Australia's immigration policy has changed again!

It is reported that the cabinet has passed the plan of "reduction of immigration quotas", with a reduction of up to 3.

Currently, Australia’s annual immigration quota is 19.

In other words, starting from July this year, the entire immigration quota may be reduced to only 7. This is also the first time since 16 that the Australian government has reduced immigration quotas.

In addition, this time the immigration structure will be adjusted and the best talents will be introduced to make contributions to the Australian economy. The cabinet also approved a rural settlement policy, which requires people in the ordinary skilled migration program to live in cities outside of Sydney and Melbourne for at least 5 years before they can obtain status.

The terrorist incident in New Zealand a few days ago and the immigration reduction issue aroused public doubts, and the public speculated whether it was because of the terrorist attack that Australia decided to reduce the foreign population. This time, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the two are not related. The reduction of immigration quotas this time is mainly to ease the pressure on the population of big cities and avoid excessive population growth.

At the same time, he also mentioned that if students in remote areas want to emigrate, they can choose to join foreign farmers. Employers in remote areas can introduce foreign farmers with four-year visas, which can be renewed multiple times and have the opportunity to obtain permanent residency.

The reduction of immigration quotas has made the path of Chinese immigration to Australia increasingly difficult.

So immigration must be as early as possible.