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Spring blossoms, everything recovers, and it's the season for animals to estrus, and I, Shen Wei, a 52-year-old scavenger of the right age, have ushered in a wave of gadfly in heat this spring.

They rushed to the beach from all over the country like tides, carrying cameras, video cameras, and tumultuous hearts. They chased and intercepted the subway station where I lived and the streets where I was picking up rubbish.

They flock to me, worship me, love me!

The man said he wanted to write a book for me, and the woman said he wanted to marry me.

They came with the sincerity of white prostitution.

When they left, they only waved their mobile phones without taking away any rubbish.

Then they put me online, and then I becameMaster of Chinese Studies, Wandering Master, Master of Jinshu.

Behind these dazzling titles is my epic and legendary life: I graduated from Fudan University and learned a wealth of five cars; I came from a well-known family, I have a gentle and charming wife, and a pair of loving children; later because of a tragic car accident , My wife and children were all dead, and I was the only one who lived unscathed in the world; from then on, I saw through the world, with infinite mourning for my wife and children, I moved from the downtown area to the alleys and took pleasure in scavenging waste.

Then, I became a famous Internet celebrity, and it was the kind of popular one!

After knowing all this, I smiled dizzy by the trash can.

Don't ask me what I laugh, what else can I laugh? I just wanted to hide my embarrassment.

All making friends who don’t pick up trash is a hooligan. You hooligan masters, what are you going to do? You listen to me:

I am not a master, I am not!

I have never read Fudan University, I have not read it!

I have never been married, no wife, no children, I haven't!

Hong Chen is very broken, but I didn't see it, don't rely on me!

I am an ordinary citizen who picks up rubbish, not as high-end, big-time and high-end as you say.

Let me go, I beg you masters of the gadfly.


Although I am not a master, I am also a person with a story.

I like reading, especially history and Chinese classics. I like calligraphy, opera and symphony. I have studied at university (not at Fudan University), and I had a decent job at the Xuhui District Audit Bureau.

But what does this mean?It can only show that my life is a total tragedy, and I actually fell to the point of picking up rubbish.

My tragic life can be traced back to my family education.

I was born in 1967 and a native of Shanghai. My father was a well-known undergraduate student majoring in navigation in the 60s. But when it comes to educating children, the father has made the mistakes many parents are making now. He always likes to kidnap his children in the name of love.

I originally liked painting and history, but he thought it was a bad job, and I was not allowed to touch the two. I wanted to buy a book, but he would never allow it. In order to make money for books, I can only pick up rubbish and exchange money.

As a result, I picked up rubbish and was regarded by my father as a shameless and shameful performance.I was sent by my father to live with my grandmother when I was very young, and my family relationship became more and more indifferent.

Why did I join the Audit Bureau later? It is because of the power of the father. My university and major were selected according to my father's strong requirements, saying that after graduation, I can be a civil servant and serve my job.

But I don’t like this at all,According to my ideals, I would give my first choice to the Chinese Department, followed by International Political Studies.

I don't like dealing with numbers, but when doing audit work, I have to face a lot of numbers every day. To be honest, I even prefer picking up rubbish compared to such a routine job.

in my opinion,Garbage is not actually garbage, it's just misplaced.

The experience of picking up rubbish in exchange for money to buy books when I was young told me,Tensions of constant thoughts are struggling.Since picking up rubbish can be sold for money without breaking the law, and it can also purify the environment, why not pick it up?

Therefore, even after I go to work, I still keep the habit of picking up rubbish. At work, when I saw someone throwing away mineral water bottles, waste books and newspapers, I would pick them up in full view, and store them in the corner of the office near my desk. After saving a certain amount, I would sell them. If it is leftover food from people, I will feed it to stray cats and dogs.

Even on a business trip, this habit, I have never left behind.


But I didn't expect that when I picked up rubbish, I picked up disaster for myself.

The disaster first came from my family. They thought I was crazy. After going to university and having such a decent job, why bother picking up trash?They couldn't dissuade me, so they sent me to a mental hospital and locked me in for three months.

