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The New South Wales Government issued the latest announcement announcing the temporary closure of business investment immigration (class 188 and class 132) applications. The specific opening time needs to wait for further notice.

Currently, the closed projects are:

-Business Innovation category (Business Innovation stream – BIV – 188A 7): For those who have business skills and are interested in starting and managing new or existing businesses in Australia.

-Investor category (Investor stream – IV – 188B 1): For those who intend to invest at least A$150 million in a designated investment project in a certain state or territory of Australia and continue to expand their business and investment activities in Australia.

-Significant Investor stream (SIV-188C): For those who intend to invest at least A$500 million in Australian compliance investment projects and maintain business and investment activities in Australia. Applicants must first be nominated by the government of a certain state or territory in Australia or the Australian Trade Commission.

-Entrepreneur class (Entrepreneur stream – Ent – 188E), For those who are willing to engage in business in Australia and meet the requirements of entrepreneurship, applicants need to obtain an investment contract of 20 Australian dollars from a third party. State nomination required.

-132A Significant Business History streamApplicable to applicants who intend to start a new business in Australia or take up leadership positions in an existing business.

-132B Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream (Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream)Compared with other business immigration projects, it is most suitable for investment talents with investment vision, background and certain assets.

The projects that are still open include:

It is reported that,Recently, all state governments have slowed down the approval of business investment immigration invitations.It took more than a month for some intermediaries to obtain a 1A invitation from Queensland.

Where do immigrants from NSW go

Currently NSW has closed the above investment immigration application channelsThe reason may be that the quota is full, But it is certain that many applicants who go to live in NSW and have such immigration intentions will be affected.

For example, the 132 visa is one step to get permanent residenceAustralia business investment immigration visa, Has been favored by many successful business people.

If this kind of application closure is only short-term, then the impact may not be significant. But if this shutdown lasts for a long time, then the most likely cause isCapital flows to other regions, Especially Melbourne and other places.

According to the latest Australian population data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics ABS, Melbourne’s current population growth rate is faster than that of Sydney.Expected to catch up with Sydney in 2050, To become the largest city in Australia and the largest employment center in Australia.

At the same time, Melbourne's economy will grow rapidly under the stimulus of population growth. This benign impact will also greatly increase Melbourne’sHousing market demand, To attract more immigrants to invest.

And we have analyzed before, logic and economic theory show thatWorkers will only go where there are jobs, and jobs will only appear where investors invest.

If the number of immigrants in Sydney is restricted in some way, then there are job vacancies in this cityStill needs to be filled,The possible impact of this situation will be huge.

At the same time, through immigrationIncreased per capita income and government budget, May be reduced again because the application is closed.

Apply for the visa as soon as possible!

Prior to this February, the South Australian government alsoQuota reached, Temporarily closed some immigration application channels. It was also closed at the timeCategories 188 and 132Visa state sponsorship application.

For applications that have not been completed on the South Australian Government website, or have not yet been submitted, they will no longer be accessible.

In view of this situation,Investors who intend to apply need to prepare materials and application preparations as soon as possible, so that they can submit them in time when the government opens applications again.

But at the same time, it can be seen that Australia's current immigration situation is not optimistic, and it has entered the era of looting.Whether it is a business immigration or a skilled immigration, you need to apply as soon as possible.


When the application can be resumed, wait for the government's notice.

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