The super red alarm sounded!

Be careful when you come to Sydney

Because it is very likely to be beaten up

Even lost this little life!

Among the tourists who have come to Sydney these days, some have been beaten to blood.

The face of the beautiful tourist was drawn with a deep scar of terror!

The male tourist's abdomen is already covered with flesh and blood!

The neck was madly attacked, and the main artery was injured!

The scar on the back is shocking!


every day

The newly added wounded are groaning in pain

And they were beaten to be the culprit in such a miserable situation

All the same murderer!

Melancholy eyes, a breath of prodigal son puffed his nose

Next second

Just kick you right!

Take a look at the tragic tourists who have traveled in the past few days, the panic of being beaten up by kangaroos,

The tourist said, I just want to feed you some delicious food quietly, sei knows that I actually got a fat beat!

In a tourist17 stitches on the face

Another passenger was hit

After a large blood mouth appears in the stomach

The NSW authorities immediately issued a warning to everyone

Watch out for kangaroos!

Assemblyman Greg Piper of Lake Macquarie, NSW, urgently produced a warning video to make tourists beware of the most terrifying dark forces in Turkey and Australia.

"We don't want to deliberately exaggerate the danger here, but people have been attacked and injured."

"In the beginning, they might approach you, everything looks very friendly."

"But soon, their temperament will change drastically,Especially male kangaroos. "

"The tourists seem to overlook one thing, that is, kangaroos are wild animals with sharp claws.

In fact, they have been attacking humans. "

For example, the famous tourist attractions of Morisset in NSW:kangaroo Sanctuary (Kangaroo Park), There are all kangaroos inside,

(The Morisset Picnic Park has hundreds of wild kangaroos, and the park has promised that the wild kangaroos are “tame enough to get close and take pictures”. However, tourists are attacked almost every day..)

According to the statistics,Approximately 1500 visitors per weekCome here to see the charm of this Tu-Macao national treasure.

Among them are many Chinese tourists.

Feed the kangaroo

Children and kangaroo up close

In having fun, everyone forgets one thing, that is:

From adults to children

It may be life-threatening at any time!

"These kangaroos can catch you, and the most worrying thing is that they will kick you."

The first thing you need to do is at least:

Don't feed them!

In some popular tourist attractions in NSW

This warning sign has been hung up

Shane Lewis, owner and tour guide of Kroosn Shuttle Service, said,

"We have seen many people injured by feeding kangaroos,

They were kicked, scratched,

Another person had 17 stitches on his face. "

"There is another person whose entire stomach was severed from side to side."

Take a closer look at their scratching claws, once they hurt the vitals, the consequences will be disastrous!

And one of the reasons why kangaroos are so aggressive is that

"Visitors will go to the local supermarket to buy food for kangaroos, such as McDonald's, KFC, corn flakes, bread and oats, but these foods should not be fed to them, which makes them very aggressive. If you bring Where food goes, they are like greedy children."

Sugar in fast food, and even vegetables such as carrots are additives to animals, not only making them obese but also irritable, and slowly killing them.

The tourist who had stitched 17 stitches told me,He didn't even feed the kangaroo.

justHe visited McDonald's before he went to the scenic spot, and the kangaroo smelled the scent of food on his body and attacked him. "

In fact, friends who often follow Australian news may have discovered that

In the violent attacks in Australia, exceptTerrorist attacks.Motorcycle partyBeyond,

The third biggest perpetrator is the wild kangaroo in Tai O!

NSW dad Matthew Chenhall took his wife and children to camp in Lake Conjola.

Suddenly, a giant eastern grey kangaroo, 2 meters high, blocked the way of Matthew's two little daughters!

The little girl Amelia threw the sausage sandwich in her hand at the kangaroo in fright, hoping to let it leave with her food.

As a result, the kangaroo really became more manic!

Seeing it will beat its two daughters

Matthew immediately stepped forward to protect the child!

As a result, the robust Matthew couldn't beat the kangaroo!

His whole body was scratched and bloody

Two ribs were broken, and the ear was almost torn off!

Do you think you will only encounter kangaroos in tourist attractions? That would be very wrong!

Stay home well

May be attacked by kangaroos!

