Every family faces the problem of choosing a school. The Chinese attach great importance to the education of their children. With the increase of investment immigration, more parents have set their sights on private schools. Private school students are more likely to become outstanding and successful people after entering society. Although the price is high, Chinese parents who pay attention to education will usually choose private schools if they have the means. Parents and children need to understand the characteristics of each private school, and choose the ideal private school according to local conditions to complete the children's own path to higher education.

 Choose a private school wisely 

Every child is unique, and so are private schools. Parents all hope to find suitable private schools for their children's skills or beliefs.

Excellent private high schools, although the tuition is relatively high, but enjoy high quality of teaching. Private high schools usually have a long history of school establishment and have a good reputation and credibility. The students in the school are basically from lawyers, doctors, senior government officials, celebrities and other high-income families. The source and quality of the students are therefore extremely guaranteed. .

Private schools usually offer more subjects than traditional schools, focusing on developing students' curiosity, concentration, leadership, social skills or sense of responsibility.

The real advantages of private schools are reflected in the college graduation rate and the college entrance examination. Students from private schools score higher on the VCE or IB exams, and the graduation rate after entering university is also significantly higher. These two advantages benefit from the higher standards of private schools, which can be seen from the fact that private schools provide more courses in order to implement the educational philosophy they insist on.

But don’t think that the “best” private school around you is the best for your child. Find more schools that allow your child to reach their full potential. Build up your child’s self-confidence, develop a learning habit, or learn leadership skills. .

Parents need to be reminded: it is your child who is going to school, not you. Therefore, don't forget that you have to choose a school that is truly suitable for your children.

 How to define a good private school? 

What exactly is a "good" private school? Different people have different answers, but good private schools are similar in some respects:

  • Care for students
  • Students and parents are highly satisfied with the school and teachers
  • Rich and diverse special courses
  • High-quality teaching and colorful after-school activities
  • Excellent teachers, advanced teaching facilities and equipment
  • Beautiful and safe campus environment

Private schools pay more attention to personalized education and the school’s admission rate, and cultivate many celebrity alumni from political and business circles; strict management, rich courses, and a very high proportion of graduates admitted to the eight prestigious schools.

     List of famous private schools in Melbourne

 Geelong Grammar 

School time: 1855

Geographic location :

TOORAK campus (primary school): ELC-6 grades do not live on campus

Grades 10-12, there are 600 students on the CORIO campus, all of whom live on campus

All 9th ​​grade students will live in Timbertop (training camp) for one year

Total number of students:1462 people

School characteristics:

Geelong Grammar is the only private school with a worldwide reputation in Melbourne, Australia. The British royal family Prince Charles once attended this school.

The unique way of life and education makes its students work hard, confident, tolerant, and respectful in all fields.

Now Geelong Grammar School has developed into Australia's largest boarding school, with approximately 1462 students.

Even though the tuition fees of Geelong Grammar School are the most expensive in Australia, the school’s advanced facilities and environment and the most reputable British royal education system in Melbourne still attract outstanding students from all over the world to join it.

The 9th grade students have to study normal courses and also have camping training. For one year, all students have to move to a special campus called "Timbertop" 300 kilometers away from the main campus. This campus covers an area of ​​3000 acres and is located in the very remote southern part of Australia. Faced with different challenges every day: physical training, climbing, swimming in the river, doing farm work on the farm, and raising cattle by yourself. What students learn is how to get along with others in a team.

 Melbourne Grammar 

Melbourne Grammar School

School time: 1858

Geographic location: Located on the banks of Melbourne’s mother river-Yarra (Yarra),

Total number of students:1797 people

Students in grades 7-12 can choose boarding

School characteristics :

Located in Melbourne's famous rich gathering area, located on St Kilda Rd. The school is connected to the downtown Swanstan pedestrian street in the north and St Kilda Beach in the south. Many world-renowned large companies choose to work in this area. The campus has a beautiful environment, surrounded by greenery, and school facilities are quite complete.

The excellent education level of MGS is well-known throughout the country. There were three Australian Prime Ministers (Stanley Bruce, The Rt. Hon. Alfred Deakin, The Rt. Hon. Malcolm Fraser) and two Victorian Governors (The Hon. Ted Baillieu, John Brumby) All graduated from the school.

(Stanley Bruce, the eighth prime minister of Australia)

MGS attaches great importance to all aspects of personal growth of students. From the physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual, students are trained to become talents who can make outstanding contributions to the society in the future, while also emphasizing the independence of students as individuals and respect for others.

In 2015, 3 students got a perfect score of 99.95 in the VCE exam.

  Wesley College  

School time: 1866


St Kilda Rd campus is located in South Melbourne, about 5 kilometers from the city centre;

The Glen Waverley campus is located in the southeast of Melbourne’s East End, about 20 kilometers from the city centre

Total number of students: 2982

School characteristics:

Wesley College is an established private school in Melbourne, Australia.

It occupies an important position in the history of Australian society and education; the school's school-running initiatives, standards of excellence and active exploration in many educational fields have won wide recognition.

Wesley School has trained two Australian prime ministers: Harold Edward Holt CH and Sir Robert Gordon Menzies, as well as several famous Australian political leaders and Australian generals, as well as many famous Australian scientists and sports stars.

