The life attitude of Australians is very different from that of Chinese, simple but happy. For example, watching a rugby game is more important than life. For example, you can soak until midnight with just a glass of wine every weekend. For example, you will book air tickets and go to hotels a year in advance.

Many Chinese people are attracted by such a good life atmosphere from being uncomfortable at the beginning to not wanting to leave at the end.

For friends who want to immigrate to Australia, old immigrants who have lived in Australia for many years remind you:

If you come to Australia,

I have to like the lifestyle here;

As long as you are determined,

I can definitely stay here!

Australian way of lifeWhat is it like?

Many things in Australia require you to do it yourself

If you don't adapt to this lifestyle, or if you don't want to adapt yourself at all, then you still don't come!

In Australia, you need to settle down to accumulate wealth

In Australia,Wealth accumulates slowly.As long as you are positive, diligent and attentive, you can buy a few houses in more than ten or twenty years...

Must do everything to learn English well

With the improvement of English, you will find that the range of jobs you can find is wider and higher, and the salary is getting higher and higher, not just doing some physical work like when you first came.

Employers in Australia often say that Chinese are smart, hardworking, obedient, rarely take leave, and manage too much better than locals... So if we ChineseIf both professional and English are good enough, getting a good job in Australia will not be difficult!

You have to prepare for at least five years to adapt

If you were a poor man when you came

So in these five years, you may have to do all the physical work and live in any broken and crowded house...butIn five years, you can save at least 5 to 10 Australian dollars, Then you can use the money to pay for the down payment of the house.

Maybe the first house you bought is small and the district is not very good, but after all, you bought a house with your own labor. Please believe that maybe in 5 to 7 years, you can change to a better house in a better district!

If you were a rich man when you came

Then you can buy a luxury car and mansion as soon as you get off the plane, but I'm sorry, but you have to prepare to spend five years to adapt. Because in Australia, you may not find a compliant babysitter, and you have to do many things on your own.

There is no one for you to yell, and no driver to help you drive and open the door... There is not much disparity between the rich and the poor here in Australia, and your domestic superiority can disappear here. Your English is not very good, and you may be greeted by the locals...butAfter five years, you will adapt to the more equal lifestyle of everyone here!

In Australia, maybe the body is tired, but the heart is happy

When you see the children in AustraliaNo need to carry such a heavy schoolbag every dayWhen you see the children can beBlue sky and green spacePlaying happily, when you see the children can enjoyBreathe the freshest airTime...Do you think that the happiness of the whole family is stronger?

Now that you come to Australia, you have to settle down and try toIntegration into Australiasociety. Take a look at how Australians live and hear how they enjoy life. Over time, you will find that you start to know how to make yourself happierSavor the joy of lifeNow!

– End –