Expose genetically modified,

Report tax evasion in the entertainment industry...

Xiao Cui used his own power,

Did a lot of "crazy" things,

He is undoubtedly the present age,

The bravest Chinese man.

And in China today,

There is such a woman,

She was even crazier. The famous American scholar said:

If there are two of her in the world,

It is enough to destroy an entire country!

What she did made many people hate it!

She isWang Xuan

She was born in Shanghai in 1952,

My father is a judge in the district court,

It was later classified as'rightist'.

At the age of 17,

She was transferred to Chongshan Village in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province for renovation,

This is her father’s hometown,

It was not until 4 years later that he finally returned to the city,

Later, she was admitted to the English Department of Hangzhou University.

After graduation, I went back to Yiwu to teach for 8 years.

Later, I went to study at the University of Tsukuba in Japan,

She got all A grades,

Appreciated by many famous professors,

After graduation,

She got an excellent job in Japan.

But one thing happened in 1995,

Completely changed her destiny!

That day, she opened the "Japan Times" casually at home,

What caught my eye was this news:

The first International Symposium of Unit 731 was held in China,

Several Chinese farmers from Chongshan Village, Yiwu,

Ready to sue the Japanese government,

He was accused of using germ weapons during World War II.

This immediately activated her childhood memories,

A total of 8 relatives in her family died of germ warfare.

One of the uncles died particularly miserably,

Listening to the memories of the elders

Uncle screamed bitterly all night when he died,

In the end, the whole person curled up into a ball and became black...

Then she checked the information and found that

That real history,

It is far more extinct than she imagined!

Doctor of Medicine in JapanIshii Shirothink,

Japan is a country with small resources. In order to save costs,

The war should use the nuclear weapons of poor countries:


Under his advocacy, during World War II,

The Japanese army sent many troops to China,

Carry out the development of bacterial weapons,

And launched a germ war.

And the most notorious force among them,

Is led by Shijing ShiroUnit 731!

Unit 731 is rampant in China,

In order to do the so-called experiment,

They can treat fresh Chinese people,

Roast alive with high-heat air to get a muck;

They will deliberately put the buns injected with bacteria,

Give it to Chinese people.

If organs are needed,

They will trick children into the research room for an autopsy.

A member of Unit 731 recalled the dissection process like this:

A Chinese boy who was only twelve or thirteen years old was lying on the dissection table,

We put anesthetics on his mouth,

Then use a scalpel from him,

Take out the heart, intestines, stomach and other internal organs in turn,

When measuring, the internal organs are still moving...

In the process, the teenagers are still alive,

He watched as his body was hollowed out.

I thought he would die after taking the internal organs,

I didn't expect him to be alive,

So everyone started to peel off his scalp again,

Saw his head down...

In such an inhumane dissection,

They have not shown the slightest compassion,

A living Chinese child,

In their eyes, it's just a piece of meat!

It’s more cruel than that,

They even performed an autopsy on a pregnant Chinese woman,

After taking out the baby inside,

The baby was dissected again.

Such an inferior behavior,

Such a bloody and cruel truth,

It makes the scalp numb!

And the poison gas experiment is also terrible!

They would put a group of Chinese people in a glass house,

There are men and women, old people and children,

Then put in birds, groundhogs and other animals,

Open the airlock and observe the situation inside,

In the end, they concluded that:

Anyone who is poisoned with cyanic acid gas,

Without exception, it is bright red,

It was poisoned with mustard gas and blisters all over the body...

The life strength of the Chinese is about the same as that of pigeons.

When the pigeon died, the Chinese died.

To verify the test results,

They have launched germ warfare many times in China:

In 1943, the Japanese army spread cholera bacteria,

Caused Northwest Shandong, Hebei, Henan and other places,

exceed20 million peopleDeath.

From 1939 to 1945,

They are in Ningbo, Quzhou, Yiwu and other places in Zhejiang,

Sowing germs many times, causing230 million peopleSick,

Up to 65 deaths


Its severity is no less than the Nanjing Massacre!

And when Japan was about to surrender,

Demon Force 731 gave China a "great gift",

They killed all the prisoners with poison gas,

Then released a lot of fungal rats and fleas,

Caused the plague to ravage the land of China wildly,

A large number of innocent people died tragically.

The chemical weapons they left in China,

It has become a major safety hazard in New China:

Thousands of incidents have caused injuries.

However, after the war,

Troop 731, which is full of crimes,

Escaped the trial of justice!

