It's not over! Victorian electricity bills have risen wildly for the Nth time! It turns out ta is the original sin! The Australian government can't stand it anymore! Help you save money!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

watt? Australia's electricity bill has gone up again!

Soaring 38% from last year

So, can we still have a good summer? !

———————————— Nearly 50 degrees high temperature VS sky-high electricity bill———————————

The heat wave is coming!

This summer, the temperature in Victoria has soared, reaching 46 degrees Celsius!

(Source: 9 News)

Ran goose!

This is not the worst!

Are you too hot to turn on the air conditioner? !


Victoria’s electricity bill isrise!rise!rise!

The Australian报道称,维州2019年电力价格为每兆瓦时103.83澳元,与去年6月相比暴涨38%。南澳为每兆瓦时102澳元,新州和昆州分别为92澳元和80澳元。

(Source: TheAustralian)

In terms of natural gas

Melbourne rose 51%

Sydney up 45%

Brisbane up 32%

Adelaide rose 31%

Tears fell when I received the bill

——————————— Power plants shut down or become the culprit———————————

New data shows that wholesale electricity prices in Victoria have risen by 14% in the past year, which is much higher than the inflation rate and wage growth.

(Source: Herald Sun)

And all this stems from the closure of the Hazelwood Power Plant in 2017!

(Source: Network)

Hazelwood provides a quarter of Victoria's electricity needs each year. And because of its very high pollutant emissions, it is known as the “dirty” thermal power plant in Australia, so the government decided to close this power plant!

(Source: Network)

What is the impact of losing a strong pillar?

The wholesale cost of electricity is rising!

Residents' electricity consumption has naturally risen in a straight line!

According to calculations by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), electricity prices in Victoria have soared by 56% in the past decade, far exceeding inflation.

(Image source: network)

The average annual electricity bill per household is $1457, which is higher than the $07 in 08-1088.

(Source: Herald Sun)

———————————— The government takes action to control electricity prices————————————

Develop at this rate of increase

I'm afraid I'm going to eat chaanyancai in Tuao

I feel like my wallet is emptied!




at last! The Australian government has taken action!

In order to ensure that consumers receive stable electricity prices, major energy companies including AGL, Origin and Energy Australia have all been forced to abolish the "Loyalty" tax for loyal customers.

To a certain extent, this solves the problem of higher payment costs for many consumers due to the fixed use of a certain electricity supplier.

According to the Herald Sun, AGL promised to reduce electricity prices by 1.6% starting this year. Victorian households can save an average of $23 a year, and small businesses can save an average of $60 a year.

Gas prices for residential users will drop by 0.9%, and Victorian households can save an average of A$11 per year; gas prices for small businesses will drop by 1.2%, which can save an average of A$56 per year.

Origin will fix the price of electricity and gas for its homes and small businesses.

The default plan in Victoria and the customers who sign non-discounted contracts (standing and non-discounted contracts) will continue to enjoy the 26% discount; other customers will continue to enjoy the 17% discount.

Red Energy and Lumo Energy provide an automatic 10% discount for all standing offers for electricity customers.

(Source: Herald Sun)

At the same time, Australian Prime Minister Morrison said that the government is focusing on controlling large energy companies, while supporting new energy investment and seeking more reliable sources of power generation to ensure lower electricity prices.

Of course, the implementation of the policy will take some time.

While eating dirt, we still have to learn some tips for saving money.

1. The uSwitch comparison website is used!

The operation is very simple. Log on to the homepage of uSwitch website and click "start my energy comparison" to enter your own relevant information.

uSwitch will provide free money-saving advice based on your electricity usage, and recommend choosing a more cost-effective electricity supplier.

Similar sites include Energy Made Easy. What are you waiting for? Go and check yourself!

2. Check the "big three" who consume electricity at home



air conditioning!

This is the highlight!

It is recommended that you understand the price/performance ratio before purchasing new or second-hand furniture, which is not only convenient to use, but also reduces a certain amount of electricity bills.

Remember to turn off the power when not in use!

3. "Bargaining" with power companies

Can you "bargain" in Australia?


If your power company is yours, of course you can ask for a more cost-effective deal!

Just pick up the phone and tell them, "I'm comparing multiple products. Can you offer me a better price?"

You know, competition among power companies is also fierce. In order to compete for customers, they certainly do not want to lose your customer.

Did you get this wave of Sao operation?

More power saving tips,

Please leave a message to share!

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