On the evening of March 3th, the CCTV 15 evening party exposed the chaos in the cash loan industry, naming dozens of "315 anti-aircraft gun" platforms and calling them "death for money."

The so-called "714 high artillery" refers to a loan platform with a borrowing cycle of 7 or 14 days, an abnormally high annual interest rate (usually more than 100% or even thousands), and the need to pay head-off interest and high overdue fees.

In the preview link of "714 High Cannon", the platforms that CCTV clicked on include Wayward Loan, Quick Easy Borrow, Quick Loan, Little Sheep, Tian Tian Dai, Ji You Mi, Flash Dao, Mrs. Qian, Jin Chan Wallet, Fuxing Bao, Xiang Money Loan, Pippi Flower, Ding Ding Dai, Easy Loan, Egg Flower, Easy Flower, Meow Loan, Zero Hour Pocket, Universe White Card, Homing Pigeon Wallet, Golden Gourd, Clover, Millet Bag, Palm Emergency, Solar Term Cat, etc. .

In fact, "714 high artillery" is also a kind of "routine loan"——Set up a lot of routines in the normal loan process, once you borrow even one dollar from them, you will be drained of the last drop of blood and sweat in a nearly legal way.

"A routine loan, a deep routine, a loan of eight hundred, and a villa" is definitely not a joke.

Text | Li Haoran Jiang Bowen (Intern at Lookout Think Tank)

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Borrowing five thousand, the court actually decided to repay three million!

Recently, Uncle Ku heard something from a lawyer friend,

Really surprised and angry.


The protagonist of the incident is called Yuan Jiang,

In his thirties, engaged in the IT industry,

He grew up in better family conditions,

No defensive heart,

Still more timid...


Once, Yuan Jiang’s bank credit card had a vacancy of several thousand yuan.

He doesn’t want to borrow from relatives and friends.

So seek "foreign aid."

But who should I borrow from?

He remembered the small advertisement

"ID card loan, fast loan, low interest, no mortgage",

So he contacted a small loan company.

Afterwards, salesperson A agreed with him on the meeting place,

Negotiate loan matters.

But after arriving at the agreed place,

Yuan Jiang found that something was wrong,

He only wanted to borrow 5000 yuan,

But salesperson A actually said,

The IOU must indicate the loan amount of 1

After maturity, only 5000 yuan and its interest are repaid.

But Yuan Jiang felt,

The amount indicated on the IOU in black and white,

Not the same as the actual borrowed one,

Is inappropriate.

Just when he doubted it,

The loan company that is willing to "send charcoal in the snow",

Suddenly became fierce.

It turned out that salesperson A also brought other employees:

Salesman B, C, D.

They claim that the IOU is written in this way as a rule,

And if Yuan Jiang asks them to come without borrowing money,

Just play with them and get beaten.


On the one hand, it is really short of money,

On the other hand, I was shocked by this battle.

Yuan Jiang had to sign the IOU.

The money lending company transferred 1 yuan to his account,

Then he took out 5000 yuan in cash

Give it to salesman A.

After a period of time,

The repayment period is up,

When Yuan Jiang was about to return his 5000 yuan loan,

The money lending company suddenly changed its mind,

Ask him to do as written in the IOU,

Return 1 yuan.


Yuan Jiang couldn't spend so much money at a time.

The previous salesperson said,

You can "balance the accounts" by finding new lenders,

That is,

The new lender will write Yuan Jiang a new IOU with greater debt,

Previous debts are also included.

So, salesperson B found salesperson C,

C expressed his willingness to borrow 1 yuan from Yuan Jiang,

The repayment of 3 yuan is required after ten days.

Yuan Jiang’s bank card remitted 3 yuan that day,

Yuan Jiang withdraws cash accompanied by B and C,

1 yuan was taken away by B,

2 yuan was taken by C.

This time Yuan Jiang didn’t get any money,

The "debt" has become 3.

Later, after more than ten so-called "flat accounts",

Yuan Jiang’s arrears grew more and more,

The real "borrowing" he got was only over XNUMX

But the loan on the IOU,

It turned from the earliest verbal agreement of 5000 yuan to more than 2000 million!

Because he himself was unable to repay the huge amount of "borrowing",

Often restricted by the employees of the money lending company,

Insults and beatings are also uncommon.

The money lending company even got his real estate certificate and account book,

Did a notarization of house sales commission,

Plan to sell the house to offset its debt.

A notary office also served as a loan company and Yuan Jiang

A notarization of the creditor’s rights document was issued.


And all this,

Are supported by the court,

The court ordered Yuan Jiang to perform

"Obligations established by effective legal documents",

Repayment of 300 million yuan.

