Hello everyone, I am Yu girl.Li Shengli Burning Sun NightclubYou have all heard of it. Since the nightclub beating incident broke out, many scandals such as drugs, rape, and bribery have followed.

This incident aroused public outrage. It not only violated the law, but also challenged the moral bottom line.In particular, the act of rape is extremely disrespectful to women.

The streaming video shows that Victory Nightclub uses "G water"The female customer was prescribed medicine, and MD sent it to the VIP room, allowing the VIP customer to sexually assault the female customer.

During the whole process, the victimized female completely lost consciousness and had no ability to resist. This is the medicinal effect of "G Water".

G water is a typical rape water. Taking a certain dose can make people enter a state of vision, hearing, and excitement.

Li Shengli nightclub used this medicine to poison women, it was really heinous.

However, this is just a hole in the drug,The industrial chain behind the rape drug is far more terrifying than we thought.


Have you ever participated in a "party"?

It's the kind of people who sing, sing, drink and drink together, play some small games, friends bring friends, and everyone knows each other.

This is a normal way of socializing among young people, but the magic claws are quietly extended to girls.

According to The Paper, on January 2017, 1, Xiao Ai (a pseudonym), a college student, participated in a "boom party". Three men and two women sang and danced together and played small games.

Xiao Ai had a good amount of alcohol, but she became confused when she didn't drink much that day. In the dimness, she felt that someone had taken off her clothes, and she was no longer aware of the following things.

When Xiao Ai woke up, she was already lying on the bed in the dormitory. Who took her clothes off? Who sent her back to school? What happened during this period?

She couldn't think of it at all, and she was so upset that she called the police.

The police investigated the three men in depth and found that their purpose of holding a "party" was to rape girls. Not only that, theyNude photos and sex videos of the raped girls were also taken as a threat in the future.

The wicked get a quick moment, but for the girl, it is a disaster.

Crisis is everywhere, the hand of the devil is everywhere, is there a safe place for girls in this world?


The case of "misconduct" is not an isolated case, nor is it remote.

It may happen by your side, and the perpetrator may be the person you most unexpectedly expected.

A 7-meter tall boy with fair features, beautiful features, cheerful personality, good at a variety of musical instruments, and looking so beautiful, he secretly raped XNUMX girls.

19-year-old Xiao Yang (pseudonym)Musical instrument teacherThe identity of the girl hooks up on the Internet, tricks them into the home, and commits rape.

After the rape, before the other party notices,Delete the other party quickly.

He used this method to rape 7 girls one after another and took a video.

If the Internet is mixed, it is hard to tell the authenticity. So, when the case is an acquaintance, we are caught off guard.

There are a lot of similar cases on the Internet, and every title is frightening.

When you share roommates, boyfriends, classmates, suitors, and use drugs to hurt you, you have no power at all.

The greatest evil of human nature is the hypocrisy of the people around him. He is many times more evil than the obvious wicked. He makes you hard to guard against. He is the wolf who is hungry and defies at any time.


There have been rumors of drug abuse in the market. When a bad guy pats you on the shoulder, you will obediently follow him.This is basically impossible. Because any medicine needs time and dosage to produce effect.

Miss Yu's rapist drug written today is not so vivid.Usually the perpetrator adds medicine to your drink or alcohol.Once you take it, you will lose consciousness and be at the mercy of others.

There are many rape drugs on the market with different names, including ""Demon Cupid", "Mark Canine", "Good Water" and "Obey Water".

Source: Beijing News

No matter which one is, there are four ingredients:

  • Triazolam

It is a sleeping pill that can quickly hypnotize for 10 minutes, and the normal dose will make you sleepy for several hours. The perpetrator took the opportunity to start, you are unconscious.

  • Clonazepam

It will make people "fragments" and cause transient amnesia. In other words, you have no memory of what the wicked did to you during the effective period. This medicine can cause great damage to the brain nerves, and it may make you stupid in severe cases.

  • Ether

This is an anesthetic. Cover your mouth and nose with a towel moistened with ether, and the person will faint in a while. In one university sexual assault case, the perpetrator used this method to rape girls in the toilet.

  • Ketamine

Also known as K powder, this is a white powder. Once taken, it will make people feel "out of their soul".

This medicine is colorless and tasteless, and its power will start half an hour after taking it, and the effect will be faster when placed in wine. Once it works, you will be unconscious and lose control of your behavior. No matter what the bad guy does to you, you will have no ability to resist.

These four drugs are all nationally controlled drugs. Among them, triazolam and ketamine are subordinate drugs. Overdose can be addictive and cause irreversible harm to the body.

In general, the effects of these drugs are to blur your consciousness, make you lose your ability to defend yourself, and do whatever you want.

What's more frightening is that when you wake up, you have no memory of the bad guy and what he did.

