Check in on the third day of Sydney Quanjude opening! When I came back, I spit out in the circle of friends. When I checked it online, it turned out to be constantly complaining! Since the opening, I haven't received a like, and there are various slots. I really sweat for the prospect of this time-honored brand! Have you survived for three months?

Friends who are familiar with me should know my dedication to Quanjude roast duck, because I have not eaten Quanjude before! Whenever a friend returns to Beijing, I have to say, "Eat Quanjude Roast Duck for me." Or if a friend from Beijing invited me to go, I would also joke, "Is Quanjude roast duck enough?"

Back then, braving the sweltering heat to study TOEFL in Beijing New Oriental, with two buddies a roast duck, even the duck rack boiled cabbage can drink clean. The ducks in the roadside store are so delicious, what is the taste of Quanjude? Quanjude’s duck has existed in my heart like a goddess Tingting for so many years, and I have been looking forward to the beautiful encounter with her in my heart. Finally, you came to Sydney and came to me to solve my lovesickness. However, this day is April 2018, 4, April Fool's Day!

Are you sure you are not far away, are you here to tease me?

We Australian Chinese laugh at ourselves as villagers in Ao Village, but it does not mean that we have never seen the world! We have eaten all kinds of delicacies from south to north, but still remember Quanjude, a golden sign and the Chinese food culture passed down from generation to generation. I believe in your quality. You gave me a big surprise! You really think of us as villagers! !

I ordered two ducks, but missed one, and urged again and again, and the second one was finally served before the first one was digested. The side dishes are halved, the cucumber is too meaty, not crispy, the green onions are tasteless, and the sauce is neither salty nor fresh nor sweet. I ordered Chinese tea, and what came up was boiled water, and I had to charge 4 yuan per person for tea! From sitting down, I wanted to invite the master who added water with a long-mouthed pot to perform. I haven't seen any figure after three hours! I ordered a hard dish in a clay pot. Is the clay pot you use as big as my rice bowl? Please, this kind of container is not called a pot in China, but a one-person cup! I have never seen this kind of pot that is not much bigger than a teacup! All the dishes can't hold one chopstick for one person. Do you ration for two people when you open a restaurant?

The most incomprehensible thing is that I bought a duck for 118 yuan. Where did the duck shelf go? Who ate my duck-boiled cabbage?

As a foodie, I rarely give bad reviews to others. Even if it tastes bad, I respect the store’s respect for the diners and the awe of the food. I know there are no Peking ducks in Sydney. There are few fresh thorny cucumbers and green onions from Zhangqiu in Shandong. But I hope you can be worthy of this 154-year-old sign, so that I can see your care from the main ingredients to the ingredients, see your respect for customers, and be worthy of the richness of the three words given to Quanjude by the generations of the Yang family. Meaning.

Sorry, this time I even owe the word "hehe"!

With the full text of last night's Moments Tucao:

I must have eaten the fake Quanjude!
The biggest news in Sydney's food industry this week is that Quanjude has opened!

2 million square kilometers in the southern hemisphere, this one alone, no semicolon!

The biggest news in Sydney's food industry this week is that Quanjude has opened!

2 million square kilometers in the southern hemisphere, this one alone, no semicolon!

Out of admiration for this 154-year-old golden sign,With a heart of reverence for Chinese food culture and the entrustment of dozens of brothers,I was willing to be a guinea pig and made a personal evaluation on the first Sunday after opening.

However, she was possessed by Zixia, guessing the beginning but not the ending! because,

What the mouse got was actually rat poison!

The first is taste. I also considered in advance that Sydney’s climate is warm,Maybe the subcutaneous fat of duck is not as thick as that of Beijing duck.Roasted duck may not be so fragrant. In the new era, health is important.I can understand. But when the sliced ​​duck is placed in front of me,I am a little confused whether this is roast duck or Cantonese roast duck?To eat roast duck is to eat the crispy roasted skin, a duck,The skins are not as big as my slap? Is it quail? What about oil?Are your ducks all bodybuilding champions? Why is there no fat under the skin?Quanjude has 108 slices of roast duck, the slices with skins, and the food is very clear.Let’s not say that this one only has 108 pieces,Except for the skin that is less than palm-sized, has no fat and is not crispy at all, 80%They are all duck breasts that are woody and tasteless! Do you think I really came to eat roast duck! ?

After talking about the duck, let's talk about the side dishes. The cucumber sticks were wholesaled at Paddy Market yesterday. Crispy cucumbers become fleshy cucumbers. The shredded green onion doesn’t taste like onion either,

There is also noodle sauce, neither salty nor sweet. And the ingredients are seriously insufficient!The first duck was served with two plates of ingredients, and the second duck only served one plate.The dough cakes also stick together, and it takes a lot of effort to separate them.Most of the duck meat is chewed without ingredients!

As a non-professional foodie, although I have never eaten Beijing Quanjude roast duck,

But I understand that a duck is at least two foods. Teacher Guo Degang repeatedly emphasized to us,The duck shelf has to boil cabbage! Na Ni! Sydney’s Quanjude has only one meal? ?Are you kidding me?

I am very sincere to support you and accept your sincere price of 118 Australian dollars.

So can you show some sincerity to satisfy my stomach?Did you know that you can order two or three mud crabs for 118 yuan to make a big pot of Jinsha vermicelli crabs?Boil it, if you are lucky, you can eat a ginger and green lobster!Our group spent 236 yuan on two ducks, and they gave me less than two catties of chai duck breasts.Meat cucumber, tasteless green onions and sauce? Don't even boil the cabbage on the duck shelf? Please!

As an 18-line internet celebrity named Dazhugansi on WeChat,

I ordered a big boiled dried shredded dish very appreciatively. The chicken broth doesn't taste strong, it feels like chicken broth.Dry silk is not bad,Only 12 people, one person and one small chopsticks may not be eaten by half of the table!River prawns are replaced by sea prawns, but there are not as many shrimps in a cage of shrimp dumplings.It seems that the bids for the dishes are for two people! I rewarded your face, but you have no sincerity!

Others are also unable to complain! One of the two ducks ordered was forgotten,

Thanks to our repeated reminders and urges,After the first duck was digested for an hour and a half, the second with halved ingredients,Looking through the autumn water at a table of people long overdue!

That's it, Quanjude, the fate of you and me is over, no longer miss you, let's break up! remember,

You still owe me two ducks and boiled cabbage!