Let’s start with a heavy news recently announced by the Immigration Bureau.

189 independent skilled immigrants usher in major changes!

The Immigration Bureau revised the occupation list and added 36 new occupations!

Brought hope to the friends!

In the future, these new 36 positions will also be able to get PR for skilled immigrants!

(There is a complete list at the end of the article)

Let's take a look at such a few occupations!

Australia is in short supply!

Visa relaxation!

The annual salary is very high!

Australian official announcement: farmers are in short supply!

Annual salary of 60,

There is still a chance to get PR!

Australian government officials declared:

We lack farmers,

Come on!

The lack of farmers is not a day or two reported by the Australian media.

Remember the previous message is:

From mid-2019, after working in remote areas for 6 months, the third WHV will be renewed, that is,The maximum stay period of WHV in Australia will be extended to 3 years!

All because ofCaused by labor shortages in rural Australia.

The reason for extending the time is becauseThe farmer’s complaint.

After all, because there are too few workers, they areIt takes a long time to finish the work.

Even if you can hire someone to do it, most of these employees have no experience.Therefore, a series of training is needed.

When these employees are finally able to work proficiently, their visas are almost expired and they can only leave Australia.

So when the next harvest season comes,The farm has to face no workers again.

therefore,Australia has decided to extend the working hours of these people in Australia again!

Recently, the "Sydney Morning Herald" reported such a news:

From April 3th,Cattle breeders, cotton growers, pig breeders, deer breeders, shepherds, sugarcane growers, etc.It is included in the regional occupation list, allowing employers to introduce foreign farmers in the form of four-year visas.

And it can be renewed multiple times later,

And have the opportunity to obtain permanent residency.

For those who cannot get PR but hold a working holiday visa.

According to the Daily Mail report, the new immigrant visa policy allows working on the farm,Skilled foreign workers who have obtained travel holiday work visasStay in Australia for up to four years!

SBS: The government relaxes the new visa policy to help farmers and football clubs hire more employees.

9 news: The new visa policy will affect the agriculture, sports and art industries.

It is reported that around January this year, the government has alreadyRelaxed two restrictions on temporary farm workersPlans to introduce Australia,At the same time, the upper limit of 462 visas for workers in specific countries has been abolished.

And how much income can farmers working in Australia achieve?

According to the salary statistics website payscale:

The average annual income of Australian farmers is $57,510.
A higher annual income can reach $117,446!

It’s almost A$12,

Equivalent to about 60 RMB!

The life of farmers can be said to be very happy!

In addition, what other work will usher in a major explosion?

Mining is back! You can get PR!

Among the 36 newly added positions,The mining engineer is impressive!

In addition, science and engineering also added:

Statistician, economist, mining engineer, petroleum engineer, other engineers.

Engineers and other types of engineers were ruthlessly deleted. For a mining country like Australia, many students were really miserable before entering the industry but couldn't get PR.

Moreover, after Australia experienced a mining explosion and fell to the bottom of no one cares,Flourishing again!

Typed on the recruitment websiteThousands of six-figure annual salariesRecruitment advertisement——Even people with no experience!

What is the salary of a miner?

In the past year,The number of job advertisements has increased by one-third, and apprentices and mechanics with only two years of experience can also get a 14-figure salary in an industry with an average salary of 6 yuan!

In Queensland alone, this month, there were 942 jobs in the resource department advertised with an annual salary inBetween 10 and 20.

Mackay in the northern part of the state owns394High-paying positions. Brisbane, Gladstone and Townsville also offer high-paying jobs.

Western Australia’s mining-related companies are also vying for technical talents. The in-and-out workers who are engaged in heavy work in the remote Pilbara district earn up to20 million.

Insufficient experience does not necessarily prevent you from earning a six-figure salary. There is a heavy diesel mechanic position in Kalgoorlie, Southern Western Australia, with an hourly salary of 55 yuan.People with at least two years of experience can get an annual salary of 114,400 yuan.

Queensland Resources Commission President Ian Macfarlane (Ian Macfarlane), a former Federal Liberal Party Minister of Resources, said,

70% of mining jobs in the state provide six-figure wages.

The friend who just finished Mining said that they are very happy and have caught up with the good time! The industry prospects are good, and they can apply for PR!

So in addition to the two high-paying and PR occupations of farmers and mining engineering, what other occupations are also on the newly added list of skilled immigrants?

Art class

NewArt management, dancer, music choreographer, performer, art choreographer.


Chemist, biological science, university teacherBack to the list of 189 occupations.

IT and other categories

IT category addedmultimedia specialist and programmerThe broad category brings new hope to IT students. It should be noted that 2613 is a popular occupation. If 2612 is allocated as an underdog in the 2019-2020 fiscal year,Will become a hot spot.

Other categories addedHorse trainer, tennis coach, football player,It opened up a new world for many people.

The complete list of new occupations in MLTSSL is as follows:

  1. Arts Administrator or Manager
  2. Dancer or Choreographer
  3. Music Director
  4. Artistic Director
  5. Tennis Coach
  6. Footballer Footballer
  7. Environmental Manager
  8. Musician (Instrumental)
  9. Statistician
  10. Economist
  11. Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum)
  12. Petroleum Engineer
  13. Engineering Professionals nec
  14. Chemist
  15. Food Technologist
  16. Environmental Consultant
  17. Environmental Research Scientist
  18. Environmental Scientists nec
  19. Geophysicist
  20. Hydrogeologist
  21. Life Scientist (General)
  22. Biochemist
  23. Biotechnologist
  24. Botanist
  25. Marine Biologist
  26. Microbiologist
  27. Zoologist
  28. Life Scientists nec
  29. Conservator
  30. Metallurgist
  31. Meteorologist
  32. Natural and Physical Science Professionals nec
  33. University Lecturer
  34. Multimedia Specialist
  35. Software and Applications Programmers nec
  36. Horse Trainer

Editor: Oilee

Source: Look at Australia, Melbourne Micro Life