A house under the name of Yuan Jiang,

It was also sold by the court judicial auction.


"Loan eight hundred, return the villa"

It's not just talking.

Later, Yuan Jiang and his parents reported the case to the local public security organ.

The local public security bureau decided

The case of Yuan Jiang being defrauded was filed for investigation.

With the filing of the case and the revocation of multiple false notaries,

Things gradually turned around.

But that nightmare experience,

But it makes people feel terrible to think about it.



People across the country have been successfully "kidnapped" by "routine loans"

From the beginning of borrowing money to the end,

Yuan Jiang is always being "routine",

Routineists can even win the lawsuit.

in particular,

It is criminals who use private loans as a guise,

Through "false contracts",

"Fake bank flow",


"Fake litigation" and other "routines",

Inflating lender debt,

Embezzle the victim’s property.


In order to achieve the goal,

The methods of "routine loans" are also diverse.

Uncle Ku gives another example,

There was a victim named Lao Pang,

After he borrowed from the money lending company,

Experienced many times,

Not on it yet.

At this time,

The money lending company stood up very generously and said,

You see, you are borrowing more and more money from us,

We dare not lend it to you.

You go to the bank for a loan,

After the loan, we repaid our debt here,

One hundred,

I will give you less interest.

At this time, Lao Pang was already anxious like an ant on a hot pot.

His own income is not high,

It is impossible to borrow so much money from the bank.

At this time, the money lending company jumped out again and said,

I know you are worried about not getting the loan, it doesn’t matter,

We pack for you!

After packaging, you can apply for a loan.


What is the packaging method?

The money lending company said,

We package you as a businessman,

Pay 60 to your bank card,

Then you take it out and return it to us.

You take the bank account to get a loan,

There is a turnover to prove that you have the ability to repay,

In this way, you can get a loan.

On the day of the transfer,

Lao Pang went alone,

Just got into the car of a money lending company,

The salesman took out the printed IOU,

Said that our 60 yuan was also collected,

Just in case, you have to sign,

You will return the money to us later,

We tore the IOU.


Lao Pang agreed and signed.

The clerk of the money lending company drove to the bank,

Sent a subordinate to accompany old Pang into the bank,

Take out 60 cash and put it in a bag.

After getting on the bus, Lao Pang returned the money to the salesman.

The salesman took out the loan slip,

Without showing Lao Pang clearly, he tore it and threw it out the window.

The car continued for a while,

Just let Lao Pang get out of the car.


Until a month later,

Lao Pang received a subpoena from the court,

Seeing that the 60 IOU was placed in the case file,

I realized that I was cheated.

Such victims abound.

Some only need working capital to do business,

The loan was only 3 yuan,

It became 800 million yuan in just one year;

Some are just to meet their own consumer needs,

The same borrowed 3 yuan,

Actually got only 6000 yuan...


One by one incredible events,

Behind it is the criminal activity of illegal profit making in the name of borrowing,

Quietly "kidnapped" the whole world

People of all ages and occupations,

They are easily misused by a large sum of money,

If it is heavy, it will be bankrupt,

He was even forced to commit suicide.



Law pays attention to evidence, but crooks have a perfect chain of evidence

Uncle Ku also learned

The story of a "former" routine loan trader.

People call him "Lao Jin",

Of course, now he has been put in the detention center.

From what he said,

The reason why "routine loan" has been successful

It is because a huge industrial chain has been formed behind it,

Not only can they succeed in getting some people fooled,

It can also create a perfect chain of evidence,

Even if you go to court, you can't win.


This seems quite difficult,

How to do it?

Lao Jin said,

They have their own workflow,

Just follow this,

No matter how mediocre you are,

Can successfully deceive others.

This process is summarized in industry terms:

"Finding harmony violates peace."


The first step-"Search",

Is looking for "broiler",

"Broiler" is what they call the victim,

Means easy to "slaughter."

Who is the "broiler"?

Little bosses who are in urgent need of capital turnover,

College students who want to spend ahead

Or an impatient gambler...


Lao Jin said that they even studied

The characteristics of "broiler":

Little knowledge, weak-willed, weak and good face,

It is best to be a person without a prior record,

Because these people are easy to control. 

The credit and qualifications of these people

Basically they don’t meet the bank’s loan conditions,

I am embarrassed or do not want to borrow from relatives and friends,

If you want to use money, you will most likely find a small loan company.


Know who to call,

The next step is to "fit for what you like",

Attract them successfully.


Lao Jin said that every company that engages in "routine loans",

Are all legally registered formal companies,

And generally there are cool websites and apps,

There are a group of employees in suits and shoes,

It's no different from what Lujiazui financial elites wear.

