The cause of the Australian giant street sign dropped has been found! It turned out to be because of missing parts

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

During the construction process, this steel plate was omitted. Later, two other road signs under inspection were found to have the same problem.

On August 1的事故中,一名司机受伤,一份来自Transurban的初步报告发现,三个龙门架都缺少关键部件。在那之后,有关已经移除了那两个龙门架上的两个路牌。

(Image source: Herald Sun)

In fact, these street signs did not deteriorate, but they were taken down as a preventive measure.

Design guidelines for the three gantries built during the CityLink Tulla widening project, Steel plates must be installed inside them to strengthen the connection between metal and street signs.


These components, called stiffeners, were supposed to be installed in the gantry, and VicRoads staff is unlikely to find this problem during the initial inspection.


Before making a final statement on the cause of the collapse,们将可能导致坍塌的其他因素。

Video :

[video idth=”1280″ height=”720″ mp4=”″][/video]

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