Yo, the school district room? You fake foreign devil, it turned out to be in the celestial dynasty. Fudge us in Australia!

Sorry, I am really in Sydney, and there are also school district rooms here!

School district houses are everywhere:

I have talked with many young immigrants and friends who want to emigrate. When they talk about the reasons for emigration, one thing that basically everyone will mention is that for the education of the next generation, they don't want their children to be as hard as they did when they were small.

Actually, you are all naive!

Although Australia has a relatively complete public school system, from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade, 13-year compulsory education, however, not all schools can achieve the same level of quality of students, teachers, and school facilities. These differences will inevitably lead to differences in student test scores between schools, and naturally give birth to some schools with good and bad results, resulting in the so-called school district housing!

Furthermore, the so-called elite middle school system here is similar to the key middle schools in China. It does not participate in the scribing and enrolls students nearby, but adopts a unified examination method to recruit students. This system has increased the competition among anxious parents for primary education resources.

The elite middle school system gave birth to the school district room of the elementary school:

Although Australian universities are liberal in entry and strict in exit, ordinary children can go to university as long as they think. But some so-called good professions, such as doctors and lawyers, depend on the college entrance examination results. The so-called good majors (good income) in the eyes of ordinary people are in most cases taken over by graduates of top elite high schools.

Therefore, similar to China's college entrance examination, it has been advanced 6 years in Australia! Entrance to elite middle schools has become the goal of many parents of traditional Chinese, Indian, Korean and other ethnic groups who have traditionally emphasized education.

The first step to achieve this small goal is to buy a house in the school district according to the elementary school ranking!

Ever since I bought the school district room, my whole person has gone bad!

As an inevitable dad, after a series of considerations with the child and his mother, it happened by chance that the birth date was also matched, and he bought a school, district, and house! I was surprised a few days ago that the ranking of this elementary school has climbed to the first place in the province! It's like a bolt from the blue!

Primary schools in Australia are basically free-range, and there is no homework until the sixth grade. The son of the second grade, his usual homework is to dictate 6 words repeatedly every week, 10 days a week. The daughter of preschool is practicing pronunciation and reading simple sentences every day.

At the parent meeting, the principal said in front of everyone that our requirement is that children should not go home for more than 15 minutes to study every day, and we hope they can play happily! Nani? Everyone is playing, how do you get the results?

You guessed it, did you see the ubiquitous after-school cram schools? Which school has more children, and which school has good grades!

Since I entered this school district, a lot of tiger parents have gathered around to exchange various information. Cram school, piano class, dance class, football class, taekwondo, swimming. When you see the big army rushing forward under the impetus of your parents, a sense of shyness that has dragged everyone back is born.

That, how about we try?

My 18-line internet celebrity, who just wants to take children to play, the extremely unreliable dad, like his grandmother in the past, took the baby to add, subtract, multiply and divide, do homework, speak grammar, make sentences, and write articles. We should also answer all kinds of weird questions with a heart that respects science and uphold the spirit of exploration.

Calm down, pay attention to attitude! Don't worry, be gentle and drizzle, don't let them have rebellious feelings about learning, but also find ways to increase their enthusiasm for learning and turn the exploration of knowledge into instinct. It can’t be tight, it can’t be loose, it can’t be fast, it can’t be slow, it is necessary to always try to figure out the mood of the little ancestor, hold a big stick in one hand, but can not beat, hold a carrot in the other hand, and give it generously. His father was forced to become an animal trainer by birth!

Recently, I learned a new word "bullfrog" from a group of friends, which means cow baby. It is similar to the first fat cow in the universe who drove a tank at the age of 5 and a plane at the age of 7 in the neighboring old Jin's house. In fact, in my heart, as long as the child is healthy, kind, curious, and loves life, what does it matter if the child is not a bull? After all, isn't the old Jin family's cow baby only born in three generations!

This article is dedicated to all the Daddy who are trapped in the school district like me and have an unreliable heart. Let us not forget our original intentions, forge ahead, let go of our hearts, and believe that children are capable Fight for your own future. Just like ourselves, far away from home, not far away, we can also create our own world in a strange country.

You guessed it, everyone relax a bit, and I don’t have to be so tired! I'm so shameless!