The Australian media just broke that the luxury Australian house Dong Ge bought for milk tea was finally sold! In the increasingly downturn in the housing market, Sister Milk Tea sold her luxury home at a loss.The reason behind it is really only as simple as Dong Ge's derailment?

According to a report from Australian real estate website Domain, recently, China’s youngest female billionaire Zhang Zetian sold her penthouse in Sydney for A$1350 million.


The buyers are Australian hotel mogul Ramy Arnaout and his wife Nadia.Compared with the purchase price, the milk tea sister lost 270 million Australian dollars.

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The apartment was newly built at the time and could be bought without the approval of the Foreign Investment Review Board.Dong Ge spent A$2015 million to buy it in the name of Sister Milk Tea in 1620 and paid more than 100 million stamp duty.


Six months later, the two married in Australia.

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It is reported that this penthouse apartment has three floors and four bedrooms, designed by the famous architect Kann Finch, and the interior is in charge of Thomas Hamel.


The residence is divided into formal and informal living areas, with independent home theaters and home elevators, with an indoor area of ​​nearly 598 square meters.

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And the apartment overlooks the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour.


In 2017, Milk Tea began to sell this luxury apartment. Many media reported that she hopes to sell the apartment for nearly XNUMX million yuan.


She first commissioned Ray White,Hope to be able to sell for 1800 million Australian dollars.


But at the beginning of last year, the sales agent was replaced by Sotheby, and the person in charge Richard Shalhoub suggested that the sale price should be lowered to 1500 million Australian dollars.

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According to the report, Shalhoub declined to comment on the condition of the property, but records indicate that the property was purchased by hotel mogul Ramy Arnaout and his wife Nadia in the name of the company.


In May 2017, Sister Milk Tea began to sell this luxury house in Sydney.


It is said that because of the long flight time between China and Australia, and the milk tea has no time to fly back and forth after having a child. So the two people decided to sell the penthouse.

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But because of the high asking price,1800 million Australian dollars, Nearly 1 million yuan, so no one cares about it after almost two years of listing.


At the beginning of last year, the milk tea was replaced by the selling agent. As the Australian housing market further slump, the agent revised the price to1500 million Australian dollars.


However, the selling price is still 150 million less than the price after the reduction.


The milk tea sister can be said to have suffered a lot this time.


Since there will be a loss of 300 million Australian dollars, that is 1500 million yuan, why does milk tea insist on selling Australian real estate?


This can't help but think of Dong Ge's sexual assault.


In recent months, Dong Ge, who is under investigation for rape allegations in the United States, has been dominating the headlines.

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Four months after a Chinese student at the University of Minnesota accused Dong Ge of sexual assault, the local prosecutor abandoned the case due to lack of evidence.


Although Dong Ge was finally acquitted in law.


But this news was a devastating blow to milk tea. After all, the husband betrayed himself.


And Dong Ge did not act like this once or twice.

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Australian media reported last year that Dong Ge was involved in a rape case again after an exclusive party in their Sydney mansion (that is, the mansion that has been on sale). Real estate developer Tommy Xu was one of the guests. He was involved in rape. The model was sentenced to jail.


Although Dong Ge's rape case in Australia was also found not guilty, there is no storm without a storm. This repeated rape case really makes people suspect that he has a life style problem.

And Sister Milk Tea, the mother of his two children, how could she stand the treatment of her husband.


She angrily wrote in the circle of friends:

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Although the two people reconciled on the Internet as before, I believe that the damage Dong Ge brought to the milk tea will not disappear like this.


Now foreign buyers are dumping properties in Australia to avoid the impending housing bubble. The sale of luxury homes by Milk Tea is also related to the downturn in the local housing market in Australia.


Sister Milk Tea had a rough journey, and she married a man who betrayed her for love. Although Dong Ge is not bad for money, the damage he brought her is irreparable.Fortunately, Milk Tea is a smart person. Finding a way out for her children and herself is the only correct choice for her now.