Words to parents

The author "Shadow" works for a listed education and training company in the United States and is a physics teacher under k12. When I first received the submission, I asked her, would you not be afraid of being scolded when you hit such a title? "Shadow" said that everyone will understand what I mean after reading it.

The “poor family” mentioned by the shadow refers more to the parents of children who don’t like to learn or think, and are mentally impoverished. They are confined to their own vision. They did not put effort into their children when they were young, but they grew up. When learning difficulties are encountered, he only hopes to find a teacher to make up the lesson. As a make up teacher who has been teaching for many years, Ying knows the helplessness of this.

Long Yingtai said, "Parents have an expiration date." No matter how hard the parents work after "expiration", they will be more effective than 10 years ago. Let us take it as a warning and try to be spiritually wealthy parents from now on.

Today I received a call from a parent saying that the little girl did not do well in mid-term math and physics. She scolded the child and wanted to fight. Fortunately, the child cried and begged for mercy to ensure that she would study math and physics well in the future.

In fact, I know that the little girl’s mother called me just to tell me whether you have a problem with your level after studying for so long and not growing.

But because I usually communicate well, the parents are not too difficult to talk about. For such parents, I actually have nothing to say for a long time.

That's right, I am a physics teacher under k12, a large domestic extracurricular tuition organization. I have been teaching for many years and seeing this kind of parents, when I first entered the industry, I was rather angry and willing to reason with them. Now I am too lazy to deal with this kind of person, willing to learn, but if I don't want to, I will quickly refund and leave.

Now I am particularly unwilling to teach children from the "poor family". I know that I will be scolded when it comes to this. Some people must say that I dislike the poor and love the rich. Hehe, then watch it and scold me after reading it.

It's too late to cultivate logical thinking skills in the third grade

The little girl’s parents are not financially well-off, and they are not well-educated. Therefore, I understand their feelings when they hope that their children will become dragons and their daughters will become phoenixes.

Because of limited economic conditions and limited vision, I didn't put much effort into the little girl's elementary school. But because the child’s elementary school is not very good, and the burden of the Education Committee is reduced, it does not reflect the problem of too many children.

The little girl and I were very serious in class. Every time we did a wrong question in class, we were reluctant to tell her, because I knew she didn't mean it. The parents beat her because she didn't learn well, as if she didn't want to study hard. I know how hard and hard she is. I love this child and will find her review materials in other subjects in private.

The little girl would study late every time after school. Her science is not good, so most of her time is devoted to physics and mathematics.

Let’s make up for the Beijing junior high school physics exam. Teachers all know that even after studying for a long time, the IQ is not enough and they can’t get an absolute high score. The test is the child’s aptitude and ability. No matter how the child practices, he should not get it. No points yet.

If you are not smart enough, you should use the dumb method to change grades. If someone else does one question, you will do three. This is really useful in the junior high school stage, and it is also aimed at children with particularly poor logical thinking. Realistically speaking, this kind of students They still couldn't get high scores in the physics entrance examination because of their insufficient ability.


This kind of problem arises for a little girl. In fact, the brain cannot perform logical operations for a little longer. The wrong questions later are horrible, and they won’t be able to answer them. The answers are almost the same as if they were never learned.

This kind of child has poor congenital logical thinking, but if you are lucky enough to meet a parent who understands education and is willing to observe the child, they will find this problem when the child is very young, and will do a lot of exercises related to this situation, and may not Completely solve this problem, but after a long period of training, it will definitely alleviate.

Parents, do you think that children's sensory integration ability, learning habits and logical thinking ability are all cultivated in the third grade?

Smart parents start to solve their children's problems since childhood

In fact, after many years of teaching, I found that the IQ of children in junior high school, including habits, is absolutely related to the child’s family. The effect of family education on children’s words and deeds is really amazing.

The vast majority of parents of "poor families" also realized the importance of education when their children were facing the entrance examination for senior high school and college entrance examination. At this time, they really did not hesitate to pay for their children's education. They took the only money at home and applied them to extracurricular tuition classes. , Reported 1 to 1, and then shook the child vigorously, must study hard, the child looked blankly at the mother, and the pressure was great.

When you first started registering for classes, did you investigate the institution’s established education system? It doesn't matter, some parents of children will say that there is nothing wrong with finding a big organization.

