A big event happened in Perth on Saturday!

At the exit of Perth Airport, there are many people carrying cameras waiting silently...

Wait until 11 o'clock in the evening,

Finally, a mighty group of people walked out of the arrival gate!

They turned out to be Zhang Ziyi, Xie Na, Yuan Anyi, Zhang Jiani, Bao Wenjing!

Xie Na and Bao Wenjing walked ahead happily.

Zhang Ziyi wore a hat and sunglasses and then appeared low-key.

There are also Yuan Yongyi and Zhang Jiani.

And they came to Perth to film the second season of the variety show "Wife's Romantic Travel"!

It’s very interesting because Perth is really hot,

The stars bought popsicles to eat as soon as they got off the plane!

At the airport, there is also an Australian uncle fan shouting Zhang Ziyi excitedly!

In addition, the wife group’s hut in Perth is very beautiful!

Happy friends in Perth,

Recently, I have chance to meet celebrities when I go out!