In the 2016-17 Australian Taxation Report, 72 professional women earn more than men.

Yesterday the Australian Taxation Office ATO released its tax statistics report for the 2016-17 fiscal year. This report on money gives the zip codes of the wealthiest areas in Australia, the zip codes of the poorest areas, occupations with the highest income, and occupations where women earn more than men.

Let me take a look at these data.

Employment comparison of income!

Before going abroad, the children's shoes may also ask about the employment situation and salary after graduation of the major when they choose the major. Yesterday’s ATO data gave the 10 highest-paid occupations in Australia. After reading these occupations, I would like to say that these occupations are high-income in the world, and it takes a lot of hard work to learn them. Come, take a look.


The 10 highest paid occupations
The most profitable isMedical professionpersonnel! Four of the top five are in the medical industry.

SurgeonHas the highest average income, with the national average taxable income of A$394,866.

anesthetistFilled the second place with an average income of AU$367,343,

Internal Medicine ExpertRanked third with an average income of A$299,378.

Financial dealerWon the fourth place with an average income of A$261,008,

PsychiatristWon the fifth place with an average income of A$216,075.


5 occupations where women earn more than men
Among the 1100 occupational records most earned in statistics, 72 occupational women earn more than men. These include writers, futures traders, magistrates, professional surfers, and illustrators.

The 72 complete occupations where women earn more than men earn are as follows:

Top 10 jobs where women report a higher average salary than men:
*F = female workers, M = male workers

State Governor
F: $286,676, M: $169,148
Pay gap: $117,528
Futures trader
F: $388,681, M: $300,923
Pay gap = $87,758
F: $81,354, M: $31,339
Pay gap = $50,015
Bulldozer operator
F: $106,899, M: $76,283
Pay gap = $30,616
F: $68,178, M: $40,396
Pay gap = $27,782
Master fisher
F: $110,385, M: $83,644
Pay gap = $26,741
Apprentice – forestry
F: $53,413, M: $29,484
Pay gap = $23,929
Goat farmer
F: $66,127, M: $44,495
Pay gap = $21,632
Apprentice autoglazier
F: $56,072, M: $34,891
Pay gap = $21,181
Saw sharpener
F: $84,464, M: $64,616
Pay gap: $19,848

Regions of income comparison!

Statistics show that the richest people in Australia live near the northern beaches of Sydney, and their income is more than 10 times that of the poorest people in New South Wales.


Top 10 regions with the highest income
Among the 10 highest-income postal codes are8 in Sydney, And other2 in MelbourneOr nearby.

The highest income regions in Australia areSydney, Regional postCode 2108Covering Coasters Retreat, Currawong Beach, Great Mackerel Beach and Palm Beach and other areas, it recorded Australia's highest average taxable income of 230,330 Australian dollars.

Melbourne 3142The postal code covers Toorak and Hawksburn and is the second highest in the country, with an average taxable income of A$193,904.

In third place is Sydney’s postcode 2027, which includes Darling Point, Edgecliff, HMAS Rushcutters and Point Piper, with an average taxable income of A$187,689. This postcode is the wealthiest area in Australia from 2015 to 2016.


The 10 lowest-income zip codes
LowestLike the highest-income regions, bothIn sydney! Zip code 2308 covers Newcastle University and Callaghan, and the average taxable income is A$20,589. This data comes from the debate over low wage growth over federal election money.

Victorian income comparison!

Let's take a look at which places in Victoria have high incomes!


The 10 highest-income zip codes in Victoria


Ballarat's 5 highest-income zip codes
The Ballarat area is in the north of Melbourne. Look at the top 5 high-income areas in this area.


Geelong's 5 highest-income zip codes
Deakin University has a campus in Geelong. The top 5 income in this area are as follows:


The 5 highest-income zip codes in Mornington Peninsula
In the southern region of Melbourne, the top 5 income of Mornington Peninsula are as follows:


The 5 highest-income district zip codes in Yarra Valley
In the northeast of Melbourne, the top 5 income in Yarra Valley:


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