Who said there can be no 25 hours in a day?

Summer time ends, winter time begins

Every morning when I am woken up by an alarm clock, the editor has a dream:Let me sleep for another 5 minutes!However, reality is always ruthless.

But, April 4! All Victorians can"Legal" bed for an hour!becauseDaylight saving time is finally over!

Many friends who have just arrived in Melbourne may not be familiar with daylight saving time. Simply put在4月7日,凌晨2时59分59秒的时候,下一秒时间不会来到3:00,而是奇迹般的回到 2:00!

Interested friends can watch your mobile phone and witness this miraculous moment. butNon-electronic devices such as watches and alarm clocks need to be adjusted manually.

Especially friends who use alarm clocks, Be sure to call back the alarm clock one hour before going to bed. Otherwise, the next morning you will be woken up by the alarm clock an hour earlier than others, and you will miss the annual bed meeting.

After April 4, Melbourne and China’sThe jet lag will return to 2 hours。直到2019年10月6日,夏令时重新开始。届时,各位小伙伴们可以在手机上看到时间从凌晨1时59分59秒直接跳到3时的神奇操作。

Purpose of Daylight Saving Time

Because the daylight saving time system is not implemented in China, many people may feel strange to it. Daylight saving time is called in English "Daylight Saving Time", We can see from the name,The purpose of implementing summer time is to make full use of sunlight and save energy.Because of the long daylight hours in high-latitude areas in summer, the time is artificially adjusted one hour forward to make full use of natural light.

However, people have been mixed about the daylight saving time system. Many people think that the energy saving effect of daylight saving time is not obvious. And artificially disrupting time, people have toReadjust the biological clock, Will also causeTime chaos everywhere

The impact of summer time on life

Because each region in Australia does not use a unified time, each state uses its own local time. andOnly NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and the Territory use daylight saving time. Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia do not use...

So this leads to...

When summer time ends and winter time begins, Australia is divided into three time zones, Western Australia and China both use the East Eight District, so there is no time difference. When Melbourne uses the East Ten District, the time difference with China is 2 hours. (April 4th-October 7th)

At the beginning of daylight saving time, Australia is divided into five time zones, Since Western Australia does not use daylight saving time, there is still no time difference with China, while when Melbourne, Sydney and other areas use the Eastern Eleventh District, the time difference with China is 3 hours. (Before April 4 this year)

AndNorthern Territory and South Australia, And the less commonHalf hour time difference, Making the entire Australian incident even more chaotic. On New Year’s Day this year, the Australian media reported aSouth Australia, New South Wales, QueenslandA small town at the junction of the three places. Because of jet lag, three times a night on New Year's Eve.

When making appointments with friends and classmates from other states, you must remember to confirm the local place.