Recently, a car accident in Bao'an, Shenzhen (where Sister Rabbit lives nearby), made Sister Rabbit heartbroken and very sad.

A young lady led a 4-year-old girl across the zebra crossing. Halfway through the journey, the lady raised her hand to signal the car in front to be polite.

But the car did not slow down, and then the 4-year-old girl was caught under the car and crushed to her death. Everything in front of me happened too suddenly.

The lady who was frightened for a few seconds, reacted, started jumping helplessly and crying, and then collapsed and sat on the ground.

Even the traffic police who rushed to deal with the incident were heartbroken and angry: "This driver, just ask you! Where are you looking while driving?"

Dangers are caught off guard, parents must take care!

News about children's car accidents is endless, and it is frightening.

A mother crosses the road with her two children in Leye County, Guangxi. One of the children walked to the middle of the zebra crossing. The other child had a dispute with his mother andBreak free of mother's handAlso crossed the zebra crossing, andWalking back and forth, walking between the spacer strips at both ends of the zebra crossing.

Such a scene really makes Sister Rabbit feel sweaty, and her mother’s behavior is even more speechless.Playing with mobile phone, I didn't realize how dangerous my children are now!

The worrying thing happened when an off-road vehicle drove quickly and knocked down a child who was playing around.

Only then did the mother react and rushed over to check on the child. Fortunately, the child has no other injuries except for bruises.

But this mother's behavior annoyed netizens:It's too dangerous, how can there be such a careless mother, so irresponsible!

If this situation is not monitored and photographed and made public, if this time the child is not only bruised, the more serious consequences will not dare to make more assumptions.

At every moment, Sister Rabbit remembered this sentence:

When I think of being a parent without going through an exam, I feel that the world is really terrible.

No one asks you to get full marks in every test, but as a parent, you should know the most basic safety bottom line. Crossing the road is a trivial matter, but it is very important to keep your safety awareness like a needle in yourself and your children.

Don't take your child's hand to cross the road?

According to the data in the "Review Report on the Status Quo of Injuries among Chinese Adolescents and Children":

Died of traffic injuries every yearUnder 14Child Gundam18500name.

Moreover, the death rate of children in traffic accidents in our country,It's American2.6 times, Is a European country2.5 times.

Road traffic injury, Has become the cause ofThe second reason, Second only to drowning death.

In these traffic accident cases, it is found that many of them are not because parents have no safety awareness.

Many parents hold their children by the hand in order to cross the road safely.

But the following two cases tell us,Even holding a child’s hand is not necessarily safe.

In Case XNUMX, a mother was holding a child by the hand and was about to cross the road. At this time, the child easily broke free and ran to the road, and was immediately knocked down by a speeding pickup truck.

Some people may say that this mother is too weak to hold the child. Even if it is replaced by a stronger man, such tragedies have occurred a lot.

In case two, a father took his child across the road at a zebra crossing, but the child still broke free easily. Even though the father hurried after him, he still failed to catch the child and was finally overwhelmed by a speeding truck.

Why is there still a tragedy taking a child’s hand to cross the road?

This is because parents take their children across the roadThe most correct way.Not holding the child’s hand, butGrab the child's wrist.

Take a look at the video below and you will understand!

Holding the child by the hand, the child is very easy to break free, Especially on busy roads, children are easily affected by the surrounding complex environment, and accidents can happen at any time.

If you hold your child's wrist firmly when crossing the road, it will be difficult for a lively child to break free. Safety is under your control.

Looking back at the two cases just now, if mom and dad are holding the child's wrist, the child will not easily break free and eventually cause physical harm.

A negligence in a small detail can cause irreparable regrets in a lifetime. As parents, we must not only have the ability to protect ourselves, but also the ability to protect our children.

So remember,When crossing the road with your child, be sure to hold your child's wrist firmly!

To grasp a child's wrist is to grasp his life.

4 details of traffic safety

In addition to crossing the road and grabbing the child's wrist, there are actually 4 important details that need to be constantly emphasized with the child:


It is often said that "the red light stops and the green light goes on." What about the yellow light?

Yellow light: Generally used to mark attention, warning, and danger, for safety reasons,Don't let the children walk.

However, there are no yellow lights at some intersections, just before the signal lights change color, there are voice and visual prompts.

For example, the sound becomes faster, the speed of the walking villain becomes faster, the green light keeps flashing, etc.Generally, this means that you can’t leave in a hurry, you have to wait for the next green light.

And also emphasize that you must not run the red light!


Can't play near the car

Because the child is short and squatted and prone when playing on the roadside;When the car is parking or reversing on the side, the rearview mirror and the reversing radar will appear in the blind area and no children can be seen, which leads to tragedy.

Parents should let their children know that no matter how interesting the game is,Can't play on the road, especially near the car in the parking lot!

Parents should know the community and surrounding road conditions in advance to see if there are enough traffic lights, crosswalks and traffic police on duty.


Teach children to avoid vehicles

Parents should tell their children not to stay in areas where vehicles pass by. When the direction lights of the car are flashing, the car is telling you that it is about to turn.

When you encounter vehicles that are about to turn, especially large trucks, don’t get too close to them, Because when the car turns, the front wheel passes an object on the road, it is very likely that the rear wheel cannot pass.Although the child avoided the front of the car at this time, it was also likely to be knocked down by the rear of the car.


Must pay attention to traffic safety

Implant the child"Civilized and comity"Safety concept, before crossing the zebra crossing, you should first observe whether there is a signal light control, if there is no signal light control, you can use"Beckoning"The civilized gesture reminds the driver to stop and give way.

Whether it is an adult or a child,Don't become a bower and cross the road playing with mobile phones, Ignoring road traffic safety.

For the above traffic safety incidents,Parents should take warning and give their children enoughComprehensive safety education.

The British poet John Donne said:"No one is an island."Follow the rules and the rules will protect you; ignore the rules and the rules will punish you.

In fact, the above scenes are places we pass every day. But the most frightening thing is that we always feel that these things are known to ourselves, but they are also the easiest to ignoreHidden risks and crises.

And danger comes at these inconspicuous moments——Because they are common, because they may happen every day, and compared with these frequent and ordinary, our children can not withstand even one "in case"!

Engrave these safety awareness in your heart at all times, and always remain vigilant for every second of life.

Let our children grow up more safely, happily and healthily. This is the most guaranteed love that parents give their children!

I hope you who read this article can put itshareGive everyone around you who need it, let everyone pay more attention to safety awareness and learn more about the details of life.