Australian patients New Year's Eve

Waiting to die in a public hospital!

Can't afford to get sick in Australia!

Netizens said:

"Small illness is over,

Bought a plane ticket to return home

However, in China,

Some people went bankrupt due to illness,

"72 days in hospital,

Sell ​​two suites"...

Netizen: Both countries have their own advantages and disadvantages in medical treatment.

It should be treated rationally.

Although Australian public hospitals need to wait,

But it is also for the fair distribution of medical resources,

If you don’t want to wait,

Buy private insurance at this time,

Becomes especially important.

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The man lives in the hospital on New Year's Eve
On New Year’s Eve, a male patient in Canberra,Waiting to die in a public hospital!
On New Year’s Eve, it was a reunion of relatives and friends, full of joy and laughter,

But the illness was not absent because it was the New Year.

Many people rushed to the hospital to see the emergency department because of illness.

There are many patients in the emergency department of Calvary Hospital in Canberra, and everyone is waiting anxiously for the doctor in the waiting room.

Jenny is also one of them. From afternoon to night, she hasWaited for 5 hours with the child!

Jenny noticed curled up in the corner of the waiting room

A man in his 40s,


Same as her,

I don't know how long I waited.

Suddenly, this man in his 40s,

Collapsed to the ground!


Talk to yourself!

Suspected of death on the spot!

Another female patient sitting beside him exclaimed and pressed the alarm.

Soon after, a team of rescuers arrived and did it for the man who may have died.CPR, And then moved him to the emergency room.

But everything is in vain, the man still

Unfortunately died!

The man's blood still remains on the floor of the waiting room, but this man has left the world forever!

According to witness Jenny,

This poor man died sitting on a chair! People thought that he was safe when he got to the hospital, but he was still alive and waiting!

On New Year's Eve, the patient was alive and waiting in the waiting room!

Netizens exploded in an instant!

"Australian healthcare must be thoroughly reformed"

"The Three Treasures of Australia: Incompetent conquest, hospital waiting to die, infrastructure through crossing"

"What do you want with free things? Didn't the ancestors tell you that cheap goods are not good?"

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Australian medical complaints
In fact, it is not a day or two for Australia's medical treatment to be complained about. Such "medical accidents" also happen frequently. In 2017, a female patient in Sydney came to the hospital because of suspected appendicitis. But sheWaited seven hours in the hospital, Tortured to death by illness!

In 2016, 5-month-old Kelsey unfortunately suffered from severe eczema. He always wanted to scratch with his hands, but he had bleeding many times.

When the anxious mother Alexandra Dean Kelsey went to see a dermatologist, she was told

You have to wait a year to see a doctor.

"South Australian patients have been waiting for several years for simple surgery"

The patient endured severe pain, waited until she collapsed, and washed her face with tears all day long, begging God to take her away!

If you want to see a doctor in Australia, except for the long wait without knowing the end,Misdiagnosis is also common

Some people treat healthy people as cancer patients and desperately undergo chemotherapy.

"NSW woman was misdiagnosed as advanced liver cancer and forced to undergo chemotherapy for 6 months"

There are also cases of misdiagnosis that make the patient's condition worsening and difficult to treat.

"Australian man was misdiagnosed for 3 times of heart disease, causing unconsciousness and loss of 3/4 of his heart function"

"Australian woman was miserable by a quack! Brain cancer was misdiagnosed as conjunctivitis and was told that she would not survive this summer"

What's more, there will be direct deaths!

"The misdiagnosis of a quack doctor in the Chinese district of Sydney was confirmed by the coroner!

Diagnosing heart disease as flu led to the tragic death of a Chinese man at home! "

Long queue time, minor illnesses are not good, serious illnesses are not good!

Seeing a doctor in Australia, I really felt like tears!

When Li Bingbing came to Australia, he also said, "I miss the medical staff of the motherland so much".

Netizens also showed up and talked about Australian medical treatment.

