Liu Yifei watched! She is the niece of Lin Huiyin, who made a sensation in the United States by her talent, and New Zealand has her works...

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!


A few days ago, Liu Yifei, the big beauty who filmed "Mulan" in New Zealand, updated her personal INS and Weibo to post beautiful photos.

Not only did they take photos with the alpaca, but also played with friends in a large red building. It also seemed to be in a good mood.

The sharp-eyed Chinese friends in New Zealand recognized it immediately. The fairy sister went to the famous Gibbs Farm in the north of Auckland. This building that looks like a big red horn is called Dismemberment...

Liu Yifei, the author of the whole world of architecture | Anish Kapoor

This is not a simple farm,In addition to alpacas, giraffes, zebras and countless sheep, there are many incredible sculptures of artists standing on the vast farm.

These large-scale outdoor installation works of art perfectly blend art and natural ecology, which is amazing.

Horizons by Neil Dawson

Liu Yifei and his friends seemed to be sitting on ordinary stone steps.

But in fact, the panoramic view of this art building is like this, called Pyramid (Keystone NZ)...

Liu Yifei, the author of the whole world of architecture | Sol LeWitt

In this farm, there is a work calledA Fold in the Field. On the plain stretched like a scroll, five folds of hillside suddenly churned out from the ground.

These undulating hillsides are very rhythmic and have become vivid dots on the endless plain.

They not only symbolize the westerly wind that shapes the coastline, but also express the tendency of land to slide slowly toward the sea along slopes and valleys.

Moreover, the height of these hillsides is also determined by the wild animals on the farm. They allow cattle and sheep to graze on the uphill and become a part of animal life.

The designer of this outstanding work is American Chinese Lin Ying.

You may be unfamiliar with Lin Ying's name, but you must know her aunt, Lin Huiyin, a talented girl from the Republic of China.

Compared with the famous Lin Huiyin, the Chinese designer Lin Ying is more popular and sought after for Americans.


One of the most outstanding Chinese women

Compared to an unknown nationality in China,In the United States, Lin YingzengNamed the 20 most important Americans in the 100th centuryone.

Recently, the news that the famous Chinese designer Maya Lin Lin Ying held an exhibition at the Hudson River Museum has attracted the attention of countless people around the world.

The documentary "Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision" (firm and clear insight) reflecting Lin Ying's deeds and achievements won the 1995 Oscar for Best Documentary Feature at the XNUMXth Oscar.

In 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama awarded her the National Medal of the Arts for her outstanding achievements as an architect and artist environmentalist. This is also the highest honor given to an artist by the United States.

On that day, Lin Ying, wearing a black suit with red borders, was the only Asian to win the prize.

This large-scale building in New Zealand, covering an area of ​​3 hectares, was built from a pile of 105000 cubic meters of soil. It is Lin Ying's largest and most ambitious work.

They are quiet and unobtrusive, just like the smooth melody on the grassland, and the clouds and the clouds on the horizon create a beautiful contrast, giving people a relaxing and pleasant visual enjoyment.

AndLin YingTo truly make all Americans a household name, we must talk about another, greater building.


Grow in a free environment

Lin Ying's father, Lin Huan, is Lin Huiyin's half-brother, 11 years younger than Lin Huiyin.

Lin Huan worked at Fujian Union University. In 1948, he studied at the University of Washington in Seattle, majoring in education, and later served as the dean of the Ohio University College of Art.

Lin Ying's parents

Lin Huan's family are all artists. He himself has made great achievements in ceramic art. The ceramic works he created are collected by major museums in Europe and America.

On October 1959, 10, Lin Ying was born in Athens, Ohio, when her aunt Lin Huiyin had passed away more than four years.

Childhood Lin Ying

Her mother, Julia Chang, Zhang Minghui, is a professor of literature and a poet. She is the second child in the family and her brother Lin Tan is two years older than her.

The elder brother later inherited his mother's business and became a poet.

Lin Ying's mother

Since childhood, Lin Ying's parents have never told her the story of the family, she never knew that she was born into a famous family.

