A female student born after 95 was murdered in Melbourne! Followed and attacked next to the university! When she died, her clothes were messy... The girl used to study in Shanghai... The murderer is at large! Melbourne is not safe, protect yourself!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Today, a shocking news made the whole Melbourne tremble!

A post-95 female student studying in Shanghai,

Brutally murdered next to a university in Melbourne!

Now, the police suspect that she was stalked and attacked

And there is a possibility of being sexually assaulted...

Watch the detailed report together!

One body, one murder

The screams at the scene, hoarse...

2019 year 1 month 16 day,

Morning in Bundoora, North Melbourne, peaceful and peaceful

The daylight broke and the number of pedestrians on the road gradually increased

Suddenly, a scream broke all this!

Passers-by rushed to the place where the sound came,

Then I was stunned by the scene before me!

A young woman is lying on the ground,

The clothes are messy, unconscious, as if seriously injured,

By her side, three men are busy taking care of her

Not far away, a woman holding a shopping bag

Obviously frightened, beingScreaming hoarse...

(Location of the incident, from Dailymail)

The three men and the shopping girl were passing by,

When they found the victim girl, she seemed to be breathing,

However, despite her best efforts to save, she still failed to survive...

The police who arrived later determined that this was a trailing attack!

According to the police, the victim girl may have arrived in Bundoora on the 1 tram late at night on January 15.After the girl got off the bus, the criminal attacked her just a few meters away from the Bundoora Park/Plenty Road stop of the 86 tram!

At present, the police have isolated two crime locations there. They believe that the girl mayHe was attacked next to a tram stop and then dragged to the entrance of the parking lot...

(Location of incident)

The police said,When the girl was discovered, her clothes were disarray, she had lost consciousness (unresponsive), and might be sexually assaulted, They are investigating this. Dozens of agents have been involved in the investigation of this case, and they are conducting a carpet search of the crime scene.

Cute girl, terrible attack

When the incident happened, she was videoing with her family, and her phone suddenly fell to the ground...

This morning, local Australian media confirmed that it was Aia Masarwe, an Israeli female student who was attacked.

(The picture on the left is Aia)

In her early 20s, she is a girl who loves life, loves travel, and loves multiculturalism. Before the incident, she had just watched a comedy show in Melbourne.

Aia Masarwe studied Chinese and English at Shanghai University before his death. In the past few months, she participated in the exchange student program of La Trobe University in Melbourne.

The murder team agents believe that AiaTram 86 was tracked as soon as it got off.

Currently, Aia's relatives and friends are coming to Melbourne from Israel to identify her body. Aia’s classmates said that she was a very kind girl and many of her classmates could not sleep after the incident.

"She has been in Australia for six months and rented a small apartment next to La Trobe University. She was in a chat group with us,Yesterday, she did not reply to our news, we were all very nervous," the student said.

"It wasn't until yesterday evening that we discovered all this. None of us can accept...she is so good..."He said.

(Aia's photo before death, from Instagram)

"She loves life so much and is brave to challenge. She is such a positive person and lives happily every day..."The student said.

Aia's parents were so sad that they couldn't believe it. "We can’t believe it at all. We think Australia is safe and America is dangerous.”He told the media.

"At the time of the incident, she was video chatting with her sister... She was very happy, and then the phone suddenly fell to the ground! Her sister heard the voice... The phone was always on..." Aia's family told the media.

After the incident, many local residents said they couldn't believe it. "It has always been very quiet here. We never thought that such a thing would happen." said a nearby resident.

"There were many vehicles passing by where the incident occurred, and the lights would illuminate the roadside. It is hard to believe that such a tragedy would happen here," another resident said.

Many residents spontaneously went to the scene of the crime to send flowers and condolences to the deceased Aia.

, Not safe

This is by no means the first tragedy, and I am afraid it is not the last...

Although Melbourne has repeatedly won the title of the world's most livable city, unfortunately, tragedies similar to this case have occurred in Melbourne many times.

On March 2017, 3, at five in the morning, a 16-year-old girl who came to Melbourne to visit a friend was raped by a moron in the Melbourne CBD.

The idiot first approached the girl with a very aggressive attitude, praised her for being beautiful, and then asked her to drink in his own home. Not wanting to irritate the other party, the victim took a few words, but the other party got worse! Not only did he start following her, he started to touch her and even kiss her directly!

What's even more chilling is that the girl asked the tram passengers for help, but no one responded!

Out of fear, the girl pretended to get off the car and fled to a hospital. Who knows, the door of the hospital is closed...

The girl was desperately shut outside, and the suspect chased her from behind, knocked her to the ground, beat her, dragged her to the side of the grass and carried out several brutal and inhuman rapes. !

All this happened during the day! In the heart of Melbourne!

2018年6月13日,19岁的Jaymes Todd奸杀了22岁的澳洲喜剧演员Eurydice Dixon。

At the time, Eurydice Dixon also had just finished a comedy show and was attacked on the way home.

Still in June 2018, a drunk woman was taken into a car by a stranger next to a nightclub near Melbourne's CBD. Subsequently, the woman was sexually assaulted in the car and was not released home until the next day...

At present, the murder suspect is still unaccounted for and is likely to be active in La Trobe!

The police appealed to residents who passed through the area from the night of the incident (night of January 1) to the morning of January 15 to contact the police to provide clues, especially the owners of vehicles equipped with safety recorders, who can provide relevant videos.

We mourn for the innocent girl who passed away and may she rest in peace

In addition, Melbourne today solemnly reminds all readers to be safe at night and not to go home too late! In case of special circumstances, be sure to travel together!

If you have relatives and friends studying in Melbourne, please remind them!


From Penguin News

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