Yesterday afternoon, a bus full of Chinese tourists had a serious traffic accident on a highway in Western Australia.So far3People die,9People were injured.The incident was a popular route for international tourists to check in.

According to the Daily Mail, the accident site occurred north of Perth.IndianOcean Drivehigh speed,At that time, the tourist bus collided head-on with a four-wheel drive, causing tragedy

After the accident, Sunday afternoon3At this point, the local emergency service department rushed to the scene immediately to carry out rescue work.

According to the Nine News Channel, the situation at the scene of the accident was terrible and many tourists were still trapped in their cars.

Dozens of firefighters, first responders, and police officers spent hours freeing the wounded.

Subsequently,9The injured passenger was quickly taken to the hospital. For passengers with serious injuries, rescuers directly used helicopters to take them to the hospital, while others with less injuries were carried by ambulances.

An off-duty nurse and doctor stayed at the scene to treat the passengers until the emergency personnel arrived.

It is understood thatAmong the three people who died, one died on the spot, and the other died in the hospital that day due to his injuries. Another tourist died this morning.

Indian Ocean DriveIt is one of the sections with a high incidence of accidents in Western Australia and one of the popular tourist routes that international tourists like. from2010Many serious traffic accidents have occurred since it was passed through in XNUMX. Last year6A person died on the road due to a car accident.


1,this year10In December, a family of Chinese tourists traveled in Australia by car and collided with a bus. The crash also occurred north of Perth90Km awayIndian Ocean Drive. According to the whole process recorded by the driving recorder, the self-driving car of the Chinese family is a Toyota Corolla.26The year-old female driver has been trying to overtake. The video from the dash cam showed that the female driver was driving the car suddenly turning to the right, and then a car accident occurred. Fortunately, the driver and her parents were spared serious injuries.

2,this year8Month, there are4People were killed in road accidents in Western Australia, including two Chinese female tourists.8Month2Day, afternoon2point50Minutes around, PerthDongaraBrand HighwayThere was a head-on collision between two vehicles on the highway. according toPerthNowAccording to reports, the two ages on the car are54Years and59The year-old Chinese female passenger died on the spot, and the two drivers were taken to hospital after being seriously injured.

3,this year7Near the snowy mountains in NSWPerisherOn the highway, a tourist bus caught fire bizarrely, and the entire bus was completely burnt down. In the accident, the passengers and the driver on the bus successfully escaped, but fortunately it did not lead to a tragedy.

4,this year3In December, Puffing Billy, a famous tourist attraction in Melbourne (Puffing Billy) There was an accident in a small steam train, and the scene included Chinese people4Passengers were injured. One of them was seriously injured. Fortunately, his injuries were stable.

It is the Christmas holiday, I believe many friends are also planning to travel.

In short, whether it is a self-driving tour or a group tour,

I hope that when Chinese friends go out to travel,

Pay more attention to safety,


Safety first.