NSW Roads and Maritime Services has spent nearly A$800 million in expropriating houses in Cammeray, preparing for the Beaches Link.

According to real estate website Realestate, the Sydney Beach Link Tunnel project is planned to cost 140 billion Australian dollars, and the authorities have begun expropriating houses on the lower north shore.

18年1月份至19年3月份首批征收房屋价值768.02万澳元,包括莫登街(Morden St)1-3号公寓楼内的6套公寓,总价428万澳元。每套公寓价格64万至95万澳元不等。

Real estate research agency CoreLogic said the NSW Roads and Maritime Services Department still needs to acquire another six apartments in the apartment building.

It is reported that the NSW Roads and Maritime Services Department also bought a 430-bedroom detached house at 53 Bellevue St next door for $4 million this month.

Sydney Beach Connection Tunnel Project (Photo from Realestate website)

A spokesperson for the Department of Roads and Maritime Services of NSW confirmed to the media that the acquisition of the Morden Street apartment building and the independent house on Bellevue Street is related to the proposed tunnel project.

At the time of the NSW general election, the project has long become a hot topic of discussion among local residents. Residents hope to reduce the traffic flow on Military Rd.

In 2017, the Gladys Berejiklian government announced the proposed tunnel project on the eve of the North Shore by-election, which is scheduled to be completed in 2026.

Opposition leader Michael Daley and the NSW Labor Party have said that if they win the election, they will cancel the beach connection tunnel project and transfer funds to the construction of Western Sydney.