The speaker has no intention, the listener has the heart, you never know what kind of harm your child will bring to your child if you unintentionally say a word. The most common occurrence of language violence is the education of parents to their children. According to incomplete statistics, nearly half of parents have used inappropriate language to discipline their children.

Maybe the parents didn’t mean it, maybe it’s just in a bad mood, maybe they don’t think this is too much, they just want to educate the child, but the child is still so young, this way often hurts the child’s young heart, this kind of education in the name of love Is undesirable, it is likely to hinder the child's inner growth.

Many parents use insulting language when they are angry. For example, the mother will yell at the child because he broke the bowl: "What else can you do!"; when the child's grades are not satisfactory, the parent will say: "Did your brain let the pig eat?" and make a mistake next time. When they fail, these words will repeat in the child's brain.

Linguistic violence is not only the language that can hurt the child, the speaker's demeanor, actions, and even the aggressive attitude of the parents, all are a sharp dagger, so that the child is troubled by this violent nightmare.

There are often reports that because parents’ language violence causes children’s psychological problems, some lead to low self-esteem, some children will hurt others, some children will suffer from interpersonal tension, some even go to destruction, etc. When the time came to be irretrievable, the parents regretted it.

Look at real cases, maybe beyond your imagination

Case XNUMX: When I was a child, I walked home with my mother. I sang as I walked, but my mother said to me: "You sing so badly, don't sing." Maybe my mother thinks I am young and can't remember it, but I just because of this sentence Well, I’m nervous when I sing, and I don’t want to sing, let alone daring to sing and play with my classmates. (Netizens leave a message)

Case XNUMX: When I was in elementary school, my English scores were very good. I was the representative of the English class in my class. I had a low English score. When I got home, my mother said to me; Don’t be it.” This sentence hurt me deeply. From then on, I resisted English in my heart. After middle school, I skipped class when I encountered English. My parents are even more terrible. I'm already desperate to learn from myself. (Netizens leave a message)

Case XNUMX: There is a child named Yangyang who is in the third grade of elementary school. He used to study very well. After the third grade, his grades plummeted. In the teacher’s office, his mother pointed to his forehead and said: I ask for leave every month and I have worked so hard to help you. What did you get in return? You actually had a countdown in the math test. If you hadn't had the face to see people, the child became very withdrawn because of this sentence.

Eliminate language violence and protect children's mental health

Children's hearts are pure and fragile. They are delicate and sensitive. Many things or words that you think are indifferent can have a serious impact on their psychology unintentionally. For example, some things and words in his childhood may have a huge impact on his future character, and even cause irreparable tragedies.

Linguistic violence is so invisible and powerful. I once watched such a news that a girl was extremely frustrated because of her abnormal performance in the college entrance examination. But at this moment, her father said, "Why don't you die in such a bad exam? Ah!" It was an angry statement, but under the circumstances, the girl believed that it was true, leaving a suicide note saying "I disappointed you" and committed suicide.

Someone has said this: There is a kind of violence that will not leave a scar on you, but can cast a shadow that will never go away in your heart, and even ruin a person's life. That is verbal violence. Children are not like adults. They are in the growth stage and have not yet established the correct three views.

At this time, every sentence and every behavior of the parents is very representative and educational, and it is very likely to have a major impact on the child’s life. In the eyes of adults, it may not be regarded as verbal violence or ordinary words at all. In front of a clean child who has never seen the ugly world, it is verbal violence that will be fatal.

Put an end to language violence, stop words that are harmful to children in time, and protect children's mental health. If you want to criticize children, you must master the scale. "You are a pig's brain" may be replaced with "You may need to practice more", which is much better. Please stop verbal violence and accomplish everything with love.

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