We often say:


A gentleman's wealth is a good way.


But just recently,

There are also Chinese in Australia for money

Challenge the red line of the law...


1, The "money shutter" of Chinese car repair shops

The Chinese are famous for being smart.

Chinese are also good at doing business overseas.


But smart can’t be used in the wrong place,

If you get confused about this kind of thing,

The ending may be like this Chinese...

(Image source: Daily Telegraph)


Self-righteous "little clever"

But he sent himself to prison!


So what exactly did he commit that would be arrested in public?


Things have to start from last year...


The arrested Australian Chinese in the picture above is named Yin Yong (Yong Yin). He runs a car repair shop called DY Smash Repairs in Homebush West, Sydney. Although the business is not booming, it is fairly stable. stable.


Until he met a Chinese man named Yizhe He (transliteration),


Tell him that I found one

A good way to make money,

Ask Yin Yong if he wants to do it together!



Make money shutter? !


Yin Yong heard,

I was immediately moved,

He agreed.


It didn't take long for a "business" to come!


On this day, He Yizhe is located in Concord West

A damaged car came from the dealership,

The owner is a white man.


(Photo source: Internet)

The owner said to He Yizhe that his Holden Astra car accidentally hit a pillar and was damaged. He asked him to help repair it.


The car itself is not expensive,

But the repair cost is not low;

And because I hit the pillar,

There is no insurance premium compensation,

Zero zero finally cost a lot of money.


Therefore, He Yizhe put forward a "good suggestion" to the owner:


If you buy an Allianz for this car

Or QBE’s comprehensive auto insurance,

Then we have covered the repair fee!
It doesn't cost you a penny!



Is there such a good thing in this world? The owner immediately took He Yizhe's words and purchased Allianz's auto insurance, waiting for the result of this "free car repair".


Not long after, Allianz Insurance Company received a call saying that an Astra car and a Mini Cooper had collided and asked them to come over to settle the claim.


As a result, the insurance company's assessor came to the scene to assess the losses of the two cars.


Just this Mini Cooper,You can get an insurance premium of 4092 Australian dollars!


Counting the insurance premium for that Astra car is a lot of money.


This matter and the Yin Yong we mentioned above

What does it matter?


In fact, the Mini Cooper that collided with the Astra was arranged by Yin Yong.


(Photo source: Internet)


He and He Yizhe joined forces and deliberately caused a car accident in which two cars collided so as to claim a higher insurance premium from the insurance company.


In addition, I am a car repairer, and it doesn't cost a lot of money to repair the car. If you do this, you can make a lot of money!


Treat Yin Yong and He Yizhe as their "little cleverness"

When complacent,

But I didn't know I had fallen in

In a huge trap!


2, The fishing law enforcement will catch the best!

It turned out that the person who came to He Yizhe at first

Astra car owners are not “innocent and cheat” customers at all



Undercover police!


(Photo source: Internet)

The two Chinese, He Yizhe and Yin Yong, worked together to create a car accident fraud, and this undercover policeman from the NSW Police Department knew everything well.


They also monitored Yin Yong's phone call and discovered that he had spoken with He Yizhe on the phone before the car accident and told him:


(Image source: Daily Telegraph)


"You have to be careful. But you also have to crash it (the car), so that you can report that the car is scrapped. If it is just scratched, you will lose too little money. But you must also be careful not to get hurt. It's not worth it."


(Image source: Daily Telegraph)


But these two Chinese with small calculations never expected that their words and deeds were under the control of the police, and everything they did was pushing themselves into the fire pit.


On August 8 last year, after the police obtained sufficient evidence, they came to Yin Yong's car dealership and arrested him; of course, the mastermind He Yizhe did not escape the law.


This Monday (January 1), YinThe case of Yong's deception was opened in Campbelltown District Court. He admitted all his crimes and accepted the court's decision.


(Image source: Daily Telegraph)


In sentencing, the local judge Shane McAnulty severely criticized Yin Yong's behavior and claimed that because of his and He Yizhe's deception, many innocent people may have to "pay the bill" for it!


(Image source: Daily Telegraph)

"Whenever someone makes a false claim to an insurance company, it is actually everyone who has paid road taxes, insurance premiums and other expenses that pay the price."


According to data from the National Insurance Regulatory Authority, the situation of fraudulent claims is severe, causing more than A$4 million in losses to NSW drivers every year.



In the end, Yin Yong was sentenced to a 15-month strengthening amendment order and 150 hours of community service work.


He also asked him to return all the money obtained from fraudulent insurance to Allianz Insurance Company.


Yin Yong’s defense lawyer said: “In the past few months, Yin Yong has been seriously affected by this incident: he lost his weight, stopped working, felt unprecedented pain and embarrassment, and regretted it...”


If I had known this, why did I have to?


He could have sat in his own car repair shop business in peace, but in order to be greedy for a little profit, he listened to the slander of "hupengoyou" and committed illegal and criminal stupid things, ruining his reputation and future.



At last,

Still the old saying:


Don't pick sesame seeds or lose watermelon!


Especially in a country where the law is intolerant like Australia,

Once you touch the bottom line of the law,

No one can save you!