Not only did the principal culprit Ishii Shiro not be sentenced,

Other members have gained both fame and fortune, and were entrusted with important tasks:

Someone who is the investigator of the textbook director of the Ministry of Education,

There is a deputy governor of Hokkaido,

And the president of Kyoto Prefecture Medical University, Japan



731 The Fate of Chinese SurvivorsIt's very different!

Although some people survived the germ warfare,

But the pain has tortured them all their lives,

Many people get rotten feet because of bacteria,

The wound is rotten to the bones, life is better than death,

Some people are unmarried for life,

Some people are discriminated against...

Asked about the feelings of these elderly victims,

Their first sentence is often like this:

"It's better to die."

More sadly,

China is the biggest victim of Japanese aggression,

Japan has not apologized to China so far,

Some conscience scholars from all over the world,

Are working hard to investigate the truth about the Japanese germ warfare,

The germ warfare is not over in China at all.

The victim’s wound was still bleeding,

But many of us Chinese have completely forgotten this...

Zhu Tuwen, a victim of the germ warfare in Quzhou, had a festering right leg for more than 70 years.

After reading all these real situations,

Wang Xuan cried, and a sense of mission emerged spontaneously.

She said firmly:

If you see it, you can't turn your back.

Sins like germ warfare,

Violates the basic ethics of human society,

Investigate it clearly, tell the truth to the world,

It is a kind of maintenance of the dignity of human life,

It is a moral reminder to the whole world!

So she resolutely gave up her work and life in Japan,

Join the investigation team of the germ warfare,

1996 years,

She went to the United States to attend a seminar on Sino-Japanese relations,

Encountered exposing to the world,

The legendary women of the Nanjing MassacreZhang Chunru.

The two agreed and became good friends.

Zhang Chunru

She also saw the American writer Harris,

The newly published book "Dead Factory",

The content in the book is all,

Interviews and secrets to members of Unit 731.

So she immediately took the book home,

And translated into Chinese and Japanese,

Let more people realize this dark history.

She also traveled around the world to collect evidence,

In 1997, she represented 180 victims,

Formally filed an appeal against Japan.

Unexpectedly, this was a long and tormenting process.

In 1997, Wang Xuan led the victims of the germ warfare to testify in Japan

She appeared in court29 times,

To know,

The elderly victims are in their XNUMXs or XNUMXs,

She took them to Japan alone,

One person takes care of their daily life,

One person is responsible for their safety,

Appeared in court 29 times,

She has experienced such a difficult process 29 times.

But she still went to court with perseverance,

The evidence was revealed, so that the Japanese could not argue.

Until 2002,

Japan finally announced the result of the first instance.

And the conclusion is:

"Individuals have no right to claim compensation from the government."

I lost the lawsuit, but it was her lawsuit,

For the first time, a Japanese court has fully determined that

The true history of the Japanese germ warfare,

The verdict wrote:

"I have to say that it was implemented by the old Japanese army,

The act of war,Is inhumane",

After the Japanese germ warfare,

It was officially written into Japanese textbooks!

After all these efforts, it should be enough.

But she felt it was not enough,

She insisted on fighting for the rights of the victims.

Appeared in court in 200511 timesRear,

The second-instance verdict was also announced, and she lost again.

But she still refuses to give up!

In 2005, she took another 10 Chinese elderly,

Walked into the Prime Minister's Office of Japan to petition,

She told each other:"I stand in front of you,

Neither represents the Chinese nor the Japanese,

I stand in front of you on behalf of a person.

The Japanese government should have the courage to admit its fault,

And actively investigate the truth. "

It is precisely because of her brave persistence,

Know it all over the world,

The ugly behavior of the Japanese army back then,

Among all the lawsuits brought by the Chinese against Japan,

The germ warfare lawsuit is the most powerful one.

Western mainstream media have made special reports on this.

She is a woman,

But fight against a country with one's own strength,

The strength is weak, but she has not given up.

2007 years,

It’s been her 11th year in the lawsuit against Japan.

However, the final judgment announced that she still lost the case...

Over the years, in order to fight lawsuits,

She has spent all her savings,

Several times she was alone in court, crying,

See the result and leave with tears.......

Even worse,

The victimized old man is leaving, and soon,

There is no one who witnessed the germ warfare in this world.

She sighed:"Time is the worst enemy,

It is also a weapon of the Japanese government. "

She had planned to go to the United Nations to appeal,

But because it is a private claim, hope is so slim.

That determined figure at the beginning,

Suddenly got older...

She was exhausted and fell asleep sitting on the subway in Japan at night

She is fluent in Japanese and English.

As long as she wants,

You can have a good job,

A stable life, why suffer these sufferings.

