Just now! Australia broke the world record!

When our relatives and friends in China are still playing in the snow,

High temperatureThe whole of Australia is melting hot!

Even the weather map is so hot!

Come see!

According to Australian media just reported, this week,Australia has swept the 15 hottest locations in the world in one fell swoop...

Yes, global

It's so domineering, it's all contracted

Look at the temperature record again, it's so good

Most of the XNUMX and octaves of a water are concentrated in South Australia

If you don’t have a 45℃+, you’re embarrassed to come out and see people

In contrast, Melbourne’s temperature today

Compared with her relatives in South Australia

This feeling is like driving a Changan Benben

It’s the same as attending a supercar party

How hot has Australia been in these two days?


The highway melted...

Driving on such a road,

For a minute, I feel like a big bug stuck...

In South Australia,

Someone died from the heat...

Felicity Shadbolt, 36, is the mother of twins.

I usually love sports and go hiking when I have time.

Who knows, go hiking on a hot day,

Never againFailed to come back, These lovely twins also lost their mothers forever,

In Victoria,

The car has become a real oven...

A young man from Mildura, Victoria, at around 11 o'clock on Tuesday morning,

Discharge the cattle into the car,

When he came back for inspection at 4pm,

Found that the steak has been cooked!


Just pick up a knife and fork to eat!

I can eat it!

This is all in the Australian media,


"Steak left in the car for a few hours, directly from rawAll cooked"

Still in Victoria,

Tap water has turned into a mysterious color...

According to The Age report, residents of Avenel in the north of Melbourne discovered that the water released from their tap recently was no longer clear tap water, but a suspiciously colored liquid...

Looking at this weird yellowish brown, does it remind you of anything? It must be Coke, right? !

Anyway, according to the investigation, it is the high temperature that caused serious problems in the water supply system in the area, which caused the water to change to this color...Although experts have repeatedly ensured that the water is ok and completely drinkable, none of the local residents believe... …

Hmm...Victoria is indeed the food capital of Australia...not only grilled steak, but also coke...

Very good, today I just need to sprinkle some cumin on himself, then take a cup of tap water and sit in the car, and it will be a perfect barbecue...

In such a high temperature, even Australia's temperature map has undergone strange changes...

Usually, the temperature map of Australia is like this

The darker the red, the higher the temperature

In a slightly hotter summer, it will look like this

However, in the past two days, the temperature map of Australia is like this! ! !

Red and purple!Purple blackening! ! !

Meteorologists have said that this is "extremely high temperature they have never seen before"! ! !

In such a high temperature, if you are not fully prepared, you will be heated up in minutes like the poor mother mentioned above.dead!

Even people can be killed by heat, not to mention wild animals...

Across Australia, a large number of wild animals fell to the side of the road and dried directly into dried meat...

On weekdays, the bats that come out at night become insane and start to attack humans frequently!

According to ABC reports, in some areas of Australia, one person is bitten or scratched by a bat every two days, and two of the wounded were infected with similar infections.Rabies virusOf

Bats infect the virus!

Once it happens, there is no cure!

In some areas, health authorities have even issued warnings about bats attacking humans!

Today, brother is here to remind you that once you encounter a bat, please do not touch it and leave as soon as possible!

And when we are struggling in the heat, what are the domestic friends doing...

Line 8... I really don’t know what to say today, who made us so hot in Australia... How about live-streaming a grilled steak in the car...