"I saw GP search Google with my own eyes"

"Doctors are too poor, misdiagnosis often occurs"

"When I arrived at the hospital, I waited overnight. The doctor came and said to drink more water when I went home.

"The last time my husband had stitches for his trauma, the doctors were in a hurry...and left his wounds for several hours."

"Every time I go to the hospital to see the emergency, I have to wait 4-5 hours."

"I think something is not because there is no doctor, but because they have formed a habit"

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Suffer from minor illnesses, return to China
It is inevitable to have some minor illnesses and disasters in life.

The Chinese in Australia came up with such a method,

"Small illnesses are over, but serious illnesses buy a plane ticket to return home"

"Chutian Metropolis Daily" also reported,

"International students get together during the winter vacation and return home for medical treatment"

The Chinese student under the pseudonym Zixuan has worked and lived in Canada for many years. Because there was a lump in the chest, I hurried to see a doctor in the hospital, but the local hospital said that the operation would take three months.

The lumps were getting bigger and bigger, and Zi Xuan became more and more anxious, so anxious, she had to buy a plane ticket and return home for medical treatment.

Back home, hospitalizedMinimally invasive surgery was performed the next day and was discharged a week, Has now fully recovered.

Xiaoxi, who studied in Australia, has a similar experience. After returning home to straighten his teeth, he said that the domesticThe cost is less than one-third of Australia

According to the "Chutian Metropolis Daily" report, oral, dermatology, and ophthalmology are popular departments for overseas students returning to China for medical treatment.

China Overseas Chinese Network also reported,

"Foreign medical treatment can't afford to be injured, Chinese students who flew away reluctantly returned home for medical treatment"

Xiao Yi, who was studying in the United States, suffered from gallstones, but the local hospital told him that he would have to wait in line for 4 months for the operation, and the operation cost would cost 4-6.

Xiao Yi, whose pain was unbearable, could not wait. After discussing with his family,Dafei's return home treatment


Chinese doctors have good skills and the speed of emergency treatment is online. Even foreign friends have personal experience.

British engineer Alex Brake works in China. In an interview with People's Daily Online, he said that if he is injured in the emergency department in the UK, he will wait a long time if the injury is not important.

But this is not the case in China.

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"I was hospitalized for 72 days, and I sold two houses"
Domestic medical treatment is fast, doctors are skilled, and medical treatments are cheap.

But got a serious illness in China,It is very likely to be a devastating blow to a family

Recently, an article entitled "I sold two houses for 72 days in the hospital: No illness or disaster is the biggest real estate" which blasted my circle of friends.

The author’s friend’s mother was admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital because of a cerebral hemorrhage.


After 72 days of rescue,

Spent more than 130 million,

Sold two sets,

In the end, she failed to keep her mother's life.

Anyone who knows a little about the intensive care unit (ICU) will be shocked by the high price.

Complicated and sophisticated instruments, patients who survive in pain, doctors in a hurry.

Every second is fighting with death, and every second is consuming the blood and sweat of a family.

The Yangcheng Evening News reported that

"Once I entered the ICU, I used up my savings for ten years and two months"

"Yangcheng Evening News" reported that the daughter of Xiao Yang and his wife was two years old and five months old.

Stayed in the Child Critical Care Unit (PICU) for two months,

It actually exhausted their ten-year savings,

Also borrowed a lot of money from relatives and friends.

A large stack of documents showed that the couple had already spent more than 20 yuan.

Not only the ICU, but the general departments also charge surprisingly.

Not long ago, a bill from Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University blasted the circle of friends.

61 days of hospital stay,

A total of 104 million was spent!

It is not only expensive to see a doctor, but also expensive to stay in hospital, and it is also difficult for ordinary people to afford many special therapeutic drugs.

Last year's "I'm Not the God of Medicine" by Baping revealed this naked reality.

The hard-to-find medicine in the movie is Glenin, a medicine for the treatment of chronic myelogenous leukemia. Genuine Glenin, if not included in the local medical insurance, will cost one year of treatment.Need as much as 30!