Since then, my family and I have broken off family ties, and I no longer have intersection with each of them.

Soon after, my unit began to embarrass me. In 1993, the leader retired me from illness and paid me a monthly salary so that I would not come to work in the future.

I didn't like this job at first, so I wanted to take this opportunity to relax. At that time, a large Philadelphia symphony orchestra performed at the Shanghai Ten Thousand People Stadium. I decided to watch it, but I gave up before leaving.

Because I feel aggrieved,What kind of world is this? There is nothing wrong with littering, but the one picking up garbage is wrong!

Don't I just pick up rubbish and purify the environment while having a job that others look decent but I don't like. Why should I betray my relatives and lose my job?

After being unemployed, I did not go home and went to live with my grandmother for a period of time.

Then I started to rent a house.

In Shanghai, the salary of more than two thousand yuan is certainly not enough to rent and live, so I have to pick up rubbish every day.

In the process of picking up rubbish, I am used to seeing the heat of the world. Living in me has no meaning, only reading can experience happiness.

(Shen Wei practiced calligraphy on the waste paper he picked up, with extraordinary pen strength)

Therefore, all the money I made was used to buy books, except for the guarantee of subsistence. Over the years, I bought at least a thousand books. As for material life, almost completely giving up, not buying clothes, not getting a haircut, or not shaving, gradually became what it is today.

It's not because I like being sloppy, but because I have to sing a song where I am. In the eyes of people, those who pick up rubbish should be unkempt. If I were in a suit and leather shoes, I would be considered a lunatic.

I don't want to go to a mental hospital anymore. I would rather live in the subway station and stay on the street.

Yes, since 2009, I can't even rent a house. It's not that I don't have money (actually I have more than XNUMX deposits), but I am like this. No landlord is willing to rent a house to me.

I became a complete tramp, but by no means a homeless home. Before I became famous, I used to live here: Shanghai Metro Line 7, Yanggao South Road, Metro Exit 2.


I am a tramp, but by no means a tramp master.

I just read the newspapers every day because I read extensively, and I have a wide range of knowledge, but it is broad but not precise.

Of course, compared to many impetuous young people who just make money and don’t want to read, I really can be called an extraordinary conversation.It's not because I learned rich five cars, but because you are too superficial.

I emphasize again that my existence is a tragedy.

This view, my father, had already admitted before he died.

In September 2012, that was the last time I met my father many years after we broke up. He was lying on a bed in Changhang Hospital. It was the Mid-Autumn Festival, and my father asked my brother to come and see him.

My father missed me, he finally missed me. As soon as he saw me, he shed tears. He felt guilty, blamed himself, and kept slapping himself in the face. He said I was sorry. If it were not for his intervention, I could have done what I liked, I might become a painter and a history teacher.

However, he made me believe him that he loves me, just in the wrong way.

I kept nodding and crying.

After my father passed away, I also wanted to fight for my breath and find a job. But I really don’t have enough energy to spare. I have an empty stomach, but I have no job skills. The more than XNUMX years of wandering life has worn out my passion for life. I was abandoned in this ever-changing era.

I became a dignified college student and turned into a tramp picking up rubbish, which is my sorrow. However, it is the sorrow of the people of the world to worship me and deify me.

Instead of spending your energy on me, it is better to spend a little thought and think about how to avoid my life tragedy.

As a parent, you can tell your child:If you don't study well, you will pick up trash like Shen Wei in the future.

As a child, you can tell your parents:If you only know to force me to study, I would rather pick up trash like Shen Wei in the future.

As the boss, you can tell your employees:If you don't work well, you will pick up trash like Shen Wei in the future.

As an employee, you can tell your boss:If you only make us work hard, you and us will have to pick up rubbish sooner or later.

No matter who you are, you can ask me:Why do you only pick up trash?

I myself, just want to say something to the world:It's all gone, don't delay me picking up the trash.