Recently, a Chinese real estate agent was arrested in the United States for raping a woman who bought a house from China to the United States. He is currently charged with 3 counts of sexual abuse.

This vicious news has now caused a sensation in the United States.The Chinese real estate agent did not spend a penny, and his headshot made it into the headlines of major American media...


According to the Chinese woman's complaint, a trip to the United States to see a house has become an indelible nightmare. The seemingly elegant Chinese real estate agent,Drag her into the bedroom during the inspection and raped her 3 times a night. The real estate agent's DNA was detected on the Chinese woman's body and clothes.


38-year-old Chinese Wentworth Huang Wang (transliteration) is a successful local real estate agent in Orlando.

The Chinese woman said that she used it in Beijing"Chain Home"For overseas house purchase services, the company matched her with Wang Huang, a Chinese real estate agent in Florida, USA.

After arriving in Florida, Wang Huang received her and took her to investigate and select houses.


The Chinese woman planned to see the house for only 3 days. During this period, she was arranged to temporarily live in the house of real estate agent Wang Huang.

Day 3, Wang HuangTake her out to eat and go shoppingDuring the period, the woman told Wang Huang that she would leave Florida for Miami tomorrow by plane.

Unexpectedly, Wang Huang, who had been polite for three days, suddenly changed his face. He grabbed the woman's hand and said in a very strong tone: "I don't want you to leave. You are the most beautiful and smartest woman I have ever seen in my life, You should consider letting me be your boyfriend.You should have a baby for me, So that our children will have a higher IQ. "


It is not that the woman has not been pursued by the opposite sex, so she did not panic, but politely refused.

After dinner, Wang Huang and the woman returned to their residence. As soon as she entered the door, the woman was pushed roughly into the house by Wang Huang.

Wang Huang quickly closed the door behind him, thenHe grabbed the woman's arm, pressed her to the wall and kissed her strongly. While kissing, he hugged the woman into the bedroom, and the two fell on the bed.


The woman screamed for help. Wang Huang suddenly stopped, acting as if she wanted to hurt herself, and threatened the woman:


"If I get hurt,Who do you think the police will believe, is it an American citizen or you a Chinese?I know all the local police officers in Orlando. "


The woman wept helplessly and begged Wang Huang to let her go.

Wang Huang sneered and said, "I warn you,Don't move, I have a gun, I have experienced wars, I have seen too many dead people, and I am not afraid of anything. "


The woman was too scared to speak, and Wang Huang continued:"Hey, don't be afraid, be quiet, I'm going to start doing it."


Subsequently, the woman was raped by Wang Huang.


That night and the next morning, Wang Huang raped the woman 3 times.


Because of the fear of Wang Huang's power, the woman could not escape that night, she could only let Wang Huang abuse her.

The next day, the woman called the police after arriving at the California airport by plane.

When Wang Huang was questioned by the police, he remained silent, saying that he refused to speak when no lawyer was present.

However, when his DNA sample was found to match the DNA on the woman's body and clothes, he was arrested by the police on Sunday night.

Take a look at this photo of the past, it's really"Unacceptable" written all over his face... ...

In court, Wang Huang did not deny that he had sex with a Chinese woman, but he insisted that the matter was voluntary. Then hePaid $ 75000 in bail, andI turned in my passport,Now he is released from prison, and the time of his next court appearance is unknown.

This Chinese real estate agent is also very rampant.Being beautifulCitizens of China should understand the laws of the United States. How many years are sentenced for rape? Does it have anything to do with your status?A fair lady, a gentleman is so awkward, there is nothing wrong with seeing a beautiful customer and expressing appreciation, but the overlord would be too dizzy to bow. Looking at the arrogant remarks during the crime, I don’t know if there are any other female clients who have been victimized...


I hope the police will investigate it as soon as possible and give the Chinese woman a fair deal.