The characteristics of Wesley’s school-running experience are the integration of innovation and tradition, freedom and self-discipline, classroom learning and creativity, and the balance and breadth of professional development.

Wesley College is the first high school in Australia to introduce and advocate IB (International Baccalaureate) courses, providing students with an international perspective and high school courses recognized by European and American universities. Since then, it has opened the first Australian IB course.

In 2016, the boarding school closed in 1980 was reopened to local and international students. A large boarding student area was newly built, including a dormitory, a student office for boarding students, a help center, outdoor activity venues and gardens, and a dining hall. These brand new, comfortable and modern student dormitories.

 Toorak College  

School time: 1874

Geography:Toorak College was originally located in Melbourne’s oldest wealthy district. Due to historical reasons and the persistence of British education, it was funded by the parents and alumni of the students. It moved from the original Toorak campus in 1928 to the present XNUMX kilometers away from Melbourne’s city center. The environment is beautiful. Waterfront Mornington peninsula.

Total number of students:670

On-campus boarding for 65 people

School characteristics:

It is a boarding private girls' school with a long history, an elegant and beautiful environment, and admiring the traditional education of British/Australian nobles. It is full of historical British architecture and modern educational concepts. It can be called the back garden for Australian rich and nobles to board their children.

For nearly a century, he has insisted on combining academic education with aristocratic etiquette. From pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade, we focus on students’ learning, and focus on cultivating students’ social etiquette, equestrian, sports, art, music, stage performance and other talents, so that every student will not only maintain excellent academic performance, but also do All-round female talent with certain high-level social etiquette.


Methodist Ladies' College (MLC) Methodist Ladies' College

School time: 1882

Geography:Located in Kew, north of Melbourne’s east, about 8 kilometers from the city centre

Total number of students:2050

Provide on-campus accommodation for 100 people (Tiddeman House)

School characteristics:

The Methodist Girls’ High School (MLC), founded in 1882, is one of Australia’s famous private boarding schools. Modern facilities are integrated with historic school buildings. Here, students not only enjoy the most comfortable living environment, but also have the most modern equipment to help them study and research.

The Australian Sun Herald has rated MLC as one of Australia's top ten girls' schools with outstanding academic achievements.

The curriculum of MLC is suitable for the needs of various students. MLC is proud of offering a wider range of courses than most other schools. The diversification of courses gives students the opportunity to enhance their talents and interests to ensure that every student has the opportunity to control their career choices.

 Lauriston Girls' School 

School time: 1901

Geography:Located at the junction of Toorak and Armadale, Melbourne's most famous wealthy area, with a beautiful environment, it is the leading girls' private secondary school in this wealthy area.

Total number of students:819

School characteristics:

Lauriston Girls School, one of the top private schools, has always maintained the highest standards for students, adheres to the "lady-style" education, and attaches great importance to the all-round development of each student. Continuous efforts are being made to cultivate new women in the 21st century.

Lauriston Girls School cooperated with Stanford University, the world's top university, to establish Australia's first 3D laboratory ([email protected]), through the most advanced science and technology, to inspire students' learning enthusiasm and creativity.

In addition to the most advanced 3D laboratory, Lauriston Girls School also provides a relaxing learning environment for students. The large sun room surrounded by green plants allows every child to study in the most comfortable space.

Lauriston Girls School provides different choices for each student. Whether it is VCE or IB, Lauriston Girls School ranks among the best in Melbourne every year in academic performance.

 Trinity Grammar School 

School time: 1902

Geographic location: Located in Kew, north of Melbourne’s east, about XNUMX kilometers from the city center

Total number of students:1357 people

Provide on-campus accommodation, which can accommodate 30 people

School characteristics:

Trinity is a century-old boys' school established by the Anglican priest. The school is located in "Garden City"-Melbourne, only 5 kilometers from the city center.

Trinity has a long history and talents come forth in large numbers, training a large number of politicians, diplomats, athletes, and scientists with excellent teaching quality.

The mission of the school is to focus on individual development and encourage mutual respect.

 Carey Baptist Grammar School 

Kerry Grammar School

School time: 1923

Geographic location: Two main campuses

·Kew campus is 8 kilometers away from Melbourne city center;

·Donvale campus is 32 kilometers away from Melbourne city center

Total number of students:2174 people

Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricularFeatures:

It is a mixed school. 12% of grade 99 graduates can enter the university.

The school is known for its outstanding student performance and excellent teaching quality. It uses advanced technology for classroom teaching and focuses on the cultivation of student independence, creativity, leadership and individuality. It is unique in Melbourne with its excellent education quality, and the VCE pass rate has been very high over the years.
The performance of overseas students is also outstanding. Many students are allowed to enter prestigious universities, and the enrollment rate is as high as 97%. In addition to the general high school curriculum, the school also adopts the world's most famous International Baccalaureate (IB) international curriculum, which is designed by the IB headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland for outstanding middle school students from all over the world.

 Alphington Grammar 

Afanton Grammar School

School time: 1989

Geographic location: Located in Alphington, East Melbourne, 10 kilometers from the city center

Total number of students:501 people

School characteristics:

Alphington is a mixed, multicultural, non-religious independent school. The combination of history and modernity has created the unique educational pattern of Al Fanton Grammar School in Melbourne.

A series of social activities plan and social exchange counseling to help overseas students integrate into Australian life as soon as possible and start a pleasant learning journey.