Within 48 hours, the southern district of Bucun experienced hacking, smashing, and carjacking! Various gangs appeared, Asian men were stabbed in the street, and the scene was bloody!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

They say that the southern district is poor

Unexpectedly, it would be so bad!

South district store was smashed in the early morning!

This morning,

Friends in the Pudding South District Mutual Help Group send messages

The first chioce near my home was smashed!

Two o'clock in the middle of the night,

He was awakened by the knock

Followed by the sound of the siren

The police arrived in five minutes!

The thieves are so scary, so violent

If you don't agree, just smash it!

However, this is not the most terrible

Last night, the turbulent Southern District also happened

Scarier than thisViolent carjackingevent!

Violent carjacking by African-American gangs!

This time, the carjacking gang is not so simple

But directly move the knife,

Stabbed two car owners!

According to brisbane times

It was about 10:15 last night

A carjacking gang appeared at the 711 gas station on Fairfield Road

They threatened one with a knife

Being given to myselfBenzCheeringAsian male

The two sides are in a fight

The carjacking failed,

theyStabbed the man in the neck with a knife

Then passers-by appeared and scared the gang away

711 employees said,

The situation was very urgent

The owner is full of blood!

So they immediately gave him first aid

However, the matter did not end due to public intervention

This gang is trying to be in Paragon not far awaySecond car theft

This time they aimed atCar owner who is reversing

A group of people went up and immediately surrounded the owner

Forcing the owner to get off

They are still hitting the owner in the face!

Kick the co-pilot on the neck of another passenger!

OnAfter hurting the owner's head

Stole the owner's car

It is understood that the gang suspected of stealing the car

For African Americans in their 20s

The car that was stolen was a

Queensland license plate 180WVP

2006 Red Toyota Yaris

This this this...

Car thieves are everywhere in the Southern District!

Don't believe it, look

According to Queensland Police

August 12---August 10Vehicle stolen information

In this week alone,

There are so many stolen cars...

The police also said

This is Christmas approaching, car thieves are rampant

Only let you see these cases

Will remind you all the time,

Keep the car locked regardless of whether it is used or not!

In addition to all kinds of car theft

South District also appearedVarious burglaries and robberies..

Steal the house after stealing the apartment

No matter how many people there are in your family!

The burglary rate in the Chinese area has been ranked first in Queensland for many years

Plus the recent christmas

I feel like stealing cars every day,, Burglaries are all happening...



Don’t think these cases are far away from you

After all, it happened right beside you!

Therefore, these measures must be taken!

1. Before leaving the garage, make sure the garage door is completely closed and locked! If your garage door can be easily opened without a key or remote control, please contact your local garage technician to help repair it!
2. Even if there are people in the house, please lock the windows, doors, garage and vehicles, including the door from the garage to the main house.

3. Do not leave valuables in the car! living room! kitchen! These conspicuous places!

4. Please install key-operated reinforced locks on the back garden fence and side door! Use a padlock on the back door!

5. Please install an anti-cutting device on the screen door!
6. Install and set up the anti-theft alarm system!

7. Do not leave the key in the key hole of the door, window or security door!
8. Remove all items that can be used for climbing outside the house, such as ladders, tables, chairs, trash cans, etc.!

9. Know your neighbors and ask for help in time when you encounter danger!

If, unfortunately, you are in danger

Don't go head-to-head with bad guy

Call000Or131444Call the police!

Hope, friends from Bucun

Can spend Christmas with peace of mind

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