She and her brother didn't understand Chinese history and culture at all. They had never studied Chinese, and they didn't even use chopsticks.

Lin Ying's Family

In an interview with Time magazine, she said that her father was forced to practice calligraphy by his father (Lin Changmin) when he was a child. He found it too hard. He secretly vowed to raise children in the future and would never force them to do what they didn't want to do.

Lin Ying's childhood in the forest home

Thus, Lin Ying and her brother grew up in an environment where their parents were indulgent and free.

From small to large, I was always surrounded by all kinds of art and furnishings made by my father, from the porcelain dishes and bowls I used to eat to the table, chairs and screens.

Just as he was nurtured since childhood, I was also deeply influenced by him. I am very grateful to my parents, I feel very lucky. My brother is now a poet, and I am somewhere between architecture and art.

Lin Ying's childhood home

Lin Ying attended a party in Washington when she was 21 years old. She saw her father chatting with the Chinese ambassador, and the chat was endless. Later, my father told her: I was talking about my grandfather. Lin Ying knew that her grandfather was a celebrity in China.

Later, after Lin Ying became famous for designing the Vietnam War Memorial, Louis Menand, the chief writer of The New Yorker, told her:Your aunt Lin Huiyin is very famous, and your uncle Liang Sicheng is also very famous. They jointly designed the Monument to the People's Heroes on Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

Lin Huiyin and Liang Sicheng

Only then did Lin Ying know the story of her aunt Lin Huiyin, who is well-known in China.

Later she recalled that her father admired her sister very much, so when she was not born, her father wanted a daughter very much. This kind of complex is not common in a traditional Chinese father.

When Lin Ying became an architect, her father was very proud.


Not dedicated to politics, let alone war

I have to say that this family's genes are too strong!

Under the influence of family literary and artistic atmosphere, Lin Ying showed extraordinary talent in art when she was young.

In the fall of 1977, 18-year-old Lin Ying was admitted to the Department of Architecture of Yale University. Like her aunt, being an architect is also the young girl's dream.

One night in 1979, a 29-year-old Vietnam War veteran wanted to build a memorial for all those who participated in the Vietnam War in Washington, DC. The name of every soldier who died was to be inscribed on the monument.

With the help of other Vietnam War veterans and the support of 65 Americans, the foundation was established.They actively lobbied Congress to approve the construction of a monument in Constitution Park in Washington, DC.The foundation decided to pass a public solicitation for the design of the monument in the United States.

In the fall of 1980, Lin Ying was taking a funeral architecture art course at Yale University. Someone in the class posted an advertisement for the Vietnam War Memorial design proposal.

U.S. citizens over 18 years of age can submit their works for the competition, but the designed works need to meet four basic requirements:

1. The monument itself must have distinctive features

2. To coordinate with the surrounding landscape and buildings

3. The names of all the dead and missing should be engraved on the monument

4. Don't make a one-word introduction and evaluation of the Vietnam War

The professor of this course asked the students to design the monument according to this requirement. Lin Ying completed it as a classwork at the time, and sent the design plan at the last moment of the deadline.

Although Lin Ying's homework was not appreciated by the professor, she only got B.

But in April 1981, among the 4 entries strictly selected by a jury composed of eight architectural questions and sculptors, the 1421-year-old Lin Ying’s No. 21 work stood out, when she was still a junior.

Lin Ying's design looks extremely simple.

When I came to Constitution Park to inspect and saw this slope on the northeast side of the Lincoln Memorial, I suddenly had the urge to cut the ground three-dimensionally with a knife. The cut ground was turned into two wings, one side pointed to the Lincoln Memorial and the other side. Pointing to the Washington Monument, the names of the fallen soldiers are inscribed on the monument...

The name is all about the monument, no need to add decorations. These people and their names bring everyone's recollection and remembrance...

The two walls on the ground are like wounds cut by sharp blades. This scar on the earth reminds people of the cruelty of war.

This design can be said to break the common design techniques of monuments at the time.

First, its color is black, unlike most monuments or tombstones that are white; second, it does not stand upright and towers high, but is hidden under the ground.