In addition, there must be a touching advertisement,

For example, for college students or people with credit problems,

He told him that "no qualifications, no need for a mortgage, no need for mortgage."

For houses and cars,

But the little boss who doesn’t want to go through the complicated procedures of the bank,

Just tell him "if you have a car with a second loan of 50,

There is a house loan of 100 million in seconds",

Such advertisements are all over the phone

Or spread out the small cards,

Just wait for someone to take the bait.


Aren't they afraid that they can't afford it?

Lao Jin said that the bad debt rate is still a little bit.

But compared with the high rate of return,

They have almost no risk.

What they really worry about is,

No one took the bait.


The second step-"join",

It is to produce "legal evidence" as much as possible.

Lao Jin said that the people who came to find their loan,

One is that money is really needed urgently,

The second is that they don’t understand the operation mode of small loans.

So it’s easy to follow the mercy of the salesman of the money lending company,

This is how the routine begins.

Start with the first routine:

Sign a false contract.

"Laojinmen" will sign a copy with the borrower

Contracts that indicate an inflated loan amount,

In other words, if you want to borrow 5,

Then write 10 in the contract.

And the content of this contract is also very thoughtful.

The repayment date is generally accurate to the few days and hours of the month.


In such cases,

The borrower will definitely question it.

In order to appease the borrower,

Lao Jin told them,

This is the rule, the extra 5 is liquidated damages.

As long as the contract is not breached, it is fine.

Or tell the borrower,

This is similar to platform service fees,

Advance expenses like litigation costs,

As long as the borrower can repay the loan within the specified period,

This fee will not be counted.


If the "broilers" showed strong resistance,

It will be like the Yuan Jiang case mentioned above,

The money lending company will gather a group of people,

Threatening borrowers with violence,

If he does not sign, he must be beaten.

Under this threat,

Many borrowers have to submit.

Having a contract is not enough,

Next, start the second routine:

Fake bank records. 

For example, the borrower wants to borrow 5 yuan,

The previous false contract has stated that he actually owes 10 yuan,

"Laojinmen" after sending 10 yuan to the borrower's bank account

Will ask him to withdraw 5 yuan in cash,

Return it to the money lending company.

This is a big "pit",

Withdrawing 10 will leave the bank withdrawal flow.

But the 5 cash returned cannot be verified

"So even in the courtroom,

He also owes us 10,

There are contracts and bank flow to confirm each other,

No one can overthrow it. "



How did I "eat" someone else's house in one bite

Built a perfect chain of evidence,

It's just the beginning of the "old golds" deception,

They worked so hard,

Do you think you just want to lie to you thousands or tens of thousands?

Their bigger purpose,

Is to make you not pay.

So the third step-"violation",

It is to set up various obstacles to deliberately let you breach the contract.

For example, "old golds" will set a harsh repayment time,

As mentioned above,

Accurate to a few minutes and seconds.

Even ask for cash repayment,

But not to meet you within the specified time.

And once the victim "breaks the contract",

Since the contract will set a high penalty interest rate,

The "broilers" are facing ever-increasing debts.

This alone is not enough,

"Old golds" will think that the snowball of debt is not rolling fast enough,

So immediately followed by the fourth step-"leveling",

It means to balance the accounts,

This can really increase the arrears of the "broilers" hundreds of times,

Even thousands of times.

Facing the yin-yang contract and the high penalty interest after breach of contract,

Those who owe must not be able to pay,

Lao Jin will induce these victims,

Let them go to other lending companies to continue lending,

Good "dismantle the east wall to make up the west wall."

I don’t know these companies

It was also opened by Lao Jin's company.

In this way, all the routines experienced before will be repeated again.

After several repetitions,

The arrears may range from thousands to tens of thousands,

Snowball generally rises to several million, tens of millions.

Borrowers are on the road of never paying off their debts.

How terrible is the method of "equalizing"?

Uncle Ku gives an example,

A Mr. Zhao from Xinzheng, Henan,

Participating in a friend’s wedding requires money,

But it happened to be a little nervous at hand,

He found a

"Unsecured Loan QQ Group" online lending platform,

I borrowed 1000 yuan.

Of course, the arrears written on the IOU is 1200 yuan,

The extra 200 yuan is the agreed interest between him and the lending platform.

In addition, he also made a 1000 yuan IOU to a middleman,

If the payment can be repaid on time, both IOUs will be invalid.

If it is overdue, it will have to repay RMB 2200.


Mr. Zhao’s company failed to pay his salary in time for some reason.