Obtaining evidence is difficult, and protecting rights is even more difficult.


Rape drugs are drugs that the country expressly prohibits the sale of, then,Where did they come from?

The public [email protected] don’t be afraid to receive submissions from readers last year.91 website(Pornography website) found an advertisement for a drug, so he uncovered the amazing industrial chain behind it.

Advertisers usually lead customers to their WeChat accounts, and the prices of the drugs listed by the other party range from tens to thousands.

In addition to providing rape drugs, the owner also openedWeChat group(The group name is really ironic).

There are hundreds of people active in this group every day, and the content of the discussion is unsightly:The process of live broadcast, methods of rape, and risk prevention.

Live fan rape videos can be changed for free, Is the default unspoken rule of the industry.

These videos were uploaded to the 91 website by the group owners, which received a large amount of traffic, and then advertised themselves for profit. This is the "principle of mutual benefit" between merchants and customers.

Even more terrifying is,The girl who was violated in the video did not code, so she was naked and watched by hundreds of thousands of people every day, and they were completely unaware of it.

As for the tricky method, it is hard to guard against.

Drop the eye drops into the straw.

Secretly put it in the soup.

Put it in Starbucks drinks.

Also put in yogurt lids and cocktails.

These contents make Yu girl feel scalp numb, and there is no more evil of human nature than this.

In addition to selling through video sites, some sellers alsoSmall tradeform.

The aforementioned Xiao Yang bought medicines from a micro-business. The seller is a 21-year-old boy. He finds young young men on the Internet every day and takes the trouble to post pictures and videos to arouse the sexual desires of young people and conclude the transaction.

Until arrested,He has sold the drug to hundreds of WeChat friends.

Not only that, some reporters also found that some sellers established severalQQ group.

The number of people in each QQ group ranges from several hundred to several thousand. They not only sell drugs to group members, but also develop agents.

From manufacturers to wholesale to retail, a complete industrial chain has long been formed.

Source: Beijing News

What’s more terrifying than selling on websites, WeChat groups, and QQ groups is thatThere is also a platform as big as a treasure.

A few days ago, the public account @新90 after doing a test, enter the keyword "Urge fans"The seller popped up (it could not be searched after being exposed).

Source: New 90s

The drug sellers you want can provide you.

Source: New 90s

In addition to the keyword urging fans, there are also keywords such as "fans please drugs" (which can not be searched after being exposed), which shows that these merchants are also racking their brains to play word games in order to sell goods.

Even more terrifying is,Some have hundreds of sales, I don’t know how many innocent girls were killed.

In fact, most of the customers of rapist drugs will buy repeatedly, and even introduce friends to buy. As long as they taste the pleasure of rapist, it will not be so easy to stop.

These, we see only a part, there are more sellers in places we can't see, using this disgusting means to make a lot of money.


Merchants make huge profits by selling rape drugs, and bad guys use rape drugs to satisfy their desires.No one cares about the harm these drugs do to girls, and no one cares about how they will survive after things happen.

Even if the perpetrators are exposed and punished, it does not mean that the injuries suffered by the girls are reduced.

In many cases, the trauma of being sexually assaulted his life and ruined half of his life.

I saw a post on the Tianya forum, a21-year-old girl was raped on her birthday,miss yousuicideCome to liberate.

There are also beasts consulting on the lawyer network,I raped my cousin and committed suicide. What should I do?It's not an exaggeration for this kind of scum to go to hell!

Rape is the most terrifying form of sexual assault, itThe biggest harm to a girl is not the body, but the psychology.

Some surveys show that people who have been sexually assaulted are more likely to suffer from depression than ordinary people3 times higher, The likelihood of stress disorder is 6 times higher,4 times more likely to commit suicide.

Sexually assaultedLin YihanSuffered from severe depression, committed suicide at the age of 26; was sexually assaultedLan Jieying, Mental disorder, fell down for half a lifetime, and finally left with hatred.

The frightening thing about rape is that it ravages your body, and what is even more frightening is that it tramples on your dignity.

Among those innocent girls, some were depressed and unhappy after silence, some died without disease after resistance, and some committed suicide after jumping off the building after despair.

But what did they do wrong?


Girl Yu wrote this article for a long time, and she couldn't write it several times in the middle.

I have checked a lot of information. As a girl, these contents make me feel very uncomfortable, and I feel resentful in my throat.

In the eyes of these demons, the girl had no personal rights and no personal dignity, but was used as a tool for them to play and vent.

They booed, laughed, and flaunted, the lewd smiles, the nasty words, and the dirty deals are inferior to beasts!

All girl Yu can do is write it out,Hope you guys can help meForwardGo out, Let more people pay attention, let the devil be brought to justice, don't let the girl be violated again.

You must move forward bravely ahead of the dangerous shoal, speaking out is a kind of resistance!



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