apartment building located in Sydney Olympic Park, looking out from the apartment, you can have a panoramic view of Sydney.

The houses here are very popular among Chinese

Many Chinese tenants and overseas students live in it

There are also tourists who come to Sydney specifically


The apartment building has a total of 392 suites and was built by Ecove, a well-known Australian developer. Because of its unique location, the building was aimed at high-end apartments from the beginning.

This building is relatively high-end from design to decoration, and the price is much higher than that of nearby apartments.

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 garage suite

The price is as high as 93 thousand 5!

Opal Tower broke ground in 2014

Just completed and delivered at the beginning of this year

Having lived for less than a year, I will face such a tragedy! The nearly 400 owners of this building must be chilling at this moment.

(Opal Tower one from the left)

Christmas Eve tonight, Christmas tomorrow, this should be a holiday for family gatherings and leisure.However, the more than 1000 residents of Opal Tower will be homeless.

For other citizens, Xiao Xishuai reminds everyone:

Australia Ave is blocked in both directions!

Please stop driving here!


CurrentlyLidcombe and Sydney Olympic Park trains will stop operating, Bus 526 will also bypass the blockade.

It is unclear what caused the cracks in the building

But experts and fire emergency personnel are worried that the building may collapse

Before the danger is eliminated

All roads will be blocked

Please stay away from this area!

Right here 👣👀