According to Australian Nine News, less than a day after the terrorist attack in New Zealand,A man drove a car into a mosque in southern Brisbane and the police have charged him

On Saturday afternoon, the 23-year-old man from Browns Plains was found drug-driving on Buckleigh Rd in Stockleigh and was forbidden to drive for 24 hours.

Police said he returned to the car after being released, then drove into the closed gate of the Baitul Masroor Mosque, cursed the people inside, and drove home.

(Image source: "Sydney Morning Herald")

He was subsequently arrested and charged with vandalism, public obstruction, and driving while prohibited from driving.

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The Queensland Islamic Council and the Queensland Imam Committee invite Muslims and non-Muslims to follow them on SundayPray for the victims of the terrorist attack in New Zealand at the Brisbane Islamic Institute

"We can only overcome hatred if we unite and support each other on the basis of human nature." The social media post of the event said, "Let us unite and pray for the safety of the victims and their families."

Hundreds of Muslims in Sydney pray for the victims, with tears in their eyes and fear and anxiety

In Sydney on Saturday, hundreds of Muslims gathered at the Lakemba Mosque to pray in silence for the victims of the New Zealand shooting.

After the shooting, the New Zealand authorities warned Muslims not to go to the mosque for worship for the time being. When the Australian authorities said,The local mosque is not a threat

Samari Dandan, president of the Lebanese Muslim Association, said,The Australian mosque is likely to be the next target.

He said: "This makes us scared. In fact, we have also taken many actions, including seeking help from the local police. We are extremely worried about the safety of all places of worship. It is hard to believe that the terrorist acts of white supremacy have come to our closest. Neighboring countries."

Other Islamic leaders condemned the shooting. The Australian Islamic Council AFIC urged all levels of government in Australia to focus on the rise of anti-Muslim sentiment and extremism. Both the federal government and the state government ensure that the concerns of the Muslim community are truly heard and responded to. .

On March 3, at a press conference held in Sydney, New South Wales Governor Gladys Berejiklian pointed out that the New Zealand shooting was an attack on "all of us", which also brought Australia and New Zealand closer together.

Berejiklian said that she attended the Lakemba Mosque prayer yesterday and felt very heavy.

She said: "Last night, I saw a community in shock and grief. It is reported that in order to protect the safety of these Muslims, the Sydney police were deployed last night to guard the prayers."

Thousands of people in New Zealand pray on the streets to mourn the victims

In New Zealand, thousands of people hold flowers

Take to the streets in an orderly manner,

The silence at this moment,

KBest memorial.

TooBiggest resistance

The doorways of many mosques are already covered with flowers,

The victim's blood flowing on the ground,

It seems to be covered by this sea of ​​flowers,

People don’t want to forget,

People just want to change the way,remember.

When a cold-blooded terrorist shot and killed with hatred,

People in the whole city, chooseCommemorate with love

They put up a barrier with love,

Protecting those who are hurt....

The strangers hugged each other for comfort,

On this day, whether it is the prime minister,

Or a street gang,

Whether it is a tramp,

Still a little girl,

Work together to tide over the difficulties.

People in the dark,

50 candles lit