According to the Australian Associated Press and The Australian, in order to solve the congestion problem in Sydney and Melbourne, the Scott Morrison government is preparing to announce that it will set the annual quota for permanent immigrants in Australia at 16 and will make some Skilled immigrants settle in areas outside Sydney and Melbourne.

The Australian has confirmed that the Expenditure Review Committee of Cabinet has approved a key part of the Coalition’s broader population policy.

In addition, the Cabinet also signed a settlement policy for remote areas. According to this policy, the government will implement visa provisions that require a certain number of General Skilled Migrants to live in cities and towns outside Sydney and Melbourne for at least 5 years.

At the same time, the government will also provide incentives for the group of international students who had more than 50 in number last year, encouraging them to go to towns outside of Australia's two capital cities (Sydney and Melbourne) and to study at universities in remote areas.

It is reported that the current federal government is expected to announce the establishment of a quota of 16 immigration, which is close to the level of the end of the John Howard government. After Howard, the Labor Party Rudd and Gilard (Gillard) governments have significantly increased the immigration ceiling. The Morrison government’s move now will reduce the previous Labor Party’s goal by as much as 3.

It is understood that some cabinet members of the Expenditure Review Committee even advocated lowering the immigration quota to a lower level, but it was finally set at 16.

This immigrant quota limit will replace the 2015 limit set by the Federalist government in 19 to begin reducing the number of (immigrants) to a more manageable level.

而新的16万移民配额上限与澳洲2017-18财年最终接收的移民人数大体一致。在内政部长杜敦(Peter Dutton)实施的有关签证制度的新诚信审查措施下,该年度移民接收量降至162,417人,创下自2007-08年后的最大年降幅及新低位。2007-08年接收的移民为158,630人。

In addition, 112,000% of Australia's 87 skilled immigrants in the last fiscal year went to Sydney or Melbourne to settle permanently.

Morrison once called on states to submit their opinions to the federal government on how many new immigrants they can accommodate. Although NSW and Victoria have been advocating cuts in immigration, South Australia, with its strong economy, hopes to add 5000 immigrants.