Live,Not only has to compete with the god of death, it has even become a contest for the family

Some people can go bankrupt and survive. I don’t know how many people still have. They don’t have two houses to sell, they can’t spend hundreds of thousands of millions, and they can’t even afford the "pirated drugs" purchased by India.I can only die in despair in the struggle

44-year-old Ye Zilin has been in bed for 8 months, his medical insurance is out of touch, he has no savings, and lost his job. He has reached the point where he can't afford to be sick.

The illness made her feel painful, but what was even more sorrow in her heart was that her 7-year-old daughter grew up overnight and begged countless times:

"Mom, or sell me,

Sell ​​it to the rich, and the money will cure you! "

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Australia has a sound medical system and advanced medical research
Looking at Australia again, although the GP's voice has never been cut off, it is far away from us to look down on the illness.

A small green card allows you to see a doctor, check up, and treat for free in public hospitals.

You can also enjoy government subsidies if you buy drugs that are covered by medical insurance.

For example, the sky-high price in "I'm Not the God of Medicine" only costs 39.3 Australian dollars. If you still hold a low-income card or senior citizen card, then only 5.5 Australian dollars!

With a Medicare card, even if you go11 member statesTravel or residence,

OkFree doctor!

Fully enjoy the same basic medical treatment as Australia!

It's so easy to use for tears in the wind~

Similarly, Australia is also31 countriessignedInternational Social Security Agreement.

It is guaranteed that after Australian residents retire, they can live in any of these 31 countries.

Even if the person is not in Australia,

Can still receive their own pension,

No need to worry at all,

Own incomeregional restriction!


As for the complaints:

In public hospitals, the wait is always long. . .

In fact, there may also be some misunderstandings.

Australia’s universal health insurance just ensures that everyoneThe most basic medical insurance

As the saying goes: there is no free lunch in the world~

Although it does not cost money to see a doctor in a public hospital, the decision to see and treat a doctor is in the hands of the hospital.

The influx of immigrants and the rapid increase in population;

Australia is aging and many chronic diseases need long-term treatment;

The free public hospital beds are often occupied in large numbers.

And medical resources are limited, so many people come to share a piece of bread,

The hospital must want to changeDistribute reasonably to those who need it most

So in public hospitals, the priority of treatment,

Also followSeverity of illnessTo deal with it.

Also because of this, as a patient, you cannot choose

When to be hospitalized, how to treat,

Or appoint a doctor. . .

But another way of thinking, this is also very fair!

Because no matter who you are, there is no green channel,

Those in line still have to line up.

Of course, if you don’t want to wait and are not afraid to spend money, you can

Buy private insurance,

Smuggled hospitals,

Come in exchange for a convenient one for yourself~

Private doctor and GP completelycan choose.

Almost all inFirst treatment

In Australia, the number of public hospitals and private hospitals is almost the same.

△Australian government AIHW agency (pictureFilm source: network)

And the government has beenEncourage Australians to buy private health insurance

Because private insurance can get some services that are not available in the public system, such as

Avoid waiting too long for treatment.

canChoose experts or hospitals independently.

Or havePrivate ward,

Better foodMore complete facilities

△ lifehacker

As of March 2018, Australians who have purchased private medical insurance,

Close to the total population45.8%

This figure is an increase of nearly 1999% from 31% in 15.

△ lifehacker

For the sake of peace of mind, most Chinese actually attach great importance to purchasing private insurance.

Also in itEnjoy a lot of medical benefits

Like the following Chinese, he shared his wife’s experience of giving birth in a private hospital:

"When my wife was pregnant, she discovered that the private hospital was indeed very timely, humane and attentive. A lot of things happened during her pregnancy, including emergency surgery, hospitalization, and premature delivery.

Private doctors can respond almost immediately.

We were looking for the best doctor we know here. The operation was scheduled within one week. For premature birth, the doctor on duty was called within 2 hours. The doctor in charge arrived while he was on vacation.

