The most important thing to play abroad is to be happy!

So if you,

A little thing made the whole trip unhappy!

Then this trip is meaningless.

The following chapters are very important,

Nothing more thanThe visa is affixed, and the entry stamp and exit stamp are complete!

However, not everyone will have this situation,

Therefore, many cases of entry and exit were blocked,

It will even affect the next visa application.

Recently, some tourists have not stamped their passports when entering India!

This leads to obstruction of exit.
in fact,

There have been news reports before:

Last year, according to the Malaysian Consulate General, when many Chinese citizens entered Malaysia during the past year, officials from the airport immigration bureauNot stamping the entry stamp on the passport of Chinese citizens,However, the parties did not find out until they left the country, and eventuallyLead to blocked exitCase.

The Chinese Embassy in Malaysia hereby reminds Chinese citizens coming to Malaysia:

, When you retrieve your passport from the immigration officer during immigration procedures (see attached picture XNUMX at the immigration counter at Kuala Lumpur Airport), please check whether the passport is stamped with an entry stamp (see attached picture XNUMX for reference).

If the seal is not stamped, the immigration officer should be asked on the spot to cover it.

two、If you find that your passport does not have an entry stamp after leaving the port of entry, you need toDuring office hours from Monday to Friday, go to the AMC Building near Kuala Lumpur Airport No. 1 or the headquarters of the Malaysian Immigration Department to re-apply the immigration stamp to avoid obstacles to exit.

pleaseTake care to keep the boarding pass and other materials that can prove the time of entry,In order to show it to the immigration department when re-applying.

three、When entering the Kuala Lumpur Airport, if you have difficulty in language communication, please ask the "Assistance at the service counter of the Chinese Passenger Communication and Coordination Office;

Working hours are from 18:2 to XNUMX a.m. the next day.

Many visa counterparts must have heard of it,

Malaysia and other individual countries have strict requirements on entry stamps.

When sending the visa, if the visa officer finds that the passport lacks an entry stamp,

There is a risk of visa refusal,

Therefore, many people have lingering fears about this,

There is another situation:

Take the self-service channel without the entry stamp,

I also forgot to print the entry and exit slip.

Presumably many people are now taking the self-help channel!

The original method of entry was manual inspection.

And stamp an entry stamp on the passport to enter the country,

Now most airports in China can enter through self-service channels,

Because of this,

Many people ignore the entry stamp,

In fact, what everyone is most concerned about is the lack of entry stamps.

Will it affect the next visa application?

The answer is yes, and it may even be refused!

What is the entry and exit stamp? What is its function?

The entry and exit stamp is the border inspection clearly indicating the time of entry and exit of a person.

If someone has dual nationality or other identities, and wants to "secretly change their identity" and use their identity to pass the border check, this can be found on this record.

Reasons for visa refusal if the "entry stamp" is missing:

1. Since the self-service channel does not require manual inspection, there will be no "entry stamp", and the "entry-exit record" on the passport is incomplete this time.

2. The visa centers of various countries cannot check the entry and exit records of China's self-service channel system, cannot confirm the time of entry and ensure that the person is in the country, so there may be a risk of visa refusal.

3. Different countries have different policies and requirements for visa application. Countries such as Malaysia, Europe and the United States will refuse visas in this case.

What is the remedy?

The Ministry of Public Security held a press conference on January 2018, 1, informing the Ministry of Public Security that the Ministry of Public Security has introduced eight entry and exit convenience measures including self-service customs clearance.

Chinese and foreign passengers who use the border inspection self-inspection channel to enter and exit can print out the record vouchers of the most recent exit or entry from the port on the self-service printer behind the self-service inspection channel for free.

The entry-exit record certificate has the same effect as the China border inspection stamp stamped on the entry-exit document by the border inspection agency. (It is recommended to print out the entry and exit slip just in case)

Regarding the immigration stamp,

Little friends still have to pay attention!

It’s best to print out the entry-exit slip when taking the self-service channel.

Not afraid of ten thousand, just in case!

– End –