He can't afford to pay the loan in time.


Seeing that the repayment date is approaching,

Mr. Zhao is about to face the dilemma of paying 1000 yuan more.

At this time, a lady who was also in the loan group reached out to Mr. Zhao,

Propose that you can "finance loans with loans",

Provided him with a loan of 1420 yuan,

Among them, 1200 yuan is used for debt repayment and 220 yuan is used as interest.

Mr. Zhao could only agree.

But the new loan is a bigger debt,

They can only find new lenders to borrow money to pay back.

As a result, Mr. Zhao got caught up in the routine of "financing loans with loans".

Accumulating debt,

The loan finally accumulated to 150 million yuan!


After all the above steps are completed,

Even if the "broilers" are really on the assembly line,

"Old golds" can "slaughter" arbitrarily according to the procedure,

"Selling meat" changed money.


For those with houses,

The money lending company will make a big fuss about their house,

For example, forcing borrowers to sign a 20-year lease,

Rent the house to a loan company at a low price.

Then the money lending company sublet to others for profit at a high price.

So even if you can afford the loan,

You also don't own the right to use this house.

Or directly seize certificates like real estate certificates and household registration books,

Forcing the debtor to go to the notary office,

Do notarization of house sales commission,

It is convenient to sell the property in the future to repay the debt.


If you have a car, just drive your car away,

Then put it to the car rental company to make money,

It's another money printing machine.



Don't the victims know to resist?

However, Lao Jin also admitted,

"No one can succeed casually."

He knew very well,

No one is willing to bear inexplicable debts,

"The rabbit bites when he is anxious."

Then, if the victim has to resist,

What about?

Lao Jin was prepared for this.


Once the victim fails to pay,

They will use a dedicated collection department

——That is a group of fierce and evil people,

Follow the victims to and from get off work every day,

Even go home and sleep with them.

Use this to torture the victim.

Does the police leave it alone?

Lao Jin claimed that even the police could not interfere in this situation.

Because this is a private lending dispute.

As a result, they became even more unscrupulous,

Imprisoning, insulting, and beating victims are also common occurrences.

And splash paint on the door of the victim’s house,

Or harass the victim’s family,

Let the family spend money in exchange for the personal freedom of the debtor,

It can be said to be extremely versatile.

Xiaowen, a female college student, was hit hard by the reminders.

She won a "routine loan",

I owe a large amount of debt that cannot be repaid,

The collection department turned to harass her family.

They often call Xiaowen’s family,

Even PS Xiaowen’s nude photos,

Send to their family and friends.

Unable to endure the vicious insults from the collectors,

Xiaowen's grandmother was admitted to the hospital with anger,

The little text people can't bear it,

I regretted myself and jumped down from the second floor,

She broke her lumbar spine and left leg.


If the victim tries to escape the debt by legal means,

The "old golds" are not afraid at all.

They both have a professional team of lawyers,

There is another "iron proof" that people can't sue

-IOUs, contracts, bank records.

IOUs, contracts with falsely high arrears,

Bank flow can prove

The inflated money did reach the victim's account.

In court, even the judge can only choose to believe the evidence.

The villain went to court with the good people, but the villain won the case.

This is also called "false litigation."

Dear friends, don’t believe it,

Uncle Ku collected information and found that

Such cases are numerous.

CCTV's "Today's Statement" column has

Lao Tian, ​​a victim of the “routine loan” who lost the case, reported.

Old Tian, ​​a seventy-year-old man in Shanghai,

In 2016, he borrowed 2 yuan from a small loan company.

The company signed an inflated loan contract with him,

The amount indicated in the contract is 10 yuan.

Of course, they also deceived Lao Tian with rhetoric similar to "rules".

The remittance of 10 yuan hit Lao Tian’s account,

The money lending company took away 8,

2 left to Lao Tian.

It didn’t take long for the money lending company to be responsible for both parties.

Suddenly asked Lao Tian to notarize the 50 yuan loan contract,

Also use Laotian’s house as mortgage,

If you don't, you must repay immediately.

Since the unfavorable contract is still in the hands of the lending company,

Lao Tian had to follow suit.

In accordance with the requirements of the lending company,

Went to the bank to make fake sales,

The money lending company transferred 50 yuan to Laotian,

Lao Tian picks it up and hands it to the company.


After returning home, Lao Tian found out,

A man named Li Jinwen claimed,

Lao Tian has already paid 10 yuan for 4 years,

Lease the house to him.

Lao Tian would naturally not admit this unnecessary lease.

So I went to court with Li Jinwen,

Who expected Li Jinwen to show the rental contract and rent receipt in court,

After verification, the receipt and contract signature are consistent with Lao Tian's handwriting.