Can think of those innocent victims,

She rallied again,

On the one hand, looking for evidence to continue the claim,

On the other hand, doing public welfare in China,

Establish a civil organization for Chinese victims,

Hope that the victims can be rescued.

Her idea is pure, just hope,

Can let these victimized old people,

In the last stage of life,

Can have clean legs,

Put on clean socks,

Then walked out the door cleanly,

Leave this world without regret.

She also said: "People always think,

Our lawsuit is just a question of compensation.

I need to declare again,

The lawsuit is definitely not for money.

But to clarify the responsibility for war,

For the dignity of the country,

It is to settle this unforgivable evil. "

All victims, whether they are alive,

Still dead, all have the basic right to be human,

This is a fundamental value judgment problem,

Don't think that this can be measured and compensated by money. "

And it is under her constant promotion,

Zhejiang Province decided to expand the scope of medical assistance,

Investigations have been carried out in various affected areas.

Chief Scientist of National Trauma Research ProjectFu Xiaobing,

Chinese trauma therapy veteranXiao Yuruiand many more

All were pulled by her to treat patients with rotten feet,

Those who used the bacteria in those days were all Japanese medical doctors,

Now the top doctors in China are treating trauma,

A war started 70 years late,

"This is a Japanese doctor,

The war with Chinese doctors. "

And the desperate victims finally saw hope,

They were sent to the hospital one after another,

Receive the best treatment,

Bad feet that have never been cured before,

Finally cured!

Not only that,

She also worked hard to repair the black hole of history for China,

There are too few Chinese scholars investigating germ warfare.

She once felt very puzzled:

Why is there no need for people to explore the truth?

Why do people easily forget the scars!

So she organized a team of college student volunteers,

To conduct field investigations across the country,

Interviewed more than 900 patients with bacterial warfare feet,

After 10 years, it was published,

Oral History of Germ Warfare"The Year of the Great",

This is the first private survey of Chinese people.

She will spend half of her life,

All spent on the investigation of the germ warfare,

But the verbal abuse from the outside world never stopped.

The Japanese right-wingers scolded her.

But even some Chinese are scolding her,

Some people ridiculed her in a lawsuit with the Japanese government,

It is that the egg hits the stone, and it is not at its own discretion;

Someone maliciously guessed her,

The reason for doing so desperately,

I just want to get huge benefits from behind,


But these people don’t even know,

As a folk scholar to investigate,

Has no income,

One has no salary, two has no unit, three has no title,

She sleeps in the simplest office,

The red face became lean and lean,

She also chooses the cheapest hotel to stay in.

And there is almost no aid from China,

No one is willing to spend money on this,

On the contrary, some friendly Japanese people have come forward to donate.

When "The Year of Tabei" was published,

She received a total of 20 draft fees,

She was short of money, but she immediately gave it away.

Donated to colleagues of civil investigators.

Such a Chinese woman,

Not admiring it!

Wang Xuan is now 66 years old,

Her health is not good and her life is not good,

There was a time,

She almost broke down,

Qiu Mingxuan, the researcher of the Quzhou germ warfare, died.

Zhang Chunru who exposed the Nanjing Massacre committed suicide by swallowing a gun.

She has also asked herself countless times:

Do you want to continue doing this?

In the end, she came up with this answer:

Deliberately conceal the sins of the past,

It is the evil that is happening.

In order to keep the germ warfare from being buried in history,

In order to seek justice from Japan,

In order to leave the voice of the victim in history,

Someone must do it!

So, she who is thin,

Now I have not stopped running.

Harris, the famous American historian,

In the Chinese version of "Death Factory",


"Wang Xuan is a truly patriotic Chinese,

She fought all her life for a just cause.

She is the loud horn of justice! "

Harris also spoke highly of:

"As long as there are two Chinese women like Wang Xuan,

You can sink Japan! "

And the husband who knew her best said:

"Wang Xuan has only one channel.

The germ warfare is everything to her,

She just has a spirit:

People all over the world must put aside what they are doing,

Stop, listen to her,

What kind of evil is germ warfare!"

In this age of materialism and cynicism,

It’s easy in this Chinese,

The era of collective forgetting and pain,

She stood up bravely,

Although the strength is meager,

But after a thousand catastrophes without compromise,

Fight against a country with one's own strength,

To expose the worst thing of mankind!

Where the Tao is,

Although thousands of people rebelled against it,

Although thousands of people fear it,

I am going!

Wang Xuan is one,

A woman representing human conscience and justice,

She is like Cui Yongyuan,

Bravely shouting fighters,

She is even more of an indomitable Chinese!

Such a brave and strong Chinese woman,


She deserves to be known by more people,

Worthy of all of us Chinese,

My highest tribute to her!