Washington Monument

These different conventional performance techniques have made Lin Ying questionable.

Many doubts come from the Vietnam War veterans, who believe that this plan fails to reflect their heroic spirit of killing the enemy bravely and fighting for freedom.Finally, he even questioned Lin Ying's Chinese identity and was not qualified to design a monument for them.

Lin Ying is a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers. She stepped onto the stage of the Congressional Senate hearing to defend her design according to reason:

This monument gives everyone space to freely imagine the sacrifice and dedication of the Vietnam War veterans. It is not dedicated to politics, not to war, but to all the men and women who have dedicated themselves.

Regarding the issue of black marble and sinking design, she explained from the designer's perspective:

Because the monument will face south, if it is white marble, the direct sun will produce dazzling reflections, making it difficult to see the name on the monument.

The reason why the stele is hidden under the gentle slope is not to destroy the existing structure and balance in the park, and also to create an undisturbed space where those who come to pay their respects can reflect and mourn quietly. .

In the face of strong public opinion pressure, the organizers ignored Lin Ying's opposition and chose to compromise. They decided to add a bronze sculpture of three soldiers and an American flag near the monument.


Chinese cultural genes are flowing in the blood

The Vietnam War Memorial was completed at the end of October 1982, and the inauguration ceremony was held on November 10 of the same year. The monument is made of granite and is shaped like a V. The two ends point to the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.

Lin Ying was not invited to participate in the opening ceremony, and none of the top celebrities who addressed the ceremony mentioned Lin Ying's name.

However, people's reaction cannot deceive people.

In front of the monument, the veteran could not help crying, crying in his arms.

Someone meditated silently in front of the monument.

All the previous doubts disappeared, and Lin Ying instantly became famous.

She said calmly:

I know that people cry when they see my work. Do notRegarding how you think of my works, only the personal feelings that everyone feels when they see these works are the final judgment criteria.

Today, the Memorial to the Victims of the Vietnam War designed by Lin Ying has become one of the most famous buildings in Washington, attracting about three million visitors every year.

The success of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial opened up Lin Ying's reputation in the architectural world. She has her own studio in SOHO, New York, and continues to do sculpture and architectural design. Her works are everywhere.

In 1989, the design concept of the Civil Rights Movement monument was derived from Martin Luther King’s speech: “No, no, we will not be satisfied until justice flows like water and justice flows like a torrent.”

In 1993, Lin Ying designed the women's table for Yale University, his alma mater, to commemorate the pioneering of the feminist movement. The table is engraved with numbers, recording the number of girls among the freshmen at Yale

In 2009, Lin Ying designed the Chinese Museum in Chinatown, New York

In 2009, Lin Ying was in the lobby of the Las Vegas Hotel Aria. The whole work is based on the Colorado River and is 87 feet long

Although it was not until the age of 30 that Lin Ying strongly wanted to explore her own cultural background, she felt that the factors of Chinese culture had already flowed in her blood:

Since I was a student, I have been more interested in Oriental architecture than in European architecture. I was surprised at the subtle connection between myself and Chinese architecture.

Until I went back to Fujian, China with my family, I saw the old house where my father spent his childhood. Those simple courtyards, finely crafted wood, and small lakeside scenery that can be captured at will surround the entire courtyard.

Obviously, the father who grew up in this house and the Chinese calligraphy and painting collected by his grandfather was also deeply influenced by them. Those works of my father have explained everything.

Photographed by Lin Ying at Shen Baozhen’s Former Residence in Gongxiang Lane, Fuzhou From right: Lin Ying’s brother, Lin Ying’s mother Zhang Minghui,
Lin Ying (holding a camera in the front row)

/ / /

Lin Ying as the light of Chinese

Once wrote in his "Boundary":

"I feel i exist at the border

Between science and art

Between art and architecture

Between public and private

Between east and west

I tried to fight between these opposing forces

Find a balance

Find the interface where you meet each other..."

Hope she will create more

The birth of a work that breaks boundaries and conveys Eastern wisdom

– End –

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