Today is New Zealand, who will it be tomorrow? Countries such as France, Germany, and the United Kingdom have actually reached their limits. Of course, don’t think that the United States can escape...So, the fiasco of the West is not about civilization’s inability to change barbarism, but the New Zealand massacre that turned the civilized world into IS!

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In the last year of Obama's presidency, IS made a small news. There was a mother who persuaded her son to leave the IS organization. This has nothing to do with justice, but the mother was afraid that "the anti-terrorist alliance will eliminate all IS members." After that, the son took his mother to live XX and mutilated it, and organized a football match with his mother's head. Everyone was happy...

Even so, the leftist, led by Obama, insisted that IS members are not bad in nature, and all the evil they do have "difficulties", and they should be educated with universal values, not force. So, in the policy of "muffling people with Germany" after Obama took office,IS has grown from a small organization in 2008 to the largest terrorist organization on the planet.

There is no doubt that you will never be able to use universal values ​​to educate a group of scumbags who use their mother's head to kick the ball. In order to cover up his failure, Obama changed his slogan before stepping down, saying that the Islamic State will never be wiped out, because it is the demon of humanity! It's just that the term "heart demon" is too literary, and real estate developers don't understand it! Trump, who is new to power, is stunned by the IS problem that has ravaged the world for ten years...

For Trump, the key to this is not how to teach IS members, but to teach them for Mao?Is the aircraft carrier not easy to use, or the Tomahawk missile is not fun?So, ten years later, the American iron fist finally hit IS. Of course, Trump also encountered the same problems as Obama during this period. IS used illegal weapons and baby body armor.

In the Obama era, the US military did not dare to do anything to IS. Because the gang of IS has their three-month-old children as body armor on their chests. How do you fight? If you dare to shoot the baby, if you are not a human being, you just...hehe, do you think this set is useful for the old gangster Trump? Or let's put it another way, do you think that housing prices are too high and it would be useful to threaten real estate developers to lower prices by jumping off buildings?

So, less than a year after Trump came to power, the IS that has plundered the earth for nearly ten years has basically disappeared!Of course, Trump has not eradicated the demons of human beings, nor has he fundamentally solved the IS problem, not to mention... It's just that although the problem has not been solved, the people who created the problem have been blown into flesh. However, this is still not the strongest aspect of Trump...

Trump's greatest strength is not to kill IS for all mankind, but to announce the withdrawal of troops from the Middle East after killing IS! Because this is tantamount to announcing the complete failure of America's "XNUMX-year history of the Middle East"!

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After the United States eliminated IS and withdrew its troops from Syria, did anyone still say that the United States was fighting the Middle East for profit? If there is interest, Trump, who has everything "America First", wants to withdraw his troops for Mao? Hey, the United States never fights in the Middle East for profit, but...don’t forget,The United States is a religious country. Almost every American has missionary sentiments and wants to spread universal values ​​(gospel) throughout the world!However, this one-hundred-year history has proved that the universal value of the United States has completely failed!

Trump is greater than Obama in that he admitted a fact that even a blind man can see! The fact is,The United States has spent hundreds of billions of dollars and sacrificed the lives of countless American soldiers. After a hundred years of fighting in the Middle East, is there any civilized country in the Middle East today?Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen... What is Quante's beheading, corpse breaking, stoning, etc., shame of mankind!

Moreover, not only did America's centuries-old efforts fail to use root hair, but also opened Pandora's box to the world. Today's New Zealand tragedy is the responsibility of the United States!

Although the Western countries did not send troops to the Middle East like the United States, their cultures have been passed down in the same vein and they also believe in universal values. Therefore, after the United States sent troops to the Middle East, the Western countries assumed the responsibility of accepting refugees. however,Refugees are a hundred times more than terrorists, they are "soft knife killing the country"……Do not believe? Go and see the greatest country in modern human history, France!

There is no doubt that, as the country that gave birth to the "Declaration of Human Rights," France is definitely the pride of human civilization! However, you can check it out today. Not to mention Paris, which is as dirty and messy as public toilets, there are already some areas in France that even the police dare not enter. The refugees inside are managed by religious police...what does this mean? It means that refugee mothers have to marry their 8-year-old daughter to an 80-year-old man. It means that bloody XX circumcision is to be carried out, which means...That is France, the heart of human civilization!Now, do you know that IS was born for the Mao Middle East Society?

