After coming to Australia to live for a while

Do you think you are very familiar with this place?

However, in the magical land of Datuao

There are so many things you don’t know~

About AustraliaIncome levels of various industriesthis matter

Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

Special statistics for Australia13,900,000Individuals


Finally came to the following conclusions:

– Available throughout Australia72OccupationsWomen earn more than men

Medical-related occupationsHighest income in Australia

– The highest income district in Australia in 2018Sydney's northern beaches (Northern Beaches)

– The lowest income area isNear Newcastle University of NSW

– Residents in the highest-income areas in Australia earn more money than residents in the lowest-income areas10Double

This result may surprise many people

do not worry

The following Xing Shangjun will elaborate for you one by one~
No. 01 Which professional women earn more than men?

We all think that men’s income levels are generally higher

But this does not exist in all industries

The annual data from the Australian Taxation Office shows

Among the 1,100 occupations participating in the statistics

There are still 72 professional women earning more than men

Which includes


Women's income level is $262,152

$255,177 higher than male peers


Women's income level is $85,006

$68,342 higher than male peers

Professional surfer

Women's income level is $76,614

$48,367 higher than male peers


Women's income level is $62,245

$58,304 higher than male peers

There are also female commodity futures traders (Future Traders)

About 4% higher than their male counterparts

Average income reached $315,197

Of course, Louise Clarke, deputy director of the ATO, is also honest

The statistical result is biased

Individual women due to outstanding personal ability and other reasons

Income level far exceeds other women

So improve the overall data

They can’t represent all women in this industry

Therefore, we cannot conclude

Women in these industries must earn more than men

No. 02 Medical-related occupations have the highest income in Australia

According to data provided by foreign media

In all industries in Australia

Medical-related occupations occupy the top three in the income list

The highest income is the surgeon

Occupy the top spot with an income level of $394,886

Followed by the anaesthetist's $367,343

The third place is an internal medicine specialist's $299,378

Louise Clarke says

She was not surprised by the dazzling statistics of the medical profession

And the lowest-paid occupations are farm workers

Fast food helpers and flyers

And other jobs with low technical barriers

No. 03 The highest and lowest income districts in Australia

Looking at all the districts in Australia

The highest and lowest income districts

Appeared in New South Wales

The gap is more than 10 times

The highest income district in Australia is in North Sydney

Zip code 2108 includes Palm Beach

Currawong Beach, Great Mackerel Beach (Great Mackerel Beach)

And Coasters Retreat

Taxable income up to $230,330

Close behind is a wealthy inland suburb of Melbourne

Zip code 3142 includes Toorak

And Hawksburn

Taxable income up to $193,904

The third place is back to NSW

Zip code 2027 includes Darling Point

Edgecliff and Point Piper

Taxable income reached $187,689

Among the three lowest-income districts in Australia

Watchem in Victoria

Morton Plains and Massey ranked third from the bottom

Zip code 3482 is located 307 kilometers northwest of Melbourne

Taxable income is only $24,346

The second to last are Marshland and Mondure in Queensland.

Zip code 4611 is located 263 kilometers northwest of Brisbane

Taxable income is only $23,225

The bottom-most district is near Newcastle University in NSW

Callaghan, postcode 2308

Taxable income is only $20,589

Among the 10 lowest income districts in Australia

Queensland accounted for 5

Louise Clarke says

"The income of residents in these places is generally not high.

It is very likely that drought and other harsh climates,

And some natural disasters,

Or maybe the types of work in these places are no longer popular

Reduced to a sunset industry"


The income level of Australians is still considerable

Australian nationals within one year

You can even donate $3,500,000,000 to charity

On average, each person donates $770 to charity each year

The most generous shot is Western Australia

30% of Western Australians have donated generously

On average, each person donates $1190 to charity each year

The lowest is $405 in the Northern Territory

how about it? Has it overturned everyone's perception of Tuao?

But in the final analysis, in Australia

Everything is inferior, only high in reading

We are different~

Everyone has a different situation~

As long as you master the core technology and excellent professional skills

Both men and women can stand out in the Australian workplace

Enjoy the favorable treatment of high income

Towards the pinnacle of life~