But how many of you really understand education, are willing to study your children's problems on your own, and then tell the teacher about your children's shortcomings, and let the teachers who tutor them help solve them? It doesn't matter, I feel at ease when I spend the money on my child.

So after watching "Running Man" at home, watch "Langya List" and wait for the child to get a high score in the exam. If he does not do well in the exam, he beats and scolds the child, saying that he has sacrificed everything for the child and the child has not worked hard, etc., and then complain The extracurricular teachers blamed them and told the surrounding parents that this tuition institution was useless.

This kind of parent I want to tell you that by the time the child reaches the third grade, the child’s own problems have been formed. At this time, you think that with just a few lessons, the make-up teacher can really solve your child’s logical thinking. Ability?

Just because you don’t like to learn, you still expect your child to take 100 subjects every time they take the exam? After graduating for so many years, my family didn’t even have a decent book at home, and I hope my child can read the book? For a child who has difficulty reading a question with more than 200 words, do you still expect a full score in physics?

In recent years, because school education has been propagating to reduce the burden and the school time has been reduced, many parents who have changed their life trajectory through learning have realized that this is a lie, just listen to it, no one takes it seriously. Because no matter how the Board of Education changes, the path of selecting talents for the middle school entrance examination and college entrance examination has not changed.

Because of their cleverness, such parents can always see the essence of things when they are in trouble. They can find their children’s problems sharply, and then find various ways to communicate with others to improve their children’s problems, starting from the time the child was 3 years old. The enthusiasm for studying by oneself cultivates children, and thoroughly compensates for their learning habits and shortcomings before graduation from elementary school.

I used to chat with a Kochi father. His children were very active when they were young, and they were unable to concentrate for a long time. Despite the lack of vitamins and body, the parents prepared lessons at home, checked information on the Internet, and teachers in the education industry. Exchange, go to chat with the regular tuition class teacher, study, finally sum up the way to deal with the child's problem by oneself.

He used building blocks, small games, and playing in the wild to increase the time for children to concentrate. He also took the children to travel abroad to enhance their knowledge.

Of course, it is not the kind of travel that involves getting in the car to sleep and getting off to take pictures. It is basically a self-guided tour. Sometimes the father deliberately doesn't bring enough money to let the children think and solve problems by themselves.

When it was handed over to me in the third grade of junior high school, I gave the child a little bit, and his score improved by leaps and bounds. Of course, I think the high score of this child in the final exam has nothing to do with me, because the child's ability is.

But I really don’t want to teach children from "poor people". As an after-school tutoring teacher, I really can’t solve so many problems for children. I can teach children problem-solving skills, but I can’t understand all the problems. For children’s churches, I can’t organize their logical abilities that they have lacked for more than 10 years. I can’t do many things.

But I feel sorry for their kind of children. I have worked hard to bring these kind of children. It is this kind of children who use my time to help the most. I know that it is not easy for their parents to send them here, but In the end, it was this kind of children who couldn't mention many points or even didn't mention them. In the end, they were complained by their parents, which made me a little sad.

Please read more books at home

Now everyone can understand what I mean by "the poor". In fact, the lack of substance is not the most terrible thing. If the method is appropriate, it will become a good medicine for the growth of children.

By "poor people's home", I mean the parents of children who don't like to learn, can't think, and are mentally impoverished. Under your guidance, their children don't know where they will go.

If you are financially permitted, please take your children out to see the world more and take an "effective tour", let the children see the world, the mountains and rivers outside, know that there are many other ways of living besides yourself. When the local customs have a panoramic view, I don't believe that these children will have problems with the psychological quality of the exam when they grow up.

If your economy does not allow, then please read more books at home, don’t always hold your mobile phone, TV, and computer endlessly. "Zhen Huan Biography" and "Flower Thousand Bone", they will not solve any problems in the growth of your children. problem.

Please read more books at home. For your own children, set an example for your children and tell them how the book is read, whether it is intensive or close? How to figure out the psychology of the characters, I don't believe that children who grow up like this will have problems with reading and writing in the language test.

Don't always discuss with others about Zhang's parents and Li's short story. Let your children see how you love life. Even if the material is scarce, you must have the ability to decorate a Coke bottle into a vase.

Please read more books at home when you are alright, and less of the behavioral thoughts that place hopes on your children. If you work hard, your children will see and guide them appropriately, and your children will move in the direction you want.