Although it is more expensive to go to the clinic to see a doctor, it is trueTimely enough

And the cost of more than one month of hospitalization for fetuses turned out to be 0!

Australia’s universal insurance and private insurance have combinedAll expenses are reimbursed

Including ICU, ward (single ward, except for beds, it can basically be considered as a three-star hotel level),

Six meals a day (yes, breakfast and morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, dinner and supper total six meals),

Husband’s night and meal expenses (I can only enjoy dinner and supper at work, and I don’t like dessert as a supper, so I basically only have dinner, but my wife will order an extra lunch to pick out what she likes.),

There are even physical therapists (the nurse took the initiative to make an appointment because I was worried about my wife’s muscle atrophy because of bedtime).

After the baby was born, he stayed in the hospital for more than a month, including 2 weeks of NICU. It was justTwo or three hundred Australian dollarsEven I feel that it is because the transfer did not transfer the private insurance information, otherwise it can be reimbursed.


So, Australia’s universal health insurance,

To put it bluntly, it only ensures the most basic medical treatment. But if you pursue is

More and faster convenience and benefits,

It is quite indispensable to buy private insurance in Australia.

In addition, although public hospitals may not allow you to be hospitalized if there are no major problems,

But as long as you are hospitalized, you will never be discharged if you are not cured.

At this time in the hospitalResponsible for persistence, It's also worth our praise~

In addition to the relief in the hospital,

If there is an emergency to save the dead and heal the wounded, it is even more unlikely that the hospital will ignore it.

You see, this large lawn behind Monash Hospital is reserved forEmergency helicopterCome and stop at any time!

To save people the fastest!

Let’s talk about the level of Australian doctors~

You know, Australia’s most popular profession,专科医生It is definitely the most advanced.

△Australian Taxation Office data (FigureFilm source: network)

And in Australia,The most difficult one is the medical school.

Like the acceptance rate of Harvard Medical School3.3% per year.

butUniversity of SydneyThe admission rate of the medical school is actually higher than that of HarvardEven higher! !

△Crimson Education

So, Australian doctors are fromTop-notchSelected from among the students,

It's really not an exaggeration!

The professional capabilities of most doctors,

It's definitely a leverage~

According to the Australian government AIHW agency census:

Due to advanced Australian medical (public + private) and doctors' level,

The average age of Australians has been increasing~

Show everyone a set of data:

From 2013 to 2014,

Australia’s average life expectancy,
Male from80.1 years old to 80.3 years old.

Female from84.3 years old to 84.4 years old;

And in 2016,

Australia’s average life expectancy,

Male reached80.4 years old.

Women also rose to84.6 years old

△Australian Government AIHW Agency

Australia's medical research is also leading the world, and it has been repeatedly opened, and news that shocks the world will be released from time to time."Cancer is expected to be completely cured,

Researchers announced the discovery of "cancer killer"

△ABC (pictureFilm source: network)

"Scientists have developed new ways to treat osteoarthritis,

Hundreds of millions of patients worldwide will benefit from this. "

△Daily Mail (pictureFilm source: network)

"Australian Chinese scientists orConquer leukemia!

New drugs will be launched soon to "melt" cancer cells! "

△ABC (pictureFilm source: network)

"Melbourne medical staff have developed trial drugs,

Or it can prevent and delay the growth of lung tumors! "

△SMH (pictureFilm source: network)

"Australia has developed a new cancer detection method,

Results are available in just ten minutes. "

△SBS News (PictureFilm source: network)

Australia leads in medical research,

Everyone, everyone,

But public hospitals have a long waiting time,

And to get faster and better service,

Everyone buys private insurance,

Becomes especially important!

The level of domestic doctors is high, and medical treatment is quick,

But treatment of severe illness is expensive.

There are advantages and disadvantages in the medical treatment of the two countries,

What do the friends think?

all in all,


Not as good as a healthy body.

Information: Daily Mail, ABC, SBS News, SMH, Crimson Education, lifehacker, Australian Government AIHW Agency,, Zhihu

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