The insider should contact the police quickly!

At 8 o'clock last night, the Victorian Police released a message that they were looking for a missing Chinese man Jia Jia.

According to information released by the police, the name of the missing man isJia Jia,this year34 years old.

The last time he appeared was at the end of December 2018,Near Mernda in Victoria.

His family and the police are very worried about his safety because heHas been missing for a monthIt was about, and there was no contact with his family during the period.

In the photo, this man looks very typical Asian. Single eyelid, short black hair.

Now his image has been posted on the official website of the Victorian Police,I hope someone can recognize him and provide clues about his whereabouts.

Anyone with relevant clues can call9407 3333Contact Mill Park Police Department as soon as possible.

Hope he can be found soon!

No 24 hours required for reporting
If you are very concerned about a person’s safety in Australia but don’t know where he is, you canReport to the police immediately, Make a missing person report,No need to wait more than 24 hours for missing persons.

One missingThe first 24 hours are the most important, The sooner the police follow the clues, the easier it is to find people and prevent some dangerous accidents from happening.

Any police station can report a crime
After the disappearance, you can go to where you areReport missing persons from any local police station.

Currently in Australia, only South Australian police accept telephone reports. If you are in another area but cannot report to the regional police station, you canCall the district police station to discuss the current situation.

In addition, Chinese citizens can also contact the Chinese Embassy, ​​and the country will help you as much as possible.

Try to be as detailed as possible
Tell the police the missing person as much as possibleDetails, Name, and contact information of friends. Medical insurance and passport information for missing personsEven any reason that worries you.

These can help the police investigate and find people faster.

Keep report records
Keep the police investigation numberThe name and rank of the police station and the police officer in charge are also very important.

These not only allow you to quickly provide the police with the latest clues, but alsoAvoid some special situations.

If you find a clue, please call the police as soon as possible!