The arrest of Meng Wanzhou shocked the world.

10 years ago,

Actually it happened together,

The arrest "big case" that also alarms the world!

However, the defendant of the "case",

Just an innocent Chinese old man,

He was suddenly arrested in the United States,

Became a scapegoat for the U.S. government,

Faced with "182 charges and 240 counts",

However, he never expected his ending,

Surprisingly beyond everyone's expectations!

he is the oneSun Qicheng

He was born in Shanghai in 1935,

His father Sun Ruilin is a famous entrepreneur,

More a philanthropist,

Founded a large orphanage in Nanshan, Chongqing,

Saved thousands,

Children who were displaced by the Japanese invasion of China.

Under the influence of his father,

A seed of national justice,

It was planted in his young heart,

Until the future grows into a towering tree!

When he was 16, his family immigrated to the United States.

In university, he got a master's degree in economics,

Also obtained a Doctor of Laws,

Such excellent results of the General Education Expo at the time,

Whether among Chinese or Americans,

They are rare in existence.

And after finishing school,

He could have successfully entered the upper class of America,

But he, at that time,

Make an order for everyone,

Decisions made by surprise.

Back in the United States,

Where the most Chinese gather,

There is nothing more like Chinatown in New York.

A barber shop full of hometown flavor

Chinese street vendors doing business on the street

Humble Chinese shoe repair booth

drama show

Everything here makes him feel very kind,

He said: Whenever I walk in Chinatown,

I think it feels like home...

I want to integrate here and be a part of them,


However, behind the survival of Chinese Americans,

In fact, it is full of endless bitterness and injustice.

Chinese hawkers who set up stalls in Chinatown,

Because the stall is a little bit beyond the road,

The police came to the door aggressively,

But just a distance of one meter,

Would be fined $1000,

This is their hard-earned money for months of hard work!

American police cars will stop at random in Chinatown.

Squeeze the business space of vendors without any restriction


He saw all this in his eyes,

So he just graduated in 1964,

Resolutely gave up high-paying jobs,

Gave up the opportunity to enter the upper class of the United States,

In Chinatown, shoe repair shops,

Where there are many vegetable stalls and butcher shops,

Set up a law firm of its own.

All he has to do is only one purpose:

That is for the Chinese compatriots,

The unfair treatment received,

Provide the most timely help!

More than ten years later,

He gives full play to what he has learned,

Solve legal difficulties for Chinese compatriots.

After encountering the difficulties of a large number of Chinese,

He found one of the most difficult problems:

Many Chinese who do small business in Chinatown,

Salary is daily or weekly, and several banks in the United States,

It has absorbed tens of millions of Chinese deposits and made numerous profits.

But when Chinese people want to borrow money or loans from these banks,

But it was: "I'm sorry,

Because I can’t come up with a convincing source of income,

Not borrow a cent. "

The result is: Chinese people living in Chinatown,

It’s harder to buy a house, it’s harder to invest in expanding your business,

It can be said that it is always difficult to gain a foothold in the United States.

He tried to help his compatriots,

Lobbying major U.S. banks,

But it has returned without success again and again.

He felt very unfair,

In order to help our compatriots as much as possible,

He decided to give up again,

Engaged in the lawyer industry for most of my life,

Go open a bank yourself!

他 说:

"It's time. I want to give back to the society and the Chinese."

"Abacus means abacus, in the Chinese mind,

It is a treasure of five thousand years of Chinese culture,

So he decided to call the bank:

Abacus (Abacus) Bank (National Treasure Bank).

His abacus is to seek the well-being of his compatriots.

that's it,

In order to open a bank that can benefit the Chinese,

He invested all his wealth, and then pieced together,

Finally in 1980, the National Treasure Bank was established.

The establishment of National Treasure Bank,

For the local Chinese from helplessness and hardship,

Brought great vitality,

He overcomes many sufferings,

Applied for a low-interest loan from the U.S. government,

To help thousands of low-income overseas Chinese,

Set up a home and earn a living in the United States.

After 20 years of unremitting efforts,

Countless Chinese families have been reborn as a result,

Whether it’s an aunt who sells flowers or an old man who sells vegetables,

With his help, I can finally afford a house.

And have their own business, have a foothold.

Local Chinese often say:

Have difficulty finding a "national treasure",

To borrow money to find a "national treasure",

To make a fortune and find a "national treasure".

"National Treasure" became famous for a while,

It became an OCBC Bank well-known to overseas Chinese in the United States,

Even the owner of the Empire State Building,

Pete Malkin also became a customer of National Treasure Bank.

他 说:"The Chinese are abroad,

Unity should be something in the blood. "

"National Treasure Bank,

For the compatriots,

To live decently and with dignity in a foreign country. "

He opened the bank in New York,

More open in the hearts of overseas Chinese!

And when he succeeded in his career,

Always remember the China where he was born and raised,

He is well aware of the importance of talents to the motherland,

In 2000, he initiated the establishment of the "US-China Education Foundation".

Liaise and organize many universities in the United States,

Cooperate with Chinese education department to run school,

Delivered for China,

Lawyers, accountants, computers, finance, business management, etc.,

A steady stream of talents in all aspects,

Deepen the exchanges between China and the United States,

His great contribution,

Received unanimous praise from the United States and overseas Chinese,

He is called "the goodwill ambassador of China and the United States",

"The Architect of the Sino-US Friendship Bridge".

Everything was originally moving towards the better,

But because of a huge sudden storm,

He instantly fell into a dead end!