What’s more tragic is that the “baptism of civilization” of Western sexual immorality did not happen, because refugees have long claimed that their faith does not allow them to work for infidels, and all infidels are their livestock slaves and must provide for them...Finally , The New Zealand tragedy broke out today. and,Everyone knows that this is just the beginning, not the end!

Today is New Zealand, who will it be tomorrow? Countries such as France, Germany, and the United Kingdom have actually reached their limits. Of course, don’t think that the United States will be able to escape, just look at the horrible remarks made by the Democratic refugee congresswomen. So,The fiasco of universal values ​​is not the inability of civilization to change barbarism, but the New Zealand massacre that turned the civilized world into IS!

Then, when universal values ​​fail miserably, how should we face the conflicts of different civilizations? In fact, the answer lies in the "suicide note" of the New Zealand tragedy...

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Unlike IS members, the terrorist attackers in New Zealand said in their "suicide note" that they are not racial discriminators, and they do not hate refugees in the Middle East, but they hate those who "invade" their country. That is to say, if the refugees do not come to New Zealand, they will even support the state to give humanitarian aid to the refugees in the Middle East... Then, what is their appeal for the massacre? Actually, I don't want New Zealand to be like a certain country, but I want New Zealand to be like Japan! because,Japan is a model for mankind to handle the clash of civilizations!

In diplomacy, have you seen Japanese leaders visit Middle Eastern countries? The relationship between Japan and Middle Eastern countries basically started with oil and ended with oil. Except for oil, Japanese officials will never grant citizenship to refugees in the Middle East, and are so cautious that they will not even grant permanent residency!

Moreover, no Middle Eastern refugees smuggled into Japan. Because, unlike Western countries, Japan will never give Middle Eastern refugees any chance of survival! So, is Japan engaging in nationalism? Haha, damn it, the island country Japan is already the world's fourth largest immigrant country!

However, unlike the United States and Europe,While welcoming large numbers of immigrants, Japan firmly opposes diversity.This means that all people who immigrate to Japan must accept mainstream Japanese cultural values. So, in today's globalization, is this narrow mononuclear cultural value correct? Hehe, just look at the Swedes.

As we all know, the reputation of Swedes all over the world is not very good, except in Japan. After accepting the mainstream cultural values ​​of Japan, the Swedes became polite, honest and trustworthy, hardworking...It was the Swedes who immigrated to Japan in large numbers and revitalized Hokkaido, the declining four provinces of the East! So, do you think Japan’s mononuclear cultural values ​​are good? However, no matter how good Japanese cultural values ​​are, Middle Eastern refugees cannot accept it.

Japan does not accept refugees from the Middle East, nor does the refugees from the Middle East accept Japan. There is no need for two civilizations to come into contact with each other, and it is naturally impossible to conflict. However, this is not to say that Japan, as a super economic power, has not assumed the common responsibility of human civilization.

Although Japan neither sends troops to the Middle East nor accepts refugees, Japan is one of the world's largest foreign aid countries! Moreover, Japan's aid is different from the West, it does not have any XX purpose, and it is so pure! So, what's wrong with this?

Throughout human history, all human disasters originate from wanting to change other countries. However, in human history, no country has ever been able to change another country. Just like, the United States, which is XNUMX times stronger than the Middle East countries today, has never changed the Middle East at all! because,Only oneself and God can change a country!So, what are the consequences of pretending to be God?

The consequence is the New Zealand tragedy. It is not that civilization cannot change barbarism, but that "If you fight with the dragon for too long, you will become the dragon; if you stare at the abyss for too long, you will stare back at the abyss"...There is no doubt that pretending to force God is not only meaningless, but also painful. Because human civilization still has many, many things waiting for Western developed countries to achieve...

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The hardest fact in the history of human civilization is thatThe way to determine the progress of human civilization has never been to make up for shortcomings, but to make longboards longer. This is true of human civilization in the past, and it is the same today. Just like, a hundred years ago, the contribution of the Middle East, Africa, South America and other half of the earth to human civilization was not as good as Einstein’s hair, and today is also not as good as Musk’s hair... Then, you and A hair, play with hair?

I sincerely hope that the New Zealand tragedy can change human history and change the thinking of developed countries. Because "the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility" does not mean that you have to put the mud on the wall, but have the time and energy, why not immigrate to Mars, conquer cancer, practice artificial intelligence...or, develop VR big sword is also good!

Author: minthi Source: Pharaoh Love drift