A Chinese tutor in Sydney accused of rape of 18-year-old girl

The victimized girl is still his student for many years!

Is mental illness really a universal amulet?

Sydney Chinese tutors raped their 18-year-old students,

He later argued that he was mentally ill and was fined $10000 and then released on bail!

On January 1th, the Hornsby Magistrates Court in Sydney opened a trial of a rape case, one from Chatswood, Sydney34-year-old Chinese tutorZhifan Song (Zhifan Song) was accused of using a sleeping pill named rohypnol to rape his 10-year-old female student in October last year. rohypnol is a sleep aid drug, known as"Dating rape drug".

The victim claimed that she was sexually assaulted when she went to an academy on Neridah St in Chatswood to find Song Zhifan for tuition on October 10 last year. Song Zhifan had been her tutor for many years before that.