In 2008, a severe subprime mortgage crisis suddenly broke out in the United States.

All major banks panicked,

Unemployment, poverty, bankruptcy,

Became a huge social disaster,

In order to save the country’s nearly collapsed economy,

In October, Bush signed the "Emergency Economic Stability Act."

Decided to spend up to 7000 billion U.S. dollars in taxes from taxpayers,

Rescue those financial giants.

But this time,

Americans who have been tortured,

Need a reasonable explanation,

Spend taxpayer money to rescue the Bank of America,

So who is going to be the one to blame for this crisis?

Of course the government knows,

The main reason for the subprime mortgage crisis,

It's the famous financial tycoons on Wall Street,

Pack very risky loans,

Crazy selling to the people, this vicious circle,

Finally triggered this unprecedented financial shock!

But also because these people are too strong,

Can't afford to offend,

Therefore, the U.S. government took the blame,

Targeted him and the National Treasure Bank!

National Treasure Bank,

Inexplicably, he became the only one at the time,

By the U.S. National Government,

Financial institutions sued for loan fraud.

The US police went to the bank to arrest people frantically,

The scene at the time was shocking!

The staff were chained together,

Came out one by one holding their heads,

This way of arrest,

Even local lawyers in the United States can't stand it anymore.

"Be driven off the promenade like a cow,

There is no precedent for this method of arrest before..."

Some people even said:

"It's so unfair, it's a shame!"

"If it's a group of African-American staff,

They would not be like this! "

Just because they are of Chinese descent and live in Chinatown,

Will suffer such discrimination and injustice? !

This year, he was 74 years old, never expected,

A financial turmoil caused by Americans,

Actually made myself a scapegoat,

Not even that,

He was actually ordered in court

182 charges, 240 fines!

"The big banks are too big to fail,

The farce of "National Treasure Bank is small and jailed",

This was staged in the United States.

His family was exposed by the media in the eyes of the American people,

Suddenly became "the sinners of America",

And this crime, I don't know how absurd it is!

You know, the average bad mortgage rate in the U.S. was 5% at the time.

And the National Treasure Bank has more than 3000 loans,

Only 9 people did not perform the loan,

The bad debt rate is only 0.3%,

Has the lowest non-fulfillment loan rate in the United States.

Let such a reputable bank,

To carry the pan of the American financial crisis,

No one can accept it.

But in the U.S. news report

But it humiliated the Chinese greatly,

Seeing that my father was so wronged,

His youngest daughter angrily resigned from government office,

"The U.S. government keeps me from seeing the justice he preaches,

And fair.

On the contrary, I only saw their incompetence and arrogance.

I'm so disappointed. "

She stood firmly on her father's side.

But there is nothing to blame for sin,

There are hundreds of lawyers in the Government District Prosecutor

After that, they investigated the National Treasure Bank,

But then a dramatic scene appeared,

The government actually proposed:

As long as Sun Qicheng is willing to pay a fine of 600 million US dollars,

This matter can pass.

But for the dignity of the family,

For the dignity of the Chinese, he is determined not to compromise:

"We Chinese do everything cleanly,

What we didn't do, we will never recognize it! "

"This is a country in which

This is a great shame,

I can't let the Chinese face dull,

I also want to give myself a dignity! "

He decided that no matter what the price,

To take back fairness and justice,

In this way, a Chinese family,

The war against the entire government has begun!

Faced with powerful government agencies,

His only advantage is,

Of the four daughters, three were former lawyers,

I am quite familiar with American politics, economy and law,

"The government doesn't know that I am not so bully.

And my daughters, they are also strong,

A wise and capable woman..."

The U.S. Prosecutor's Office did not expect

He is so stubborn, so tenacious,

182 allegations, I thought I was winning,

But I did not expect that because the physical evidence was not conclusive,

The prosecution is getting more and more difficult,

In the end, he did not hesitate to use hundreds of well-known barristers,

Investigating the archives of the National Treasure Bank upright,

For his family to confess their sins!

And this most difficult period,

He is supported by the familiar Chinatown,

Is the closest compatriots.

Every day, the noodle shop owner serves his daughter,

Serve a warm wonton noodle,

In the store, they stayed all day,

Discussing the case is only to "return Dad a piece of innocence!"

Many Chinese have been waiting

The day he washed away his grievances,

He said: "When I was in trouble,

My compatriots did not abandon me,

They give me encouragement, support,

Tell me that I can win this lawsuit. "


The Chinese are always united overseas!

The lawsuit lasted for five years,

Submit more than 60 documents,

In this disparity of power,

With extraordinary courage,

Justice has finally won!


Regarding his 182 counts,

240 counts, none of them convicted!

After learning that the lawsuit was won,

Many Chinese came here one after another,

"You sighed for us!"

"Let us believe that we still have a chance to resist"

This is not his victory alone,

It is a victory to defend the dignity of all overseas Chinese!

Sun Qicheng family

Later, the story of his family against the US government,

It was also filmed as a documentary describing the Chinese resisting injustice:

"National Treasure Bank is small enough to go to prison"

Won the 90th Oscar Award,

Nominated for best documentary feature film.

Dignity, never rely on others to give,

It is self-improvement and resistance!

这 是The spirit of the elderly Sun Qicheng,

It is the spirit of all Chinese people,

We love peace and value peace,

But this does not mean that we are afraid,

It doesn’t mean,

We can be slaughtered like fish!

The backbone of the Chinese people will always fight,

The faith of the Chinese will never be torn apart,

Unyielding China,Victory will eventually be won!