In recent years, more and more Chinese have chosen to travel abroad.Many people's first choice is to go to some scenic islands known for their blue sky and sea.

However, when playing by the sea, many Chinese tourists focus on taking photos.Security issues are often overlooked.

Recently, a foreign netizen filmed and released a video.

In the video, a girl is standing on the edge of a famous cliff on Bali’s Lembongan island, but sheBut he didn't notice the huge waves coming towards him behind him.

As a result, the huge wave shot the girl flying, and the person shooting the video seemed to be shot down by the huge wave...

Fortunately, in the end, there was a video showing that the girl was not hurt too much. There were various degrees of scratches on the shoulders and head, and the whole person looked pale and weak.Come out in "Hour of Fright".

From another video, in a conversation with the girl’s companion, you can hear what they sayMandarin Chinese, indicating that they may all be Chinese tourists and Chinese who travel here.

In another video, it can be seen that in the same place, many tourists holding umbrellas have no defense against the surging waves, fleeing in all directions.

Such a thrilling picture really makes the Australian coal capital"Scared one", Reprinted and reported this "thrilling news".

It is understood that the scenic spot where the video was filmed is one of the most dangerous spots in the entire Bali region.

From 2017 to 18,There have been many incidents where Chinese tourists accidentally fell off the cliff and died.

In June 2018, a tourist from China took a selfie on the cliff while visiting Lembongan Island, the eastern outer island of Bali, a famous tourist destination in Indonesia, called "Devil's Tears". After being hit by the waves, he accidentally lost his focus. Hai died.

In July 2017, a Chinese female tourist accidentally fell into the sea and drowned to death while taking a selfie by the seaside cliff in Phuket, Thailand. In the end, the lifeguard rode a motorboat to find the remains of the female tourist in the sea 7 meters from the coast and transported it back to shore.

In order to prevent such accidental cliff falling incidents from happening, relevant local departments have set upWarning signs in Chinese and EnglishTo warn people of the dangers of cliffs and huge waves.

But under the warning,There are still many tourists who do not listen to persuasion to go their own way, resulting in tragedy.

In addition to refusing to listen to dissuasion, and making dangerous moves in order to take pictures,There are also many Chinese tourists who are ignorant and make "crazy" actions.

Earlier, a Chinese tourist who came to Australia came to the short video live broadcast platform for a "fancy death":Catch the blue-ringed octopus, one of the "Twelve King Kong" in Tuao!

The same crazy move has attracted the attention of the Australian media and complained by countless Australian netizens.

Because for Australians, the blue-ringed octopus is"Poison Zun" likeThe presence…

A blue-ringed octopus that is only 10 cm in size has enough toxins in its bodyKill 26 sturdy adults quickly!

If people are caught with this poison, they will have symptoms of pain, nausea, vomiting, bleeding, vision loss, vision loss and paralysis!

And there is currently no cure, but effective heart massage and medical assistance can help treat blue-ringed octopus bites.