Lao Tian lost the first instance and was kicked out of the house.

It turned out that Li Jinwen was also a member of the money lending company.

And that unnecessary lease and receipt,

It was also when Lao Tian signed a 50 loan contract,

Was sneaked in,

Therefore, there will be a genuine Lao Tian signature on it,

And this is just the beginning.

Money lending company repays inflated loan contracts

And bank flow as evidence,

To the court to decide,

Asked Lao Tian for two arrears totaling more than XNUMX yuan.

The application passed quickly,

The court seized Laotian's house.

Once Lao Tian loses the lawsuit,

His house will be publicly auctioned off by the court.

Fortunately, the police later uncovered this routine loan gang,

Lao Tian doesn't have to shoulder unrepayable debts.

Otherwise, based on the available evidence,

Laotian's house will inevitably be auctioned.



Is there really no way to deal with "routine loans"?

 Of course, Lao Jin eventually "stumbled".

He illegally detained a victim who was unwilling to repay for up to 20 hours.

And was arrested by the police.

Even so,

He still believes that "routine loans" are in a regulatory blind spot.

"As long as we don't engage in illegal detentions and intentionally hurt these things,

The laws of the country are really helpless for us,

After all, the law pays attention to evidence,

We have a perfect chain of evidence,

What can you do to me? "

Encountered this rogue and professional routine loan gang,

Are we really helpless?

Of course not!

At the beginning of this year, my country’s Supreme People’s Court

Issued a series of guiding opinions on cracking down on criminal cases of underworld forces,

The "routine loan" is also included.

According to the Supreme Court’s opinion,

The behavior of "routine loans" can already be

"Blackmail", "Extortion", "Forced Trading", "False Litigation"

Wait for charges to be prosecuted,

Those inflated debts that have been "routines",

It will also be counted as illegal income.

Police everywhere have announced,

"Taolu loan" is an organized crime.

It belongs to the category of "cracking criminals and evil" by the public security department.

From time to time on the Internet, there are news that "routine loan" dens have been destroyed.

such as,

In May 2018 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang,

The public security organs arrested 300 people involved in the "routine loan" gang;

In Yuncheng, Shanxi,

The police destroyed 26 "routine loan" syndicates in one operation,

Respectively involving "online loans", "car loans", "credit loans", etc.;

In Nanjing, Wuxi and other places in Jiangsu,

A large number of routine loan gangs have also been arrested,

Some gangs involved tens of millions of dollars.

And as early as July 2017,

China’s first "routine loan" fraud case,

The verdict was officially pronounced in Shanghai.

The "routine loan" group was sentenced for fraud,

The principal offender was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Yuan Jiang mentioned by Uncle Ku,

Also because of the intervention of the public security organs,

A number of false notarizations made under the coercion of the lending company were cancelled.

After all, we should still consciously protect

Personal and property safety,

When borrowing is needed,

It is safer to borrow from formal banks and financial institutions.

Even if it involves private lending,

You should also truthfully fill in the amount of arrears on the IOU and contract,

Avoid false contracts.

Other than that,

Can't listen to what the lender says

The verbal agreement that "interest is calculated in the loan",

But to calculate the interest separately.

After repayment, the lender should also be required to write down a receipt.


If you have already hit the "routine loan" routine,

Borrowers must actively defend their rights.

The best option is to alarm,

Once the police file an investigation,

Things will never be like what Lao Jin said,

It's just a private lending dispute.

More details and evidence will be considered by the police,

The words of a lending company are no longer decisive.

Even if the court has pronounced a verdict,

After the police intervene, they can also apply for a retrial.


all in all,

Borrowers who have been "routine loans" routines,

Not just a broiler waiting to be slaughtered,

The routine of "routine loan",

It is definitely not impossible to crack.

Through these cases, we also found that

Most of the people who are routine,

Or because formal financial institutions are slow in lending,

Choosing "routine loans" due to insufficient capital turnover;

Or because of gambling arrears and lost bank lending qualifications,

So choose "routine loan";

Or just want to replace the latest mobile phone with high-quality cosmetics

So choose "routine loan"...

This is obvious because of small losses.


I hope these "horror" cases will alert everyone,

Stop lending hands to those who "routine loans",

In addition, the country’s response to evil forces including "routine loans"

The crackdown gradually increased,

Believe that "routine loans" will eventually become a rat crossing the street,

At that time, the "old golds" can really rest!

(Comprehensive from the WeChat public account "End Fraud", CCTV, Guangming, Xinhua, Legal Network, etc., the pictures are all from the Internet)