After graduating from a domestic university, I found that the domestic employment market is becoming more competitive and the career development prospects are restricted. Generally, young people in Europe or the United States who face similar situations choose to travel far away from home. "Gap Year" refers to the time of the year during which they go to other countries in the world to do some temporary work or voluntary work. The main purpose is to experience different cultures, communicate with people of different backgrounds, enrich your life experience, and recharge yourself.

For those graduates who want to find a way out, this visa to Australia not only satisfies your "experience and recharge" expectations, but also provides you with an additional immigration path for you to choose.Australia's "recognised graduate visa" Recognised Graduate visa Subclass 476 is the best choice.

This visa can be said to be a kind of micro-immigrant visa. The holder of this visa has the right to work in Australia without any restrictions. Compared with the Work and Holiday visa, it has more advantages!

Recognised Graduate visa

Subclass 476

Work and Holiday visa

Subclass 462


18 months

12 months

English requirement

IELTS 6, no less than 5 in each subject


Funding requirements

Provide proof of funds

age requirement

Within 31 year old


Work restriction

To meet the requirements of a certain working place and working hours

Moreover, for domestically graduated engineering majors, if you want to apply for skilled immigration in the future, Australia's EA occupational assessment can be easily passed, plus the 476 visa period as long as you work in Australia for one year, you can be an Australian skilled immigration Adding 5 points, it can be said to be a "quasi-PR" that can be achieved by hard-earning points.

Visa Introduction

The 476 graduate visa is a new 2007-month temporary graduate visa launched by Australia after September 9, 1. The holder of this visa can work, study or travel within Australia, and the spouse and children can also join the visa together. During the validity period of the visa, if the applicant meets the requirements for applying for a permanent resident visa, he can apply immediately and get PR seamlessly!


Academic requirements

Students with a bachelor’s degree or above and graduated from Chinese colleges and universities that have joined the Washington Accord. In other words, mostDomestic Engineering MajorOf graduates meet this condition. As of the end of 2017, a total of 198 majors from 846 colleges and universities across the country have been certified, distributed in 21 engineering majors including machinery, chemical engineering and pharmaceuticals. You can visit this website to check whether the requirements are met:!programs4EN.action

In addition to engineering majors, if you graduated from the following schools (No professional restrictions) You can also apply for this visa:

  • Beijing Normal University

  • China Petroleum University

  • China University of Chemical Technology

  • Beijing industry university

  • University of Science and Technology Beijing

  • China University of Mining

  • GuangZhou University

  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  • Tongji University

  • Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology

  • Tsinghua University

With this visa, you can work and live in Australia without restrictionsUp to 18 months. During this period, you can accumulate overseas work experience, improve your English, experience Western culture, and even continue to struggle for Australian skilled migration; on the other hand, if you find a suitable employer in Australia, it is also a good idea to emigrate with employer sponsorship s Choice.

Application conditions

  • Applicant's age is not more than 31 years old (not included)

  • Applicants have graduated from recognized universities in engineering majors in the past 2 years

  • The applicant has never held a 476 visa or a 485 visa before

  • Applicants meet English requirements

  • Applicant meets health and character requirements

476签证可以携带配偶和子女来澳洲。另外,476的签证申请费也远远低于485($1535), 只有375澳币。理论上澳洲的工程毕业生也可以申请476签证,但是不建议可以申请485-PSW的毕业生申请476,毕竟PSW至少有两年有效期。

After 476 is approved, you can study and work in Australia like a local graduate. The visa is valid for 1.5 years. Using this time, you can work for a year (get 5 points for extra points), or study in a remote area for a year (apply for a remote area state sponsored skilled immigration), or just work while taking a vacation, enjoying the boundless beauty of Australia and your beauty life!