"Why do we Australians drink Chinese mineral water? The Australian Open drinking water sponsor Baisuishan is a bit wronged?

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!


(Australian Open 2019)Again

In addition to the competition, this high-profile event

The most recent one"Chinese mineral water"Sponsor Event

Caused controversy in Australia.

"Australian Tennis Association"

Put Chinese brands"".

As the "official water for the Australian Open",

This move caused dissatisfaction among some Australians.

Some Australian netizens even said

"Why import mineral water from the most polluted countries?"

This incident was widely reported by Australian media,

"Water scandal"For the title

Feature film launched

[nextpage title="Chinese mineral water sponsor, Australians are not welcome?"] Chinese mineral water sponsor, Australians are not welcome?

The cause of the matter is like this...

Foreign media reporter Rachel Baxendale tweeted on Twitter after watching a game,

She questioned: "I bought a bottle of water at the stadium and found that the Australian Open officially designated water from China. Have we reached the point where we need to import bottled water?"

As soon as this Twitter came out, it instantly caused heated discussions and reposts from netizens.

Different netizens have different opinions,

Some think it is absurd, some think that the event itself should be viewed objectively...

Netizen: I don’t think China has clean water...

Netizen: The Chinese are eager to get quality food from Australia. Why should we import food from outside Australia instead?

Netizen: Is it because there are no dead fish in the water source of this brand of mineral water...

Some Australian netizens deliberately searched the water source address on the QQ map, indicating that the waters are not clean.

But another netizen discovered the inaccuracy of the map location...

Netizen: Out of curiosity, I checked the address of Ganten mineral water on QQMaps (Chinese map website, equivalent to google map). This is where they collect the water...

But soon, another netizen corrected that this was not where the water source was.

Netizen: Um... the address you searched is not accurate, it's just a corner of this village. But deforestation is also something worth discussing...

Some netizens said that this is just a sponsor and should not be aimed at the country for discussion.

Netizen: Would you complain if the water brand came from Italy? This comment is discriminatory and prejudiced against Chinese brands. All sponsors are not local to Australia, they come from various countries!

Netizen: So what? Every brand has the opportunity to become a sponsor. If you have time to discuss this, it is better to spend your energy on enjoying tennis!

Netizen: It's ridiculous, do you have no news to write about? I also saw news about sponsors coming from abroad last year. If you have an opinion on this matter, why not pay attention to it when attracting investment?

There are different opinions. Even Senator Derryn Hinch also expressed his opinion:

This naming proceeds should be very attractive, and the transaction value may be as high as millions of Australian dollars.

The celebrity Preston Towers said

"The anger of the people selling Chinese bottled water at the Australian Open is far greater than the situation when Evian mineral water was sponsored. But the reason is unknown."

[nextpage title=”The quality of mineral water in China is the worst. Is it unpatriotic if you don’t use local water?”]
The quality of mineral water in China is the worst. Is it not patriotic to use local water?

Foreign media conducted interviews with some Australians on the street, and some people still gave the answer that "Australian water should be used".

Some extreme locals even left messages on the website, criticizing the use of Chinese brands in the Australian Open as unpatriotic, and questioning why the event organizers did not use Australian brands.

The organizers of the Australian Open said,

The Australian Open is a global event that "has a long-term partnership with international brands".

And emphasized that "Baisuishan mineral water is a high-end brand, and it has cooperation with other large-scale tennis events and sports activities."

Jingtian Baisuishan Company was established in 1992 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China.

The company has more than 200 distributors worldwide and has sponsored the Australian Open since last year.

According to media reports, Jingtian Mineral Water formally signed an agreement with the Australian Open in October last year to become its global partner for a period of five years.

And each bottle4.50 Australian dollarsThe price is sold and available to players and staff.

Foreign media compared the packaging of Jingtian mineral water with the packaging of Yiquan mineral water, which sponsored the Australian Open in the early years, and believes that they have great similarities in packaging...

As a sponsor, its billboards can be seen everywhere.

Australian media also specifically introduced Jingtian Baisui Mountain.

The water source of Jingtian Baisui Mountain comes from the Chinese Nature Reserve, and is bottled by German engineers to ensure quality.

Although China is not known for spring water, it is expected that the bottled water market will grow by 2019% by 58.

In 2014, China's per capita consumption reached 50 liters, much higher than the average consumption of 32 liters in the Asia-Pacific region.


Since 2010, the market value has increased by 91% and reached US$2014 billion in 220.

But Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith believes: “China’s water pollution is serious, and China should stick to what it is good at and stay away from the water market.”

Smith believes that fresh food and water should be supplied by Australia. 

But some netizens think these comments are too critical.

Netizen: Chinese drinking water has passed Australia's drinking standards, and you still think you cannot accept this Chinese brand of mineral water. Then you should criticize Australian food standards, not Australian Open.

[nextpage title="Are there few Chinese brands in Australia?"]
Are there still few Chinese brands in Australia?

The establishment of Sino-Australian trade has made many things in Australia made in China.

Not to mention mineral water, China’s imports have involved various fields,

Many brands that Australians "live on" come from China. Whether clothes or food processing, many labels will be printed with big "MADE IN CHINA".

China is also Australia's largest trading partner in goods.

For Australians, the weird "national pride" is really a bit untenable.

In this regard, Chinese netizens also made a spit out of ways.

Netizen: Earlier news said that China's imports of New Zealand mineral water are plundering resources. Can't we send water? How fine is it!

Australians also claim that they "do not drink Chinese water" because of their patriotism!

If you think about it carefully, if you don’t use made in China, you probably won’t survive in Australia...

The small commodities that can be seen in kmart, whether it is a mobile phone or clothes, are printed with the "Made in China" logo.

Most of the clothing on the famous Country Road is also "Made in China."

In fact, many friends don’t know,Victoria’s railways are also made in China.

The Chinese company and the Australian Department of Public Transport signed a contract for the Victorian Government of Australia's High-Volume Metro Car (HCMT) project with a contract value of up to 20 billion Australian dollars.

[nextpage title=”Chinese brand rises!”]
Chinese brands rise!

Products made in China are ubiquitous and omnipresent in the world; China is also on the road of transition from "Made in China" to "Created in China".

We see that in the 2019 Australian Open, in addition to Baisuishan mineral water, the world's leading Chinese bedding brand Mousse also formally signed a contract with the Australian Open this year and became its official partner. At the same time, Mousse will also be the official partner of the Australian Open in 2018. Sponsored the Melbourne Horse Racing Festival.

Chinese TV brand TCL has sponsored the Australian Horse Racing Festival for more than ten years. All the screens on the horse racing festival are marked with the Chinese product TCL logo.

We are proud of these Chinese brands who dare to challenge world product standards and dare to go abroad! Because they are confident enough, they are not afraid to accept tests and doubts from all over the world!

Of course, we do not deny that there are some brands in China that need to be grown and improved. The environment in China does need to be improved. However, some Australian audiences overturned a boat in one shot, which is indeed biased, especially for some outstanding Chinese brands that are struggling. fair.

In addition, the editor also doubts whether Australian mineral water brands dare to stand up and sponsor such a big sports event? After all, it is for real money. The reason why you can see the Australian Open today, I believe that the sponsor's support is indispensable.

Australians’ rejection of Chinese brand sponsors,

Is the media incited?

Or is it out of national pride?

We don't know,

But as a big country,

I believe one day,

Quality and quality made in China

Will convince the people of the world

Welcome everyone to leave a message to show your point of view!

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