When you meet a thief

Is shouting to catch the thief and call the police

Still let it go

Ballarat in South Melbourne

Cameron Tougher

But chose a different approach

One day at midnight

Cameron, 29

Suddenly heard movement outside the window

And at the same time

The neighbor’s dog started barking too

So he decided to go out and check the situation

Cameron came out of the house

I saw my car door opened


A man in his 20s

Got out of the car

The man is wearing a blue T-shirt

And a pair of faded blue jeans

My pocket is full


See here Cameron understands

I met a thief

Cameron did not

Rush to chase this man

Fight with

Did not call the police

But chose to sympathize with this thief

The thief is standing on the corner of the street

Cameron asked the thief

"Are you ok?"

Cameron started chatting with this young man

Cameron calmed down the man first

And let him sit on the sidewalk

Gave him a bottle of beer

The thief opened up to Cameron

And tell Camero

He has pried 5 cars that night

Camero patted him on the shoulder

Ask him if he needs anything

The thief told Camero

He just broke up with his girlfriend

Need money to buy methamphetamine

Camero knows this poor young man

In the crisis of life

And feel the need to talk to the thief

Although Camero was very worried about his safety at the time

And don’t know if the opponent has a knife

Because after all, Camero is not

I see people committing crimes every day

After some heart-to-heart talks

The thief returned the stolen item

This man stole

An air purifier,

Sunglasses and electronic charging cables, etc.

This unidentified man

After begging Cameron not to call the police

Left the crime scene

Saturday morning

The police came to Wendouree, Ballarat

From the items returned by the thieves


This is not the first time Cameron has encountered a thief

Recent years

He suffered a burglary in this house

It's not clear yet

Is the police still investigating this theft?


Cameron's approach is worthy of recognition


Because the criminal's behavior cannot be determined

While guaranteeing their own safety

Be adaptable when encountering a thief