Ever since Jack Ma’s father brought China into the era of mobile payment, how many people still remember the feel and look of the RMB?

When you are away, a mobile phone, Alipay or WeChat can be scanned at any time, which is convenient and fast!

We are not far behind in Tuao and Australia. Merchants are also actively introducing Alipay and WeChat Pay to make it easier for everyone. Even the crooked people who don’t have Alipay and WeChat can also transferAdd bank card into Apple Pay, beep once, payment is successful!

However, under the big wave of mobile payment such convenience,Many stores in Chinatown are still CASH ONLY? ?

After dinner and checkout, I was told that I only accept cash. I believe you have encountered this embarrassing situation many times!

However, our customers are upset, and the hotel is only missing a few guests, but now there are big guys upset! Merchants, it's time to be vigilant! !

This boss is usAustralian Taxation Office ATO!

The boss found,Small businesses turned out to be the biggest tax evaders in Australia!They can't sit still now!

Australian Taxation Office Commissioner Chris Jordan said the latest estimates indicate thatAustralian small businesses tax evasion as high as A$100 billion every year!

This gap is the difference between the ATO's estimate of the taxpayer's debt and the taxpayer's final payment.

At the recent tax meeting, the tax commissioner analyzed:For small businesses, this gap is between 10%-15%, which is much higher than other economic sectors!

This small business includes restaurants, shops, etc. If cash payment is required, business owners can avoid most of the taxes!

The ATO found that more than 60% of the gap is caused by the "black economy" (economic behavior that is not recorded by the government and avoids paying taxes), which means that taxpayers deliberately omit income and increase expenditure.

If this continues, it will be a major blow to the country’s taxation, so the ATO warned everyone,The government will provide funds to deal with the black economy, and will also increase access to cash-only businesses!

This is not the first time that ATO has warned small businesses against tax avoidance after cash transactions!

During the surprise inspection last year,In the survey of all cash only companies, 70% of them will pay more taxes, a total of 2 million Australian dollars in taxes plus fines!

When inquiring about the reason why only cash is accepted, most merchants think that accepting credit card payment is very expensive, which will greatly reduce profits. At the same time, accepting credit card during lunch peak period will slow down the service speed and lengthen the waiting time in line .

On the other hand, the bank stated that the payment fee for processing domestic savings cards is very low, usually less than 0.5% and not more than 1%.

The Visa and MasterCard credit cards will charge merchants 1% to 1.5%, and American Express cards will charge 1.5% to 2%.

Therefore, as it should be, more small businesses are more willing to accept cash in order to save costs.

Tax expert Ken Fehily also said that tax avoidance by small businesses is very common.

"This is not just a public perception, it is reality."

"Not only restaurants, but also many massage shops, nail salons and tattoo studios are not immune. Only accepting cash payments is a common business model!"

I believe everyone is most concerned about whether ATO is "thunder and rain" or has it taken action?

Although ATO says every year to crack down on cash-only companies,But suffering from shortage of manpower, it can only be carried out by means of spot checksAccording to previous examples, the general routine is like this:

ATO will send someone to your store,Observe the human flow and transaction volume quietly, and then evaluate the cash transaction volume,If cash transactions are too frequent, you will be recorded on a small book by unannounced visitors.

If the estimated transaction amount is different from the tax report provided by the boss,ATO's tea is not bad. Would you like to come and try it?

If the discrepancy is too large,By the way, make tax and fine arrangements for the boss!

Not only CASH ONLY will attract the attention of ATO, even swiping cards is sometimes not immune!

Daga may also be used to many stores requesting the minimum amount of credit card.When the minimum amount is not reached, the store usually charges a surcharge, ranging from 10c to $1, and some also charge a percentage, such as 1%.

It is understandable for small business owners to come up with this trick. After all, if they accept credit cards, the bank will also charge fees.It seems that there is nothing wrong with the excessively low amount charged by the store!

However, there is a storefront under my hand, and the surcharge will be charged by swiping the card!

As early as September 2017, 9, the government has completely banned the behavior of charging extra fees by swiping cards. If you continue to charge, congratulations, you have broken the law!

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) often receives complaints from consumers: merchants often charge extra fees and they cannot accept this behavior.

So ACCC made every effort to rectify and cancel surcharge!

Like ATO,ACCC will also send an undercover agent to your store to request a credit card with a very low consumption amount.If the store charges surcharge...

Come and come, send a warning ⚠️, it really won’t work, fines are also arranged!

Although this kind of phishing law enforcement is hard to guard against, as long as the merchant cancels the surcharge system, everything will be fine!

After reading the various bans on small businesses, Mr. Times can understand the feeling that "Is it because the government is making trouble for us?"

However, cash transactions will inevitably lead to tax evasion. We have all learned from political books,Tax payment is the duty of every citizen, You avoid tax evasion, who will the government not check? This is not that the government is making trouble for small business owners, but urging them to fulfill their obligations!

So, whether it is a restaurant massage shop or a supermarket nail salon, pay attention! The government no longer strictly enforces cash transactions and charges extra fees for swiping cards all the time. In order to avoid large fines, let's act according to the rules!

The original text is taken from SBS, Daily Mail, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Advertiser