Many people want to immigrate to Australia by studying abroad, so the choice of profession is very important.How to choose an immigration major that suits you?

Today, let’s take a look at Australia’s immigration profession and the corresponding assessment requirements.

1. Business

· Accounting

Business can be said to be the most popular subject for studying abroad, and accounting is the first choice for many people to study business.

CPA job evaluation requirements: 4 IELTS 7s, accounting major to meet the course requirements;

You can also get points for major years.The so-called professional year is a one-year course authorized by the Australian Immigration Bureau, using a 44-week course (Including internship) To help graduates familiarize themselves with the knowledge and regulations related to employment in Australia.

· Actuarial Science

Another major choice for business is actuarial science.

An actuary professionally deals with financial risks, After graduation, the career choices include property insurance, life insurance companies, or consulting companies, pension investment companies, medical insurance companies and investment companies with insurance companies and banks as their main customers.

However, it is not easy to become an actuary.At present, there are only more than XNUMX qualified professional actuarial talents in Australia, and the threshold is high!

But this also shows that this industry has a lot of room for development.

Once you have obtained the title of Actuary (FIAA ),Then the future will be immeasurable!

Because the starting salary of a certified actuary in Australia is about A$9, the annual salary increase is at least A$1.

And a few years later, when you become a senior and experienced actuary,Then your annual salary will be 20 Australian dollars!

Evaluation requirements:Complete related professional degree courses and one year of work experience.

2. Engineering

Outside of business,Engineering is also a subject that many students are passionate about.

Although engineering may seem boring, the majors that can be selected are also diverse.

For example, electronic engineering, electrical and electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, aircraft engineering, computer engineering, material engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, biological engineering, petroleum engineering, etc.,

But it should be noted that the Australian engineering profession needs to be approved by the Australian Institute of Engineers (Engineers Australia) Certification.

It will conduct a professional evaluation of the engineering qualifications of Australian institutions to ensure that graduates of these institutions meet the requirements to become professional engineers.

When engineering graduates apply for skilled immigration, obtaining the EA engineer professional certification is the first step to submit an independent skilled immigration.

Civil engineering, mechanical, communication engineering, etc.Evaluation requirements : IELTS four six, degree in engineering

3. Computer

IT majors include calculator application, software design, system design, etc.

Certified occupations include business analysts, systems analysts, and application analysis programmers.

The professional assessment agency for this type of professional is the Australian Computer Association (The Australian Computer Society), it will conduct career assessments for computer and communications related occupations,

Only those occupations assessed by ACS can proceed to the next visa application or state sponsorship application for related IT occupations.

ACS career assessment requirements: doing computer-related work; learning computer-related can reduce years;

4. Design class

Immigration majors in design include architecture and landscape design.

Certified occupations include architects and landscape architects.

Evaluation requirements:Must be a major in architecture related to 5 years and 10 semesters

Landscape design requires a bachelor's degree in related majors and at least one year of work experience after graduation.

5. Medical care

Medical certification occupations include occupational therapists, psychologists, physical therapists, various types of radiation therapists, pharmacists, optometrists and other doctors.

The nursing category includes nurses, midwives, and disability development nurses.

Evaluation requirements:Nursing certification in the nursing profession generally requires completion of an Australian undergraduate nursing course, IELTS must take four sevens or OET to achieve B level.

6. Teacher class

The professions certified in education include preschool teachers, middle school teachers, teachers with impaired hearing or ability, teachers in special education, etc.

In Australia, teachers are government civil servants and their pensions are very high.

Australian civil servantsEnjoy an annual pension of 17% of salary(The pension for other occupations is 9% of salary). Teachers have stable incomes and high starting salaries.

The salary of a new graduate of a four-year bachelor's degree is about A$49050, and about A$3 after three years of work.

Evaluation requirements:The professional assessment of teachers is conducted by the Australian Teaching and School Guidance Association (The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership) To be responsible.

Need to have 4 years full-time equivalent to Australia (Or equivalent to part-time) Bachelor's degree in education or above, the English requirement only accepts the two-year valid IELTS English proficiency certificate, that is, the IELTS A level is not less than 7 points in reading and writing, and not less than 8 points in listening and speaking.

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Australian skilled immigration conditions:

1. Meet the occupation list and pass the occupation assessment

2. The EOI score is not less than 65 points and get the invitation letter

3. Under 45 years old (before getting the invitation letter)

4. At least 4 IELTS 6 or equivalent English level

5. Bachelor degree or above (some vocational colleges)

6. Meet additional conditions of state guarantee (applicable to 190\489)

7. No crime and medical examination

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