According to the latest survey, wages in Australia need to earn this amount to be considered happy

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Recently, a new study from Purdue University in Indiana found thatAustralians need to have a pre-tax annual salary of 17.4 (all in Australian dollars) before they can experience "real happiness".

In the past 10 years, Purdue University’s research is based on the results of the “Gallup” world poll, which surveyed 164 million people in 170 countries.

Statistics show that in a rich country, when a person's annual salary reaches 8.35, the level of happiness begins to increase; in Australia, the number is 7.

According to regions, the average annual salary of global employees needs to reach 13.2 yuan to be happy.


The 17.4 yuan is more than twice the current average annual salary of full-time employees in Australia ($82435). This level has exceeded 2% of the country's employee income in Australia.

In this way, the average annual salary of employees in the Australian mining industry ($135,782) is considered a better chance of happiness.

In addition, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average weekly salary of employees in the Australian Capital Territory is 1812 yuan and the annual salary is 94224 yuan, ranking first.

From a numerical point of view, Australians need to make more money to be happier than Europeans and Americans.

According to data from CoreLogic, Australia's property prices are among the highest in the world. Although Sydney's property prices are currently falling, the median price is still $935,713, which means that an Australian with an average annual salary will have to repay more than $3700 in a monthly mortgage.

William Moon, a Sydney netizen, said that don't think that you can be happy with the high wages of the mining industry. You are faced with long hours of work and social isolation. This loss must be considered.

Another netizen said that employees in the mining industry may work as long as 12 hours each time. They go to work 3 weeks a month and have 1 week off. The salary may be ok, but there is almost no balance between work and life.

Netizen Lactic acid said that many Australians work an average of 16 hours a day, but whether they are in Sydney or Melbourne, they may still not be able to obtain a mortgage. Australians who neglect to buy anything have to pay almost twice as much money somewhere else in the world. Politicians should talk about this, but they don't.

Netizen Joe from London said: Australia is the most expensive country in the world where I have lived.

Happiness is a heavy term, and it may be far from being as simple as an income figure.

Whether you are happy, how much money you have to earn to be happy, and whether the two are very related, depends on each person's specific senses and experiences.

Sister milk tea, Meng Wanzhou, Yang Mi, are they happy? Do they want this life now? no one knows.

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