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The photo session with Santa’s Beach was fully booked months in advance (Meredith Bauer)

It’s time to forget about your experience of queuing up to take photos with Santa in the mall-now many Australian families are starting to take photos with Santa in a more Australian way!

Seven years ago, in the coastal town of Port Macquarie in north-central New South Wales, a local photographer first created the name"Santa at the Beach"Photography season. This activity is very popular now,Places will be booked months in advance.

On the beaches where "stars come and go", there is even a "dog photography season" exclusively for dog-raising families, so that the majority of "shit shovel officers" can also participate in this interesting Christmas event.

Photographer Meredith Bauer said,She did this to provide everyone with some unique Australian festival experiences.

"The photos taken in this way will be more down-to-earth than traditional Christmas photos, and children can really relax and participate in it," she said.

"We think this is a great opportunity to show off our beautiful beach. You can also think of it as our'showing off' the strong Christmas atmosphere in our backyard."

Picture: You don't have to queue up in the mall to take this Port Macquarie-style Christmas photo. (Photo courtesy: Meredith Bauer)

"One of the great things about the Santa Claus on the Beach is that everyone can easily take a group photo by making an appointment, and there is no need to go to the mall to queue up."

Ms. Bauer only conducts "Santa Claus at the Beach" photography activities on certain weekends, so the quota will be booked soon, especially those that allow dogs to participate.

"This year's photography activity justSold out within 24 hours of opening. We took about 11 photos throughout November," she said.

Local resident Michelle Boskovski said that she likes (this photography activity) very much because the beauty of her hometown can be fully demonstrated through this "annual family portrait".

"This is a completely original event, and some new ideas will be incorporated every year. So this kind of seaside experience is great, not to mention that it is already beautiful here," she said.

Working with children and small animals is often full of unique challenges.

Photo: Photographer Meredith Bauer works hard by the sea and wants to capture good photos. Her annual dog photo season always sells out quickly. (ABC News: Emma Siossian)

Ms. Bauer has a very positive and enthusiastic work attitude. She is also very good at interacting with children and small animals.Working with them means work is full ofUncertainty, So this working style is exactly what is needed to cope with this kind of work.

"The shooting is chaotic, crazy, but also very interesting. These dogs are everyone's best friends, and it's really nice to be able to make them appear in everyone's Christmas family photo," she said.

"It's really difficult for dogs and children to look at the camera at the same time. But to be honest, there are many dogs that seem to be born for the camera."

"It is also wonderful to see the children coming back to take pictures year after year.

"Some children were so nervous when they took photos with Santa Claus in the first year. Being able to watch them grow up year after year, not only are they no longer nervous, but they also admire Santa Claus very much and enjoy taking pictures. I’m really happy."

Grandpa Christmas enjoyed his trip to Australia

Photo: Grandpa Santa and his youngest person: a three-week-old baby boy. (ABC News: Emma Siossian)

It turns out that Grandpa Santa also enjoys his journey here. He can enjoy the warm climate of Port Macquarie town by the sea, and he can hug this town from time to time"The youngest resident"Men.

"I enjoy my time here very much-it is much warmer than the North Pole, and we can also breathe fresh air with the beautiful Pacific ocean breeze," said the old Christmas grandpa.

"It's very pleasant here, and the children are also very cute."

"There are also some very naughty children, but not many. They can continue to grow before Christmas and start to learn to take care of their mothers."

Photo: Meredith Bauer enjoys taking Christmas photos on the beach, capturing the unique scenery of Australia. (ABC News: Emma Siossian)

“Most children are great. It’s amazing to watch them take pictures year after year and grow up. Especially their laughter really inspired me.”

"All dogs have their own personalities"

After bringing laughter to Australian children on the beach by the sea, Grandpa Christmas will soon return to the north.

"I'm going to pack up and go back to the North Pole. We still have a lot of toys to make. The little people are working overtime now," he said.

"I will fly back soon, and hope that everything will be ready on the 25th."

Photo: Grandpa Santa said he enjoyed this journey with warm weather (ABC News: Emma Siossian)