Australian brother Justin Lewis was walking around in his backyard this day, and he unexpectedly encountered a large kangaroo.

As a result, he was beaten and his face was swollen!

His sturdy arms are full of kangaroo scratches. It seems that even a strong man is not a kangaroo's opponent!

Justin’s house was invaded by kangaroos more than once, and on another occasion, the family returned home.

Saw a kangaroo popping up in the backyard

They are beating their little Pomeranian!

Who is offended by such a cute dog! The family members who have experienced kangaroo violence can only watch from a distance and call someone from the Wildlife Association to help.

But while waiting anxiously

Little Hiromi was beaten to death by a kangaroo...

Chinese aunt Liya Chan was playing golf on the golf course, just as she was chatting and laughing with her golfers.

A terrifying threat suddenly hit the innocent her!

A big kangaroo, manic as a bison, suddenly rushed into the court,

With that sharp claw

Scratched all over Ms. Liya's body!

"I fell and he jumped into my face,

I quickly picked up my No. 7 iron to defend myself. "

"I was so frightened!"

Debbie Urquhart is an Australian beauty fitness trainer. One day, she was jogging for exercise.

Suddenly by one2m tall giant kangarooBlock the way!

I saw it use its tail to prop up its body, and then use its strong legs,Kicked Debbie into the air...

Debbie fell to the ground hard, she let out a cry of fear, cry for help...

The kangaroo became even more excited after hearing the call!

It beat Debbie harder and used its paws on herGrab everywhere, stab!

(Network map, has nothing to do with this article)

As a professional fitness coach, Debbie's physique is already much stronger than the average female.

But in the face of this giant,She couldn't resist at all, and was tossed around like a rag doll.

She fell into despair, thinking that she would definitely die under the claws of a kangaroo this time...

In the end, she can only lie on the ground

Install! dead!

After not knowing how long it took, the kangaroo seemed to be tired too, so he stopped attacking and moved away slowly.

It wasn't until after keeping a long distance from it that Debbie hid in the grass.Flew home at an escape speed.

After seeing the bruised and bloody Debbie, my husband broke his heart! Immediately send her to the hospital for emergency!

Netizens were stunned when they saw this picture, and couldn't believe that this was actually a scar caused by a kangaroo! !

After the examination, the doctor concluded thatCritical Condition, Her injuries belong toSerious Injury!

Look at this scary arm, a few holes poked by kangaroo paws

It is reported that Debbie’s arms, shoulders, and hips suffered the most serious injuries, and were stitched in total.35-pin.

After rescue, Debitts was safely out of danger and was discharged from the hospital 2 days later.

But this incident caused a certain psychological shadow to her:

"Every time I close my eyes, it stands alive in front of me, it's terrible..."

Sharon Heinrich, an Australian woman living in Clare Valley, Tianzheng and her friends rode bicycles happily when passing a scenic area,


A crazy kangaroo rushed to Sharon

Drag her off the bike and beat her violently

As a result, Sharon's breast implants were blown up!

The doctor said that Sharon's injury could be even more fatal if it weren't for having breast augmentation implants! The lucky one who was saved by the prosthesis...

Kangaroo not only spares women

Not even the children!

Not only is it crazy to attack humans, but the reproduction ability of kangaroos is amazing!

Today, the number of kangaroos in Australia is already as large as the population of AustraliadoubleThat's too much!

See why Kangaroo essence is so popular, you can imagine the powerful fertility...

Amazing fecundity

Make trouble

Beat the people

All this leads to

The Australian government had to introduce policies,

Control the number of kangaroos.

The official document of the Australian government also stated,

Kangaroo isPests!

Stop talking, let's organize a group to eat kangaroos...


It is said that kangaroo meat is low in fat and high in nutrition.

Suitable to replace beef

Government said

If people don't eat it, give it to dogs!

Replace dog food with kangaroo meat

There are still benefits....

The Australian government has also issued a cry for help to the world

I beg you!

Come and help us eat kangaroos!

You can also buy ingredients in the supermarket,

Try to do it.

The editor feels that as the worst national treasure in the world, Lord Kangaroo needs to reflect on himself.

But seeing its strong and terrifying appearance...

My words should be weakly swallowed into my stomach,

It's strong