terrible! Cameras are installed in 30 foreign hotel rooms! Bathing will be broadcast live online!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Everyone should be careful when staying in a hotel!

Near this news, Xiao Wei's back is chilly!

According to media reports, recently, many hotels in many cities in South Korea have been discovered.

There is a sneak shot camera in the room!

These cameras

Some are hidden inTV box

Some are hidden inIn the wall socket

Some are hidden inHair dryer holder

Then, without the guests’ knowledge, secretly take photos of everything in the room!

No matter if the guest is undressing

Still go to the toilet

Or take a bath naked

All will be photographed!

Moreover, the scope of this case is very wide!

10 cities in South Korea

30 rooms in 42 hotels

All were found to be equipped with cameras!

As many as 1600 guests were photographed!

What’s more terrifying is that these secretly filmed videos were not secretly watched.

Live broadcast online!

Live! ! !

Members on the site

Just pay

You can see it all!

In other words, its spread is wider and its impact is even worse!

South Korean police said that although there have been similar cases of secretly taking photos with cameras in the past,

But this is the first time I found

The situation where the secretly filmed video is broadcast online!

It is hard to imagine how much harm this will cause to the victim's body and mind.

Currently, the South Korean policeTwo men have been arrested, And two men are assisting in the investigation.

If convicted, the suspect may faceTen years sentence.

However, the police said there was no evidence that the hotel and these people were in collusion.

The exposure of this case has once again made Korean society intensified.Candid shooting problemSurfaced.

Last year, a reporter from the BBC Chinese website reported that in South Korea, when many women enter public toilets, just in case,Will first check if there are any peepholes or cameras inside.

Because Korea is all over the country

Candid porn videos become popular

In the reporter’s interview, a Korean girl said,

Now walking on the subway steps

Feel unsafe

Other girls said:

Even the school bathroom has cameras installed

So scared that they dare not go to the toilet at school!

In 2017, South Korean police received as many asMore than 6400, Compared to 2012 in 2400,

It has nearly doubled in just 5 years!

This is just the number of reported cases. In reality, many women find that they have been secretly photographed because they are afraid of being criticized.

Don't dare to report it!

South Korea has a website called Soranet with more than100 million!

Thousands of pornographic videos are posted and disseminated on this website without the consent of the women in the film.

Many pornographic videos on the site come fromHidden cameras in toilets and locker rooms, Or an indecent video of revenge against a former couple.

Some female victims even committed suicide...

A series of cases aroused strong dissatisfaction among the Korean people.

Last year, hundreds of thousands of South Korean women took to the streets to protest and held up slogans

"My Life is Not Your Porn"

(My life is not your porn)

In order to solve this problem, the Seoul police once sent a team of female police officers.Inspection of more than 20000 public toilets in the city, Check whether there is a camera for sneak shots.

In January of this year, the co-leader of a South Korean retaliatory pornography website was sentenced to four years in prison and fined $1 million.

The Soranet website has also been banned by the police.

However, the problem of sneak shots in South Korea has obviously not been resolved.

Just recently, South Korean Bigbang membersTriumphant "Sex Scandal"Triggered a major earthquake in the Korean entertainment industry.

He was accusedSuspected of gambling, drug abuse, arranging prostitution for clients, sexual bribery, tax evasionAnd so on a series of charges.

Which also includesCandidly filmed videos of multiple women,And share with others in the group.

At present, this turmoil has intensified, and it has successively involved other entertainers in the Korean entertainment industry, as well as politicians and police officials.

Even the positive energy idols worshiped by hundreds of millions of fans will do such dirty and nasty things, which shows that the culture of South Korean society is very corrupt.

Of course, the installation of cameras for sneak shots is not limited to South Korea.

China has

Australia too!

In February of this year, in the Monash House Private Hospital not far from Monash University, the staff was thereHidden cameras found in women's toilets and women's locker rooms.

If it weren't for being discovered by careful cleaning staff, these cameras would not know how long they would be hidden.

It is extremely scary to think about it, even the locker rooms and toilets of private hospitals can be hacked, not to mention the public toilets and public locker rooms that are not supervised...

Moreover, with today's technology, cameras are disguised as something you can't recognize.

For example, Xiaowei wrote before,An inconspicuous coat hook hides a pinhole camera.

They are secretly installed in places like public washrooms, this kind of trickAppeared from the United States to Australia.

And evenAustralian landlord stealthily installs camera in rental room, Specializing in peeking at the tenants sex.

The picture shows the landlord involved

On Gumtree, the camera transaction is very prosperous, and no one knows how these cameras will be used in the end...

Even the "People's Daily" specially posted Weibo to remind women,This year, we should pay attention to pinhole cameras.

So how to prevent yourself from being peeped?

1. Observe with naked eyes. Watch for suspicious signs. The camera may be well hidden, but the lens itself cannot be completely concealed, it can only be placed as concealed as possible.

2. Common tools used to hide the camera include books, alarms, desktop plants, ornamental plants placed at home, tissue boxes, plush toys, jacks, etc.

3. Check backpacks, DVD boxes, air purifiers, glasses, decorative lamps, buttons, electric screwdrivers, shower nozzles, toilet handles, etc.

4. Look for small holes, usually placed on the corner or side of the room, facing the entire room, about the size of a 50C coin. When going to public toilets or changing rooms, check every corner of the room.

5. Pay attention to observation. Is there a mirror installed where there is no need to install a mirror? This kind of camera may not be easy to find, but at least you can beware of such places.

6. You can buy a wireless camera detector.


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