A couple, a father and a son, a mother and a son, are all the practice of several lifetimes, only in exchange for meeting.

Maybe no one would believe that in this world,

There are really mothers who want to kill their own children.

On Tuesday, such a tragedy happened.

It has attracted worldwide attention.

A mother actually took her 2-month-old child by herself,

Throwing out of the fast car, causing the child's immediate death,

Then she herself chose to commit suicide by jumping off the car.

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The mother's name is Nicole Stasio, born in California, USA, 32 years old this year.

Their family came to Bali Bird for vacation in July this year,

She was already pregnant at the time.

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While enjoying the beautiful life of Bali, watching my belly get bigger day by day, I always look forward to seeing the cute look of the little guy in my belly.

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Finally, one day in September, she was in a local hospital in Bali,

Giving birth to his own child is a cute little public act.


The only thing that puzzled the family is that

She is always reluctant to disclose information about the child's father to her parents.

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On Tuesday night, Stasio planned to return to China with his family.

But on the way to the airport, an accident happened.

She was sitting in a speeding taxi,

Suddenly without warning

Throwing her newborn daughter out of the car,

Then he jumped out of the car,

He fell heavily on the road.

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My daughter, who is just over 2 months old, has encountered such a powerful impact because her body has not yet grown to perfection.

The child passed away after 7 hours.

Stasio was rushed to the local hospital for rescue.

The police said that the mother has not been questioned yet because she is still in the hospital for rescue.

It is also extremely unstable emotionally.

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After the incident, everyone felt sorrowful

What a poor child!

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Many people began to accuse this cruel mother that she ended her child’s life in October, died by herself, and had to bring her child together.

Too selfish!

A friend of Stasio stepped forward after the netizen criticized him.

But it revealed the real reason for this tragedy,

It turns out that Stasio has been ridiculed by his father since giving birth. How can an unmarried woman become pregnant? The child does not even have his own biological father. This is really a family shame...

So Stasio began to suffer from postpartum depression...

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No one can know what Stasio was thinking the moment he threw his daughter out,

But the disappearance of the husband, the family members do not understand,

It was the biggest murderer who pushed her to death step by step.

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890 Australia

Every day in the world

830 mothers died due to pregnancy and childbirth.

Every minute and a half to two minutes,

A mother will leave us.

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Every pregnant woman has gone through the ghost gate once and once had a sad point of view,

"Don't promote equality between men and women. If men cannot give birth, God has not agreed to make men and women equal."

If you think that after a woman has passed the dangers of childbirth,

Is everything going well?

Then you are wrong!

Later, there are more terrible things waiting for them,

That is the darkest moment in life-postpartum depression.

Many people even think that it is hypocritical...

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Postpartum depression, a cold-blooded killer lurking in her mother

There are many mothers in life who are honest.

Thought about suicide,

Even killing his own children.

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The main cause of postpartum depression is mainly due to postpartum hormonal changes that lead to mood disorders!

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the tragedy that happened to Stasio’s novice mother,

Definitely not alone,

But too many mothers feel the same,

Really experienced the torture of postpartum depression.

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@Anna Mom

Pregnancy was really exhausted. The moment the baby was born, it was postponed for 8 days, and the three days and nights of toss made me feel that I have experienced this. What am I afraid of?

However, things backfired again, and the depression turned into depression and broke out.

On the second day after birth, my mother and I had a fierce conflict because of breastfeeding. I cried a lot, and a lot of frustrations could only be pressed deep in my heart.

Somewhat helplessly, I seem to be someone who is not allowed to complain.

The family's attention is on the child, and few people care about me as a mother.

So the seeds of depression took root.

My room is on the sixth floor. Sometimes I hold my baby and sit by the window to breastfeed. I wonder if I can do it by jumping with her.

I was frightened by my thoughts and began to restrain and control myself.

On the night when the child was two months old, I wanted to strangle her to death.Woke up in the middle of the night to breastfeed and change diapers, suddenly stretched out his hand.

Looking at Luna's big eyes at that time, I controlled myself, but I was completely frightened by myself.

Since then, I have consciously stayed away from children.

Family members often say: You are a new mother, why can't you hold your baby for ten minutes? Actually you don't know, I am controlling myself; I want to hug her, but I am afraid of hurting her.

Even if she knew her mother would have such thoughts, how sad she should be?

How to do? I began to control and restrain myself, desperately looking for things to do.

I started working out after two months of C-section. People who don’t know think I am a hot mom who pursues fashion. In fact, I just want to try to see if I can change everything through exercise.

Even so, I still can't sleep at night, have no desire for anything, and have no interest in life.

Fortunately, I survived the most difficult days by my will, and now I am a little scared in retrospect.

Really, a lot of 2 o'clock in the morning, 3 o'clock in the morning, 4 o'clock in the morning, I thought about it.

But I dare not die!

I don't even have the right to die. I have a child and a dog. Will I take them to die together?

I still have a mother. I'm dead, what should my mother do?

In this way, I lasted for 14 months, really, now that I think about it, tears are streaming down my face!

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Many times he stretched his hand to the child’s neck and then retracted...

I won’t let my child get married. I will adopt one...

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I just thought of suicide...

890 Australia

Postpartum depression is quite scary. My son was always thinking about walking on the highway at the 6th week. Thank you so much for the support of my doctor and family. With the help of a psychiatrist, I never thought of hurting my son, and now I am healed.

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If I hadn't thought of my mother, looking at the small lump of meat in her hand, I would have died eight hundred times...

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I was so scared that I never dared to have a second child...

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Moms are so great...

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A friend’s cousin committed suicide...

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Stressed and want to jump off the building...

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Many people are still questioning the existence of postpartum depression, which is as real as the sun rises every morning.

In the postpartum days, I don’t want to take a bath, brush my teeth, or wash my hair. I always have chaotic thoughts in my mind. I look at the child and I feel sorry for her. That feeling is terrible.

Later, with family help and a healthy diet, I finally recovered.

Because of this feeling, I am determined not to have another life now.

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In fact, there are many such examples,

Postpartum depression is like a

The cold-blooded killer lurking in her mother,

It may break out at any time!

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A woman who has experienced childbirth is a warrior who has returned from the battlefield.

In addition to the dangers of childbirth, there is pain,May also have postpartum depression

Women are not easy, please cherish it!